Beyond the Ordinary – FREE access to interactive webinars with phenomenal, most transformational experts in the world starts 2nd June!

lopp Another – 7 th season of phenomenal Beyond the Ordinary Show/ Summit is coming back starting June 2nd 2015!

Over the years I tuned into, registered, learnt from and listened to hundreds of transformational, abundant in extraordinary knowledge, educative, awakening online summits/sessions lead by world’s most influential experts. Yet one of my absolutely favourite online Summit / Conference has definitely been Beyond Ordinary Show run by wonderful, what seems like totally egoless adn selfless – John Burgos 🙂 In his bonus email to me John says :

“This week launches with a line that’s going to be filled with out of this world experiences and surprises. Get ready for more interaction, more awakenings, more Love and even more magic! My intention is to go out of the gates at full steam, flex our energetic, endurance muscles and keep the moment going all season long. 
I can also feel a special ingredient that’s been brewing in this energetic stew that we’ve created.  It seems that we keep getting a taste every now and again as each season passes, but this season it’s ready to burst. Can you guess what that magic ingredient is?It’s YOU! I can feel the expansion and love that you are diving into and ready to recognize.”

If You choose to register to enter the conference – Prepare Yourself for quite a magical ride full of activations that You can’t even imagine can happen 😉

“Get 100% free access to live interactive webinars with the most sought after self-help and transformational experts in the world.

 Beyond the ORDINARY Explore the Next Generation of Transformation!  This amazing telesummit series delivers the next generation of thought-provoking, eye-opening and inspiring experts to help you to awaken to your true potential.” Check the website to see all experts listed – from channellers, psychic healers, holistic intuituives, meditation leaders and many, many, many more whose field of expertise is literally hard to put in words – since it’s often – out of this world!

The claim of the Summit is that : “You can learn to achieve a higher state of awareness, re-pattern limiting beliefs, cure procrastination, and clear blocked energy. These kinds of breakthroughs will help you transcend into the new vibration of energy that is now within in your reach.” What you gonna do with it and how you gonna approach it to your benefit – depends on You. Undergoing the process is always up to You in the end.”

What the Show offers :

The Next Generation of Experts Include…

  • Paradigm shifting webinars featuring 40 world-renowned spiritual masters, psychic-channels, medical intutives & more
  • Exclusive life changing transformational exercises, processes, light activations, meditations and special surprises!
  • Our guests level up their vibration in the co-creative field created by the intention of being Beyond The Ordinary
  • The next generation of tools to take you beyond healing and into consciously co-creating with the Universe!

Check the FULL list of those wonderful speakers HERE

Learn about all speakers and their topics on the speaker calendar page HERE.

Daily speakers will be posted each day on the LIVE EVENT PAGE.

Replays will be available for 48 hours on the replay page HERE-REPLAY.

Member Benefits

  • All webinars are 100% Free
  • Ask your personal question live via exclusive ‘Ask our expert’ campaigns
  • Free download of every call to add to your transformational library!
  • Access to a team of powerful psychics, heart centered medical intuitives, powerful energy healers and self improvement experts committed to your personal growth
  • Receive over $500 worth of complimentary bonuses

New Platform for your Personal Transformation

  • Reclaim your purpose, passion and joy
  • Ignite your psychic abilities
  • Discover the next generation of teachings to support your awakening and spiritual evolution
  • Reconnect to Love
  • Receive physical, mental and spiritual clarity and direction

See what John Burgos – the founder, has to say to You in addition :

“It’s my honor to offer you these extraordinary tools, and webinars with special access to the world’s leading, compassionate, heart centered, transformational leaders. You’re going to get access to the tools that continue to transform my life to one that is Beyond The Ordinary and the processes that I know will lead you on your journey to success, happiness, peace, passion and true personal fulfillment. 
When you come across resources like these you can’t imagine anyone living their life not knowing about them. It’s the reason I created this series and, other than my heart and Love, it’s the next best gift that I can pass on to you! “. I’d say it sounds pretty alright to me 😉

Register and receive some powerful FREE downloadable bonuses, free talks and best talks from previous Summit 0 upon registering and mark your calendar for 3 speakers every week to access the talks starting 2 nd June!

It’s all only  if you choose it’s something tat resonates with You of course and only if you feel deep in your heart that it will be of benefit to your Soul! If not – don’t go for it! As easy as that 🙂 Register here:

Enjoy the Summit !



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