Spiritual teachers are better than psychotherapists. Stop confusion. Discover answers to any question you might have.

1 For the last good few years I’ve been a pretty dedicated follower of many spiritual teachers and channellers. In no means I am addicted to any of them. I just intuitively tune into the talks on topics that I find of interest to me on a particular day. I compare many source and ultimately draw my own conclusions. Sceptical at the beginnings long ago, after all it came to me naturally to get on this path while on the quest for answers. I was growing up having lots of questions. Teenage years and early adolescence brought floods of questions. Questions about everything. The reality, the sense of the world, all the big questions about the nature of the world and the Self, the eternal question about the purpose of life, many, many questions starting with “why” and trying to understand my odd, “weird” nature. There was always so much thinking involved – the game of the psychological identity. There was lots of confusion to be cleared up on the mind and emotional level. It was overwhelming at times. After all, sticking to mind while looking for answers can be exhausting 😉 I remember the rush of the thoughts in my head and trials to make something logical out of it. Always tried to resolve something, to find a solution and to understand my own feelings while dealing with social structures, conditionings and constructs on daily basis that were never agreeable with me, and how I felt I needed to escape them. There was always lots of going on back then, and having a good database of guidance from well researched sources from teachers wiser than me at that time, would be a handy thing to have, to say the least 😉 It all came to me later, after my teenage years were finished, as a result of more confusion while stepping into the adulthood. It was probably supposed to be so. I needed to go through what I’ve been through while growing up to prepare myself for becoming unclouded with old projections of the mind and let pure awareness in… As a result , I found a few Spiritual Teachers and Channellers who resonated with me perfectly while listening to their talks on dynamics of Life, emotions, true nature of ourselves and the importance of Being in the Now. The choice in the vast sea of teachers is huge, and there are undoubtedly many charlatans out there, as well as many scams to be avoided. I’ve always been pretty good in following my intuition ( clairsentience ) and never was disappointed by my gut feeling, which has always guided me well. I seem to have picked those teachers who after all come down with a TRUTH that we are all Guru of ourselves – there are no rules to be followed, there is your own Heart’s Wisdom to be tapped into and follow. What those teachers do…is showing a direction, shaping you a bit – yet emphasising that a single and the most important discovery you can make after those teachings is finding the true Power and Fulfilment inside of Yourself, your True Self.  If You have somebody in your life that can accelerate this process for you and you resonate with them on a heart’s level – work with them.

I can really understand that when reality becomes too overwhelming and too hard to understand, there’s an open window for a big, fat monster called Confusion to accommodate itself comfortably alongside our existence, eating out the joy of living bit by bit every day. There is such enormous confusion and emotional overload within teenagers ( but also adults ) these days, that too often it finds its end and fake “resolution” of inner conflicts in addictions, drugs, alcohol, depression and sense of unworthiness and not belonging in the world. I think watching and listening to Spiritual Teachers of my choice could bring some clarity into the picture of becoming your true self. No expectations. Just being open to the messages and making something useful out of it. Take it if it resonates with you. Leave it, if it doesn’t. 2

There are videos on countless of different subjects, issues and matters described and talked upon by Spiritual Teachers Helping Board – as I like to call it. I try to keep the list short. Usually listening to few talks/speeches daily from intuitively picked teachers and a topic that’s n my mind on a particular day.

Over the years I listened to hundreds of hours of those videos. Life changing in many ways and reshaping the way I perceived reality.

Stop. Breathe. Listen. Make time for being truly One with Yourself. Be open to knowledge. Let the Wisdom shine from within – with a little help from simply following some directions that will hopefully unlock and unblock your true potential. Eventually it will lead to Rediscovering Your True Self and Oneness with the world and all there is. At the core of all the teaching is rediscovering that the Truth and Knowing lies within you and me. It’s in every each of us. It is reachable here and now. If that is the case – why follow and listening to any talks at the first place, one may ask? Well, I like to follow  teachings to simply stay in the vortex of of higher vibrational waves of perceiving reality. To be in the flow of energy that brings upon answers that feel good and seem true inside my core Soul level.

You don’t really need to be “spiritual”, religious or carrying an other meaningless social labels and definitions, in order to gain something from those teachings. Have a perspective – that’s for one thing. You will find things that resonates with you more and those which do not. Take whatever feels good and create your own path with given guidance….These videos and guidance from those teachers are here to deconstruct old obsolete patterns, structures and ways of thinking that were put upon us by social engineering programming and as a result trigger in you a bigger realisation of Life, a bigger picture presenting the Truth … What will be this truth ? Whatever you make out of it with the heart centred relationship with yourself and realisation that after all…you carry te Truth inside your Heart. You are your own Guru.


Not to overload anybody with too many names from my Spiritual Teachers Helping Board – let’s stick to my absolute favourites here:

UPGRADE from 2016First and utmost on “0” Point energy level Spiritual Teacher of my choice ( beside Your OWN HIGHER SELF of course 😉 ) is Bentinho Massaro ( as he mirrors and resonates most with my own Discernment. ) :

0. BENTINHO MASSARO – check my entire blog post on him under this link : “Most INspiring, Empowering and Enlightening teachings of our Times. Bentinho Massaro – one of the youngest Spiritual Way Showers out there. He’s cool, I tell Ya.”







……. part 2 :







10. BASHAR (modern channeller)

11. KATIE BYRON – THE WORK – (click on the link to follow separate blog post)

12. FRANCO DENICOLA (click on the link to follow separate blog post)

13. RUMI

14. RUPERT SPIRA (one of the best modern spiritual teachers of our times – subjectively) and his Non Duality Project – “The greatest discovery in life is to discover that our essential nature does not share the limits nor the destiny of the body and mind.” Check his deeply insightful and psychologically helpful on deep conscious level videos on the nature of reality, suffering, and pretty much everything you could enquire about – youtube channel.

(…) many more – in upcoming blog posts

Before I post some “try me out” few video talks from above mentioned teachers, I wanted to state something clearly here – that you actually do not need to follow anybody from my recommendations list in order to reach enlightenment or something. Well, it is probably handy and helpful for sure. It brings me huge pleasure to listen to those talks instead of, for example, opting for watching some Hollywood’s blockbusters on computer. What I am saying is, that it will probably bring a certain amount of insight into who you really are ( if feeling lost ) and will bring some answers to many accumulated, unanswered questions. Yet I do not say you must follow anybody to gain spiritual awakening. But what I will say, is that you should follow Your Heart and learn how to be a walking expression of Love. Not even learn how to do so, just BE IT. And at this place I think nothing could actually say it better here than quoting the words from a spiritual teacher, mystic, and intuitive healer Matt Kahn from True Divine Nature ( I wrote a blog post on him here) on LOVE REVOLUTION as the one and only DOOR TO TRUE SPIRITUALITY ( I liked it so much that I wrote a separate blog post about it here )::

“We all need LOVE. LOVE REVOLUTION  is the New Spirituality of the 5th Dimensional Earth Plane. SPIRITUALITY is the LOVE REVOLUTION. Awaken the Love in your Heart. LOVE yourself the way nobody loved you. Transform the fabric of reality for the wellbeing of all. One I love you at a time. Loving yourself is the celebration of accepting what is at all times. And when you try to accept what is in the absence of loving yourself, it’s more monotonous spiritual busy work. And the worst thing that could happen is that you think you did it right and that you have something to share with other people, who only need your love. There is nothing wrong with spiritual teachings, they all have their time and place. The problem is how we apply them. The problem is how we interpret them. THERE IS ONLY ONE PRIMARY SPIRITUAL TEACHING YOU COULD TAKE WITH YOU EVERYWHERE… – I LOVE YOU. The measurement of an awake being is not how many realisations they have had and how many insights they have gathered, how less of themselves is present, which is all fine. But in the end, the benchmark of an awake being is HOW FREELY THEIR LOVE IS OFFERED TO THEMSELVES and  HOW FREELY THEIR LOVE TRANSFORMS THE WORLD AROUND THEM. Your inner world does not fit the outer yet? Well..You should love that heart of yours. And the more you love that heart, the more you send blessings to the world, and tell the world, and give the world something much more redeemable. You want the world to act loving towards you and other people? Then love yourself. Cause when you love your own heart, all the awakenings, all the realisations, all the activations, all the this and thats, enlightenments and even the stages beyond enlightenments come to you without requiring to chase after it. Your job is to surrender Your will, by loving your heart, by making choices that feel good to your body; And in loving your heart and in engaging in practice of self care…you tell the Universe that you are ready for the activations, awakenings,  healings, transformations that life will do for you. And your only job is to LOVE what arises. The journey of loving what arises goes through all stages of consciousness. If we wish to be free from adversity we must surrender to LOVE and talk to ourselves and talk to each other like we would to hurt, vulnerable, little children. In the most honourable and beautiful way. An enlightened being isn’t trying to get someone to their side of the fence. An enlightened being goes to someone else’s side of the fence and just is the most peaceful, relaxed, loving expression of themselves on their side of the fence. So if your reality doesn’t feel worthy of love, I will travel to your side of the fence to LOVE you unconditionally and be the most peaceful and loving expression until you realise that your side of the fence isn’t so bad at all. And what you’ll realise is that your side of the fence, is also my side of the fence. It’s just the matter of if you’re willing to join me in LOVING you the way I ALREADY AM.” – Matt Kahn

I found similar words of wisdom from an American contemporary, spiritual teacher Ram Dass – and as much as I love great vibrational quotations, I will post his point of view here as well:

“The optimal strategy in behaviour change, with yourself and every other human being, is compassion. That means, as far as I understand it, the ability to see how it all is. As long as you have certain desires about how you think it ought to be, you can’t hear how it is. As long as I want something, I can’t really understand it, because much of what I can see are just my own projective systems. You must come to see every human being including yourself as an incarnation in a body or a personality, going through a certain life experience which is functional. You allow it to be just the way it is at the moment, seeing even your own confusion and conflict and suffering as functional, rather than as dysfunctional.
The greatest thing you can do for any other being is provide the unconditional love which comes from making contact with that place in them which is beyond conditions, which is just pure consciousness, pure essence. That is, once we acknowledge each other as existing, just being here, just being, then each of us is free to change optimally.
As you work on yourself through your daily life, more and more you see your own reactions to things around you as sort of mechanical rip-offs. You get much calmer in the space behind it all, and you’re able to hear more how it all is, including your own personality as a part of nature. The deeper you are in that space, the more there is available for everybody you meet who is capable of coming into that space. You are the environment that allows them to do that – and from within this space all change is possible. The minute you identify yourself or anyone else with models, roles, or any characteristic, any individual difference, change is really fierce. Once you live in a universe where you experience even your living and dying as relative rather than in absolute terms, it’s all free to change. There’s nowhere you have to go to work on yourself other than where you are at this moment, and everything that’s happening to you is part of your work on yourself.”

In the era of Internet there is no need for me to describe mentioned names of the teachers in details, as everyone interested enough can read more about them on Wiki or elsewhere. I will just briefly describe each of my choices here and post few “check it out” videos, as I believe it’s more about whether the way each teacher speaks resonates with you vibrationally or not.

Ad. 1.


MOOJI –  “Mooji brings the possibility of Self-realization into the here and now. His communication is simple, direct and immediate. An invitation to move from person to presence — and ultimately, to liberation.”

Website: www.mooji.org

Sources to check:  youtube channel and check the list of hundreds of videos uploaded on this channel as well. I absolutely LOVE his Satsangs and teachings. Tune into any of the videos from Uploads from Mooji 

Some random example videos:

  • Don’t be a person. Be yourself
  • The Wisdom of the Heart
  • The Cause of All Trouble
  • Don’t Go Chasing Clouds
  • Jump over Yourself
  • Set Your Heart FREE. Highly recommended talk – really amazing words of wisdom :
  • How To Find The Golden Treasure Within Yourself
  • Remove Everything That Is Not Original To You
  • You Are Not Living Life, You Are Life
  • Be The One Who Is Awake Inside The Dream
  • Guided Meditation by Mooji

and many more  (…) – www.youtube.com/user/Moojiji/videos

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ABRAHAM/ESTHER HICKS – Esther Hicks channelling Abraham. Abraham is a group of entities that are “interpreted” by Esther Hicks. Abraham has described themselves as “a group consciousness from the non-physical dimension.” They have also said, “We are that which you are. You are the leading edge of that which we are. We are that which is at the heart of all religions.” Abraham has said through Esther that whenever one feels moments of great love, exhilaration, or pure joy, that is the energy of Source, and that is who Abraham “is”. Her channelling is full of wisdom based on laws of attractions, is spot on and full of humour.

Generally You can type into youtube phrase – Abraham Hicks … followed by the word describing the topic of your interest like: love, health, abundance, relationships, money, trust, etc.

  • Every moment is a new beginning
  • Profound Message in a Nutshell
  • Life is Supposed to Be Like Vacation Everyday
  • The Path Comes to You
  • Effortless Financial Abundance
  • How To Believe Everything Works Out
  • Heal Yourself, Start Regenerating Your Body Cells
  • Abraham on Money – Change Your Story
  • What is your singular purpose in Life

 Abraham Hicks Uploads in HD

  • You Can Not Change Any Conditions Other Than The Way You Feel
  • Easiest Way to Get ANything You Want
  • Every Disease Has its Cause and Cure
  • Mechanism That Activate Instan Manifestation
  • Curing Your Insecurities and Feelings of Unworthiness
  • If We Are All One, Then Who Is Thinking?
  • Be a Creator, Not a Responder
  • Experience Beingness

And so on and so on. Over the years I listened to hundreds of hours from Esther/Abraham Hicks’ seminars and found great, profound wisdom in all of the talks. Worth to read a book by Esther and Jerry Hicks called “Ask and it is Given”.

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ECKHART TOLLE –  In 2011, he was listed by the Watkins Review as the most spiritually influential person in the world. Author of “The Power of Now” and “New Earth”, both having a huge impact on me. And I highly recommend to read both books.

  • Eckhart Tolle – talk at Google
  • Conversations on Compassion
  • Awakening in The Digital Age
  • The Most Powerful Video on Spirituality and Happiness
  •  A Dialogue with Eckhart Tolle and Ram Dass
  • How To Use Non Identification with Form To Dissolve Self Ego
  • How To Escape The Prison Of Your Own Mind
  •  Surrender and Rise Above Thought
  • Liberate Your Mind
  • We Have A Choice
  • Realize Your Spirit
  • Trust The Pain in Your Life

Tune into videos on Eckhart Tolle Youtube Channell 

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Alan Watts – Absolutely one of my beloved and favourite philosophers of previous century. He was a British-born philosopher, writer, and speaker, best known as an interpreter and populariser of Eastern philosophy for a Western audience. Known for popularizing ZEN in the West. I strongly recommend Alan’s books like “The Way of Zen”. “Become What You Are”. “In My Own Way”, “Eastern Wisdom, Modern Life”, “The Spirit of Zen”, “What is Tao”, “The Art of Contemplation”, “The Way of Liberation” etc.

There is a good website with some great lectures and essays by Alan Watts to enter here.

Some teachings of Watts in nutshell of few videos from hundreds available on youtube! Such a dwell of knowledge. Tap into it on free time.

  • The Real You – 3 min introduction:
  • Life is a Dance – from the playlist on youtube to tune into :
  • The Secret of Life
  • How We Define Ourselves
  • Be Yourself
  • The Trap of Seeking
  • Overcoming Anxiety
  • The Way of Waking Up
  • The Myth of Myself
  • Philosophy and Existance
  • Nature of Consciousness
  • The Veil of Thoughts
  • What am I Supposed to do in Life
  • Learning the Human Game (must listen)
  • Who is it that Knows There is No Ego
  • The Spectrum of Love
  • Stop Competing with Yourself
  • Not what should be, Not what might be, but what IS
  • Transcendent Ego Experience
  • Talk about Zen – The Way of Zen

There are  hundreds of videos out there to listen to. I have a few playlists with Alan’s philosophies and audiobooks on my phone and listen to them often while on the go. There is just something so sincere and powerfully wise in his voice that attracts me to him as fly to a fire. Literally.

There is a great playlist on youtube channel called “I fucking Love Alan Watts Playlist” (well…what’s not to fuckin’ love here? 😉 ) with over 150 uploaded “words of wisdom” spoken by him. Enter the Playlist here. When I was on a “roll”, I was listening to it tirelessly over and over again for weeks, even months and bas coming back to it whenever I felt need to do so. People say they don’t have time to listen/watch so much. I say…really? I listened to it while cooking, having a bath, hoovering, exercising, shopping, being outside …you name it – you can combine learning and listening to some pretty powerful words during almost everything you do on daily basis. Just wisely merge it with your daily lifestyle. It combines smoothly, I tell You 😉

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Teal Swan – The Spiritual Catalyst – one of the most “modern” and recent teachings that I found deliver good messages that mostly resonate with me immensely. Teal was born in 1984, with a range of extrasensory abilities including clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, and claircognizance. She now travels the world as a spiritual luminary, organizing workshops, using her abilities to remind people of the united, energetic nature of this universe and teaching them how to find bliss in even the most difficult challenges. She has a great youtube channel called The Ask Teal video series takes questions deep and inherent within our human experience and answers them eloquently and concisely. Topics range from How to find Self Love and the Akashic Records to medical questions like Autism and Obesity. Teal is a medical intuitive who can see energy patterns within the body and thus how these patterns react to drugs, food, emotions and even diseases within body.

Her website: www.TealSwan.com; Great book by Teal Swan (Scott at the time) that I’d recommend reading is – “The Sculptor in The Sky”

Checking the videos on youtube channel at Teal’s is a MUST. Well spoken, prepared and edited videos on many issues people are struggling with today.

  • Holy Grail – I was sold after this video. She put in words something buried deep in my soul that was left there unspoken.Listen carefully:
  • How To Overcome Addiction
  • How To Discover What You Want
  • How To Trust Yourself
  • What Are The Spirit Guides
  • The Secret to Overcome Your Problems
  • Talk on SPirituality 2.0 – How To Set Yourself Free
  • Find Your Negative Imprint, Find Your Purpose in Life
  • Introverts vs Extroverts
  • Why Spiritual Guides are so Contradictory?
  • Openness – Why it is Crucial to Be Open?
  • Diving Deep. Shadow Work
  • How To Express Your Emotions
  • How To Stop Worrying
  • The No 1 Problem in The Human Race and How To Solve It

For more check Teal Swan The Spiritual Catalyst Uploads Playlist with almost 200 videos up to date (11.2014) .

Some interviews with Teal Swan :

For more – research youtube and stuff 😉



Matt Kahn – Please read my entire blog post on this figure here : “True Divine Nature – Unique Expression of Consciousness (…)”. In Short – “Matt Kahn is a spiritual teacher, mystic, and intuitive healer who travels the world, offering sacred heart wisdom that invites human consciousness into the joy of liberated existence. Matt’s spontaneous awakening arose out of an out-of-body experience at the age of 8, and his direct experiences communicating with ascended masters and archangels throughout his life.” More information and videos, amazing talks you will discover by clicking the above link to redirect to my previous blog post.

A taste of Matt here:

____________ _____________________   _________________ To be continued in part 2 soon! Stay tuned!

Take whatever resonates with You. Whatever feels True to You and leave the rest. If you feel confused about anything in your life, emotions, reality, peace etc simply combine a phrase you are confused about with the name of one of the teachers on youtube and watch/listen to few of those talks. For example – “Abraham on Anxiety”, “Mooji on fear”, “Matt Kahn who am I”, “Sadhguru what is the purpose of life”, “Osho on love/relationships”, “Alan Watts on psychology of existence” …etcetera… Whatever you are looking for and feel burdened with, overwhelmed with confusion, you will get some wise answers from those Gurus. Listen to answers on the same matter from few of them. Don’t stick to one. If You want to stick to One…. at the end stick to looking for the ultimate answer from One place only …from your own Awareness.

I can best describe my attitude here with quoting Mooji :

Don’t make tattoos out of any teachings. Don’t close any concepts. Make use of them BUT keep space in them.

Don’t be a devotee to any concept.

Be devoted to the SELF. Pure Self. Not the ego. Not the person. But to that indefinable, immutable, unchanging Self.

It is here, before the thin façade of personality, desires, attachments and all those, that are projections of egoic mind.

You are here. Timelessly. 

Hope the list will find its way to some searching Souls out there and will be of any kind of help and service.

For more uplifting messages to read on daily basis and not watch from videos, that will help you with potential confusion and understanding of the reality – please read my blog post on Mayan Messages – Daily Guide to Self Empowerment – channelled words of wisdom for each day of the year.




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