Amazing FOOD REVOLUTION SUMMIT is here! Register for FREE and dive deep into insightful knowledge from experts from all over the world!


4 th Annual Food Revolution Summit starts on 25 th April! Whohoo..! I registered to all previous ones and recommend highly those kind of online events delivering extraordinary, exceptional in its details and up to date knowledge about the Food Industry, Thriving and Health & Wellness. Mostly You will access knowledge that almost close to none of the old school, formal nutritional universities / schools will ever teach you. I had definitely no regrets of giving my time and attention in the past to expand my knowledge from previous Food Revolution Summits ( if only those!) and truly believe that this year’s one will be no less exceptional 🙂

The Food Revolution Summit is The Place…for people all over the world just like you to get the latest updates, breaking news and information on what’s happening with dangers to your food. You’ll find out about research that big agriculture would rather you didn’t know existed. And you’ll get empowered with truth that could save your life or the lives of people you love.

When it comes to your health and the lives of those you love, the time to get informed and take action is now… and this is the place to do it.

Get insights about food policy you won’t hear on cable news! Dare to know the TRUTH about what you’re eating, where it comes from, and how it impacts your life.

Join the world’s most respected visionaries, authors and experts and RECLAIM YOUR HEALTH with the FOOD YOU EAT!

The food industry has hijacked the marketplace and processed junk food is pretty much everywhere. Even many so-called “natural” foods actually turn out to be hazardous to your health.

the-food-revolution-summit From April 25 – May 3 Food Revolution Summit will deliver interviews with  25 of the top doctors, activists, and celebrities in the food world – including folks like: Dr Mark Hyman, Sayer Ji, Vandana Shiva, Paul McCartney, Tony Robbins, Vani Hari, Jeffrey Smith and many many more!

They will cover topics like : Keys to an extraordinary life, In defence of food, GMO’s : alarming truths and what You can do, Food, democracy and the future of Life, Why GO’s should matter to you, Putting nutritional science to work, The real super foods, Eating to maximise lifespan, Standing for a Humane World, How You can thrive on a plant strong diet,  Food as medicine,Holding the food industry accountable, How we can end world hunger, Say yes to thriving …and more!

With Food Revolution Summit You Will Get Answers to Critical Questions, to name a few:

  • Did you know that one in 3 kids is expected to get type 2 diabetes? This is becoming an epidemic! Get empowered with the blood sugar solution.
  • What are genetically engineered foods doing to bees, livestock, and the gene pool of life on Earth? (You’ll be shocked!)
  • Why is heart disease still the #1 killer, when studies show that you can be virtually heart-attack proof without drugs, surgery or excessive exercise? What you find out could save your life or the life of someone your love. (8)
  • Did you know that 90% of all cancers are linked to dietary and environmental factors? Discover the foods that can help prevent (and even fight off) cancer. (9)
  • Why do some vegetarians thrive but some get sick or give up? Get the critical nutrient facts you must know if you’re a vegan or vegetarian.
  • What’s the skinny on grassfed beef and “humanely raised” animal products? Are they for real, or a bunch of over-priced hype?
  • Find out how to be a positive influence on others. Yes, you can get
    your family to eat healthy instead of looking at you like a nut.
    We’ll help you succeed.

This Summit is for You if :

  • You believe that nutrition and preventative choices are the foundation of good health
  • You want delicious food that isn’t full of chemicals, pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, or GMOs.
  • You want to avoid getting cancer, diabetes, or heart disease.
  • You want to get past the hype and find out what the data really says about gluten, carbs, sugar, and animal protein.
  • You think that farmers and animals deserve a decent quality of life.
  • You want to be a positive influence on the people you love.
  • You like to shop at farmer’s markets or to buy locally grown.
  • You want a healthy planet & stable climate for your grandkids.
  • You love food.

Every day there will be 3 different lectures available to listen to and relisten/replay for the next 24 h for free until the next talks from upcoming days arrive. If You want to own the entire series, with all transcripts, videos, audio and many bonuses – register and simply purchase the Summit and watch all package be delivered to your inbox.

Register and check the schedule of lecturers and all topics that will be presented. Mark the ones that seem interesting to you if you won’t have time to listen to all and do your best to educate yourself on what you can 🙂 Register and read more HERE.

In the name of FREE alternative knowledge and information 🙂

Stay well, healthy and educated 😉



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