Few videos to turn your day / life! around starting from today! :) Messages to feel better.

#briefly  Sharing some daily Inspirations for today:

1 As I am crazily occupied with too many things on my plate at the moment, will make just a quick post here, recommending some of the videos that I thought may brighten and uplift somebody’s day and totally change the way they are burdening themselves with too much negative thinking. Change Your Thoughts and Change Your Life. Choose to Vibrate Differently. Choose the Path of Least Resistance. Get into alignment and resonance of who You really are and tap into your purest potential possible.  Today I picked Abraham Hicks to send you some of those guidance points. Get some good CLARITY on the subject here 😉 :

1.  Abraham Hicks, How to Reset Your Mind and Mood continuously:

2.  Abraham Hicks – What happens when you FEEL the stuff?:

3.  Abraham Hicks ~ Life becomes magic when you focus:

4. Be Happy and the Things You Want Will Come:

5. Abraham Hicks – Money & Debt Panic:

I could go with those videos forever…

Hope that resonated with somebody out there for today … for more videos from Abraham Hicks, just simply take your pick from the right hand side on youtube dependant on what topic/title of the video is speaking to you /calling you or whatever 😉 There are no bad answers here from Esther channelling Abraham…take what resonates with you and leave the rest. Mostly all videos will bring some kind of sense of reasonable and trustworthy directed vibration straight into your life. Trust the process of Your Life. There is something magnificent unfolding in front of you every day. Choose to notice that.

Read more about Abraham/ Esther Hicks – spiritual teacher in my previous blog post here: Spiritual teachers are better than psychotherapists. Stop confusion. Discover answers to any question you might have.

Enjoy those free psychotherapy sessions then 😉

Have a wonderfully uplifting day / Life x



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