2 powerful videos that will help you understand and release depression and get through any nervous breakdown.

depression The reason I am writing this short email is that I encountered someone today  with a severe depression and what seemed to appear as a serious emotional breakdown. I sincerely know in my heart that guidance offered here will be of some help to her, delivering comfort, understanding of the importance of embracing the state she is in, in order to shift and step into her own empowerment and finding her true potential that she decided to hide for a while from her own sight. If only she knew .. that this will pass… it’s just temporary, it appeared to send a message, to teach her something … my advice is embrace it, sit with it and listen to what your body tries to tell you. Seek help from within and from people who resonate with you the way you feel will be of most benefit to your heart’s and soul’s deepest yearnings.

The two videos I am talking about here in the topic of this post defend themselves perfectly with every word spoken aloud so there is no need for me to build up entire description of those nor to explain in detail why from possible hundreds of videos on youtube on the issue of depression and “going crazy” I chose those 2. I have been working with Teal Swan – The Spiritual Catalyst videos and workshops over the last years and trust completely in her process and ways she guides people. I am well familiar with all processes and techniques she teaches and implement them in alignment with my own ones – that I feel will be best tailored to help a particular person in need that I meet on my way.  I wrote about Teal in some of my previous blog posts like : 1. Spiritual teachers are better than psychotherapists. Stop confusion. Discover answers to any question you might have 2. Spirituality 2.0 (How to set yourself Free). Teal Swan point of view, 3. How to Deal with Anger and Apathy. A Free “million $ process” to easily dissolve anger into higher vibrational state, or 4. Emotional Oneness and Shadow Work with Your Inner Child. Resolving Relationship with your Innocence.True Guru is inside of You. ( for more – please enter search engine on blog ).

What is important to recognize in every emotional breakdown is … that You are NOT crazy. It happens for a REASON. It is Important for your development. Watch this 15 min advice to discover how easy it may be to go through this emotional turmoil and what to do about it :

1. Nervous Breakdown (What To Do About A Mental or Emotional Breakdown) – Teal Swan:

Additionally I found this video exceptionally helpful as a back up force here :

2. Uncertainty (How to Deal with Uncertainty):

There are many other healing modalities out there that I could offer and advice for the matter of dealing with depression, breakdown, dealing with hyper alert mode of nervous system and feeling of chronic fear and anxiety, etcetera. I’ve been studying many of them for years in order to connect the dots in implementing the ones that truly work and make most sense. For a good start though, I offer those 2 videos by Teal Swan with hope that they will definitely deliver first ( and in some cases maybe even the last! ) steps in direction of claiming your true power, health and wellness back.

Step into the True Light of who You really are. Do not be afraid to ask for help and seek guidance from the practitioners who may help you awake the true healing capabilities inside of yourself. Connect with them and connect with yourself.

Eat well for Body and Think well for Soul’s nourishment as well.

You have not only a physical body, but also Emotional, Psychological, Spiritual…don’t forget to include them all in the healing process. It’s all connected. When the energy is distorted in one of the bodies, the rest will be affected as well. Take little steps that will lead to change, focus on solutions and not problems.

Blessings x



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