Free online NEURO-SUMMIT – from 9th to 20th Feb. 10 Exclusive Interviews with world’s best psychologists, brain and mindfulness experts!

brain400 It seems it is like never ending story with all those winter free online webinars, conferences and mind blowing summits that I keep recommending, following myself and tuning into since beginning of this year. I would also consider it as a huge culprit of me not posting any new articles and not sharing much on my blog lately – due to this small “addiction” to learning from all those Summits, alongside additionally doing some extra courses connected with my holistic practice. With modern ways of learning and ability to do some good research online and finding great information – You can easily, if committed enough, gain some profound knowledge on all topics of your interest.

My subjects of interest and summits that I register to are varying from presenting up to date knowledge and research connected to : psychology, neuroscience, nutrition, meta-health and integrative medicine nutrition, spiritual psychology, spirituality in modern world, alternative medicine, alternative therapies in healing chronic diseases and cancer, quantum physics and quantum mechanics and all aspects of new science about holographic Universe, bridging science,  mysticism and spirituality, power of subconscious mind, learning about new healing modalities, approach to treating addictions, breaking destructive habits and patterns, philosophy, science of beliefs, consciousness and the brain, quantum healing and quantum regeneration on cellular level, methods of releasing trapped traumas, epigenetics, rewriting our genome with the power of intention,  and much, much, much more….

No school or university that I attended in the past could ever inject me with such strive for knowledge and curiosity about newly released research and always up to date information. But back to the subject of this post and yet another recommendation of upcoming FREE mind-blowing knowledge…

Apart from the Summits, that are already in play – I stated all of them in my previous blog post called : 5 FREE online winter Health, Wellness, Mind, Body Spirit Summits that are an absolute MUST to check out! Easily accessible knowledge from world’s best experts!”, there is one more coming our way starting February the 9th and ending on the 20th – and it’s the third edition of NEURO-SUMMIT available to register HERE.

Look how Lisa Garr, the host of this summit – encourages us to take part in it ! Well, I am sold for sure ( especially that neuroscience is absolutely one of my favourite “cup of cha” to relish on…. 🙂 mniam … ) :

“The Summit offers a mind boggling line-up of the foremost experts in the extremely popular and growing field of Neuroscience, Brain Training and Mindfulness. With all the new discoveries being made regarding the brain, we are finding scientific evidence now verifying the belief that mankind has held for centuries; the human brain plays a dominant role in the condition of our health, longevity, abilities, limitations, healing, happiness, and even our very reality.

During NeuroSummit III, we will delve into conversations with Ten Extraordinary Minds! Together they will reveal the most progressive and effective techniques to help you achieve optimum performance in every aspect of your life.

Do you want to lose weight, overcome depression, achieve goals, deepen relationships, build financial security, heal yourself, remember more, or just become the master of your own inner peace? g

It all starts with your brain, and your understanding of how it works. Join us today and begin to learn from these Ten World Class Authorities!

It’s your time to grow, heal and succeed beyond your wildest expectations!” (…)

To read more – visit the main website of the Summit and register HERE to receive some gifts sent to your inbox upon registering, if interested!

Also check the calendar and list of 10 speakers of this year’s summit, delivering their own wisdom on matters like : The Neuroscience of Success and Satisfaction, Let The Body Rewire The Mind, Mindsculping Disciplines, The Greater thinking, Quantum Mind Regeneration and much more…

I will definitely tune to some of the talks from this summit on topics that seem most interesting to my curious learning radar.

If Free learning possibilities and knowledge that those summits deliver, bring you goosebumps like it does to me – simply find your favourite ones that resonate with your inner child’s strive for KNOWING more and register to gain access to this knowledge… ( if not yet experienced through deep meditation and tapping into the realm of Akashic Records – accessing the Wisdom of all there is … 😉 .. actually I am not kidding here..haha..).

Once again – check all the winter summits and webinars I recommend HERE.

It may seem crazy but after years of following hundreds of such summits, conferences, lectures, webinars, online courses on all those different topics – they all complement each other in so many ways – helping to create a new model of Integrative Knowledge (META-Integrative-Quantum Knowledge)  for me – from where I can easily connect facts from different, seemingly not related topics – to create a bigger picture and often find a better solution to a problem I am dealing with personally or when working with people! I really Love this process of connecting the neurotransmitters in my brain by reaching for all those bits of knowledge from different fields I learnt about and create a full picture out of it. Wonderful how you find out how quantum physics can relate to healing, medicine and our perception of life ( often purpose in life as well ), how spirituality is connected to true reality and …science! and much much more… OUT of all of that emerges – the notion of Oneness in a way…fascinating…

Never stop learning… yet learn as well how to quiet your mind and find time for silent meditation during your day! Stay balanced in all you do.




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