5 FREE online winter Health, Wellness, Mind, Body Spirit Summits that are an absolute MUST to check out! Easily accessible knowledge from world’s best experts!

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There are many interesting FREE online health summits are happening this late winter times! This is a brilliant opportunity to expand your knowledge for FREE about how to be and stay healthy, about wellness with all its details, about Mind Body Spirit connection and the importance of holistic approach to one’s wellbeing, about healing traumas, emotional and psychological blockages, about finding your true Soul’s Path and understanding your purpose of life better, about activating dormant parts of ourselves in order to tap into our Higher Potential, about the importance of finding yourself by diving DEEP into yourself and being gently guided to discover your own true guru, that awaits your conscious recognition already Inside of yourself and much more.

All those summits deliver fresh information and knowledge from all sorts of life, that you won’t find in books yet. You will be given a rare opportunity to tap into talks of experts who treat life as an never-ending learning process of constant developing themselves and adding new “bricks” of discoveries to already existing knowledge, and by connecting the dots – creating and offering constantly up to dated, full hands on pulse material on the topic of their expertise. It’s truly thrilling and exciting to have a chance to pick the subject of my interest and listen to those words of wisdom, combine it with what I already know, connect the dots of my own and make my own sense out of everything I hear. Almost all of the summits offer additional free goodies, free downloadable videos, e-books, meditations etcetera.

So, to give you a quick summary of what I think is worth tapping into this winter…:

1. The Winter for Wellness  Summit – Soup for Body, Mind, Heart and SoulJanuary 20 – March 20, 2015.

– with over 40 wellness pioneers delivering their wisdom to your doorstep. 60 days to Optimal Health for you Body, Mind, Heart and Soul. A Free Online Gathering of 40 Wellness Pioneers!  “The fact that you’ve arrived here at the Winter of Wellness means you are ready to shift out of struggle and stress, solitude and sickness (and all forms of suffering)… and discover new practices and energies that foster a life overflowing with health, joy and a deep connection with your divine essence.”

 2. Beyond Ordinary – free online interactive webinar. January – end of March 2015.

(absolutely loving this one! conferences and teachings are truly amazing here!) – that delivers the next generation of thought-provoking, eye-opening and inspiring experts from all walks of life to help you to awaken to your true potential. “You can learn to achieve a higher state of awareness, re-pattern limiting beliefs, cure procrastination, andclear blocked energy.” If you are interested in knowledge delivered by holistic, energy healers, channelers, psychic healers, holistic intuituives, meditation leaders, life coaches, shamans, science and spirituality “bridgers”, modern mystics, aura readers and spiritual teachers – this Summit is definitely for You. Well, for sure you won’t feel so “weird” and alone in all your interests anymore 😉

 3. Healthy Gut Summit February 9-16, 2015 

– that features “one-on-one interviews with 32 of the world’s most beloved and respected thought leaders and physicians. As they each share fascinating new insights and research on how gut health impacts our most basic physiological processes–including how we think and behave–a story unfolds showing thata healthy gut is the foundation for physical, mental and emotional well-being. You will discover how your digestive health is intimately linked to your immune, endocrine, circulatory and central nervous systems.” Read more about this summit in my blog post HERE. 

4.  Register to the Recovery 2.0 – Moving Beyond Addictions Free online Conference 6-12 th Februry 2015!

It’s another pretty amazing FREE online conference with free webinars with wonderful, knowledgeable experts from all over the world that will talk about resolving emotional, psychological and physical addictions of all kinds. The goal here is to present inspirational, entertaining, educational and powerful discussions with people whose experience and work in the world is of benefit to those who are seeking to overcome addiction and thrive in recovery. 

5. Secret of Success Summit 2 – 9 th February 2015! 

The summit brings together “27 of the world’s most inspiring leaders in the area of relationship, spirituality, health, love, money and personal growth to teach you the very best of what they know about creating success on every level and living a deeply fulfilled life. 27 OF THE WORLD’S MOST INSPIRING VISIONARIES REVEAL THEIR SECRETS TO SUCCESS, ULTIMATE HAPPINESS AND LIVING A FULFILLED LIFE. LEARN FROM THE BEST OF THE BEST, WORLD-RENOWNED AUTHORITIES, ON LIVING YOUR BEST LIFE, WHO WILL GUIDE YOU FROM WHERE YOU ARE TODAY TO WHERE YOU WANT TO BE AND INSPIRE YOU TO TAKE ACTION TO CREATE THE LIFE OF YOUR DREAMS.”

During this exclusive intensive in depth summit, here is a sample of some of the things you will learn:


Upon registering to this summit you will receive access to all 27 interviews, not just for 24 hours, but for the duration of the entire summit. Register now at : www.secrettosuccesssummit.com.

See the schedule for the summit HERE!

Pick your favourite topics, give those listed summits a quick look, learn more about speakers and what they are going to present, mark your calendar for the talks of those that are of interest to you and just “inhale” free knowledge. I always end up going through and reading the website of a speaker who interests me enough, listen to more talsk of him/her sometimes available on youtube from previous interviews, often end up buying their book or learning their techniques so that I can implement those most resonating with me in my own seeding practice.

If You wish to have access to life long replays of talks from those different summits – simply buy the offer of the entire package or choose to listen for free with limited time.

Hope you find this post helpful and that I convinced you to have a go and give those summits a try and maybe restructure your life for better and give it a kick starter new direction if you feel you need it 🙂  x

Stay well and healthy x



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