Beyond the Ordinary – FREE, Live interactive webinars with over 40 of the best transformational experts in the world!

ggg Beyond the ORDINARY Explore the Next Generation of Transformation! – a new online summit under this title is heading our way in February and it looks very promising to say the least. “John Burgos is the host and the founder of the transformational Beyond The Ordinary telesummit series that delivers the next generation of thought-provoking, eye-opening and inspiring experts to help you to awaken to your true potential.” Check the website to see all eperts listed – from channellers, psychic healers, holistic intuituives, meditation leaders and many more.

“You can learn to achieve a higher state of awareness, re-pattern limiting beliefs, cure procrastination, andclear blocked energy. These kinds of breakthroughs will help you transcend into the new vibration of energy that is now within in your reach.”

In John Burgos’ own words :

“Beyond The Ordinary is completely FREE to you because I want you to have access to the real life tools and information that helped me to get out of the box and transform my own life into one of prosperity and happiness. My hope is that this telesummit will inspire and empower you to start living the Healthy, Vibrant, Abundant Life that you deserve to be living…”. 

What is Beyond the Ordinary ?

“Transformational Leaders

  • Paradigm shifting webinars featuring 42 world-renowned masters, teachers, psychics and energy healers
  • Experience ‘What The Bleep’s’ JZ Knight, mystic Matt Khan, Hay House authors/Oprah guests Gay and Katie Hendrix and many other healers
  • Our guests level up their vibration in the co-creative field created by the intention of being Beyond The Ordinary
  • Exclusive life changing transformational exercises, processes, light activations, meditations and special surprises!

New Platform for your Personal Transformation

Discover how to reverse engineer your future

  • Enhance your powerful psychic abilities
  • Reclaim your purpose, passion and joy
  • Reconnect to Love
  • Receive physical, mental and spiritual clarity and direction

What’s in it for you?

  • All webinars are 100% Free
  • Free download of every webinar to add to your transformational library!
  • Ask your personal question live via exclusive ‘Ask our expert’ campaigns
  • Access to a team of powerful psychics, heart centered channels, authentic healers and self improvement experts committed to your personal growth
  • Receive over 20 hours of complimentary bonuses (…) “

Learn about all speakers, their biographies and their topics on the speaker calendar page. Looks really great and well presented  – I tell You 🙂

I don’t know how it all sounds for you guys, but it’s pretty tempting for me. Especially that in the listed experts and speakers will be Michaile Sheldan ( one of my favourite channellers – I wrote about her in few of my previous posts like HERE and HERE1 (…) ) and Matt Kahn – intuitive channeller and spiritual teacher ( also few posts on him HERE or HERE1 ). Michaile will be channeling live on February 3rd at 8 p.m. EST and will be taking your questions on the air at that time. The entire list though looks really amazing. I am sure that everyone will find something awe inspiring or will find the sought after “enlightened bang on the head” of – “ohhhh…I get it now … 😉 And if not…, still there is a great information to be shared for all curious ones! Read a little bit about the topics that each of the invited speaker will present and choose the ones that resonate with you. You do not need to watch and listen to them all if you don’t have much time. Just mark on your calendar the ones that seems inspiring and interesting in delivering new bits of data and information into our evolving Human Consciousness, sit comfortably when the time of their arrival comes and sink into pure knowledge booster state 🙂

For more information visit the website, register to access instantly some generous bonus gifts and stay tuned for the big SHOW! 🙂 – 

Rememeber though, that no idea is going to hand you to yourself. It’s only an idea. It can trigger something, it can help awaken something but the most important is what you do with it, how you take it, how it resonates with who you are truly and how it FEELS to you.

Enjoy the Summit x

Cheers to all Awakenings and evolving your Higher Selves ❤




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