“As long as you don’t choose, everything remains possible” – greatest advice for 2015. Stay open to the multiverse of quantum possibilities.

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choose I thought that the newest, just 2.40min long video from Jason Silva from Shots of Awe Project gives truly a great advice for the 2015 a year of infinite possibilities if we choose to stay OPEN, stepping OUT of safety box and Living fully. If you want to check what the amazing Shots of Awe Project is all about please read my previous blog post here: Shots of Awe with Jason Silva. Mind-boggling experience for body and soul in less than 3 min.

From youtube channel :“Join Jason Silva every week as he freestyles his way into the complex systems of society, technology and human existence and discusses the truth and beauty of science in a form of existential jazz. New episodes every Tuesday.”

FOMO: The Fear of Missing Out – “it just shows you that you have intuition that there is something greater OUT there”. Don’t close yourself within box of one choice if there are infinite possibilities flowing around…

It’s interesting how we are being told from early age that we need to make one choice about who we want to be in the future, about the faculty we want to / or even worse – should choose to study at university (that will allegedly assure you “well paid” job), about the direction of your career, about focusing on ONE thing – that will bring us fulfilment. There is this saying that if you focus on too many things you will never be an expert in anything and won’t be acknowledged by society as such. And I think…bullshit. Do I really need a label “expert” to be happy in life with what I do? Me learning from different sources and expanding my knowledge about many polarized subjects from totally different categories, brings me joy and the feeling of feeding my constantly thirsty curiosity. Following the social “advice” of operating within a more firm and conclusive structure would literally kill me in a sense.

My mind. And I like it this way.
My mind. And I like it this way.

Making only one decision and closing yourself up to possibilities that will after all bring upon anxiety and this fear of missing out can be both destructive (if you choose to stick to one thing and not explore others, as you would perceive them as from totally foreign category to the one you are involved in) and building up in so many wonderful ways ( if you choose that staying open to all possibilities is NOT a bad thing!). I understand that we live in times when we are bombarded with billions of data and information each day and it’s easy to get into the trap of being overwhelmed to the point that one can go crazy. But I truly believe that this may only happen when indecisiveness of what to CHOOSE sneaks in to your life and you don’t know what would be the best one choice for you. I think what Jason Silva is also trying to say (or it’s just my notion of how I choose to perceive the message), is that we do not need to choose one thing only, hence the anxiety of being open to all there is out there waiting for us, is a totally different kind of anxiety than the one when a decision in choosing only one thing is involved. It’s an anxiety with a thrill of excitement. In a  “adding wings” to your existence sense. Well, at least that’s what happens to me then.

I remember going through this myself when growing up. I was interested in so many things, wanted to experience so many possibilities, yet was limited and forced to make one choice of who I wanted to be when I was 18 by choosing the “right University” and all. I actually thought there is something significantly wrong with me as I couldn’t place my heart into one subject only or even staying in the state of focus on following one “career” only. I am sure many can relate. We are being told that this scatterbrained and distracted behaviour is something bad and it’s being pushed down and diminished to the level it develops into depression. We shouldn’t be so close minded about choices in life and limiting our children with this nagging “You need to make the right choice” tone. As if your life depends on one choice and one choice only. Feck it 😉 What is “the right” choice anyway? Those imposed ways of thinking in my later teens caused me more harm than good. I wanted to see, feel, read, watch, learn about it ALL and yet was told – you can’t. You need to narrow your focus. And yet something screamed in me that I didn’t want to narrow my focus, that I wanted to stay open to all experiences possible from my vortex of interests. Staying open to all possibilities and having this trust in life,  that whatever my heart longs to follow – no matter how many choices I gather in my sack of opportunities ( and there are MANY 😉 ) – was actually the best thing I could offer myself. Coz I didn’t deny myself this way. By not denying myself, I managed to stay true to myself. Living in false mask for the sake of social approval and filling in the artificial structures around me just didn’t feel good. And even if it threw me on board of being a social outcast for a while by choosing my own path – I was happy to be on My Way. ( this song by Frank Sinatra “My Way” just came to my mind 🙂 )

I sincerely wish that parents wouldn’t try to limit their children by trying to put a label on them like you choose this faculty so you gonna be a “doctor”, a “teacher”, a “lawyer” etcetera. Why limit? Let your children self express themselves with all possibilities. And even if it sometimes brings muddle into their heads, it won’t develop into something bad if they actually see that they are being given a chance to stay OPEN.




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