You Are the Guru of Your Self – The message for us all through Self Inquiry. Realise how amazing you already ARE. HERE. NOW.

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“Your own Self Realisation is the greatest service you can render the world” 

~ Sri Ramana Maharshi 

lotus2 I just can’t emphasise this message enough. And wanted to make it clear – for any “followers” of this blog as well.

“The Real Teacher Is The One Who Shows You The Way But Lets You Walk It On Your Own In Your Own Way

The Wise Teacher Is The One Who Shows You The Door But Does Not Tell You What To Think About What Is Behind Them

The True Teacher Is The One Who Teaches You To Lead, Not To Follow

The Awakened Teacher Is The One Who Is Also The Student

The Genuine Teacher Is The One Who Knows When To Tell You To Leave Your Teacher

The Compassionate Teacher Is The One Who Teaches All By An Example, Not Just His Students

The Courageous Teacher Is The One Who Dares To Expand Beyond His Teachings

The Best Teacher Is The One Who Brings Out The Teacher In You So That You May Become REAL, WISE, TRUE, GENUINE, COMPASSIONATE And COURAGEOUS”

– Agape Satori

 Guru is the Self ~ Sri Ramana Maharshi 

Self Inquiry leads to Self Realisation. Self surrender as Self – Knowledge. One Source is Within One Self. Give Yourself Up to It and Merge Within Yourself. Self is the Witness of Everything You do. You Are That. The Witness. Pure Awareness.Do NOT delude yourself by imagining that there is any kind of God outside of You.

For those who want to learn a bit more about Ramana Maharshi – start with this video underneath:

Ramana Maharshi – Abide As The Self video:

Shorter excerpt from above video with some insightful messages:

I listen/ed to many Spiritual Teachers ( check my previous post on why I think that Spiritual Teachers are Better than Psychotherapists and Help You stop the Confusion / of course as long as at the end you make out your own truth from the advice given). I listen/ed to hundreds of lectures from scientists bridging Spirituality and Science ( like from Science and non Duality Conference channel ), listen to many guided meditations, read a LOT from all scientific and non-scientific sources about everything that interests me – see page “about me” to get the full picture on that. So one may say – it’s a bit hypocritical to write this post on being your own guru, if I seem to be searching for that seemingly – outside of myself. Well, it’s not exactly what’s happening here. I am just naturally curious Creature and I truly follow my inner soul’s longings to tap into the knowledge, that resonates with me during living in this Earth-Suit tailored body of mine for now. I prefer to learn and take pure joy from the way I CHOOSE to absorb these teachings and at the end of the day – make my own TRUTH out of everything I assimilated into my vortex of gathered knowledge. I don’t know if it makes any sense to anyone, but I have a strong sensation I am guided in a way to what I am supposed to stumble upon during my research and what information is unfolding before me and sinking in through many filters of my Soul’s/Mind’s/Heart’s Intelligence while learning. After all it’s me and only me who makes the Self Inquiry and is finding my Self, and awakening to who I am through not only all spiritual teachings from outside sources, but mainly from what I MAKE OUT OF THEM in combination with my inner “fake-fact” radar and my Heart’s  deep desires. It all comes to feeling your own reality inside your Self (from Sanskrit and from Ramana’s writings – the “Heart is the Source from which the Universe rises. Heart is THAT which is the center of it ALL. It is said to be the Infinite”.) image[3]

Everything I did up to date during the last 9 years, all my search for the Truth (however we all define it/please do not stick to the labels/thought forms of it as well!), all my research, learning and gathering information from many channellers and spiritual teachers that resonate with me – lead me in a way to this Self Realisation continuing process. Lead me bit by bit – through this cleansing process to where I am Now. And I am still on my way, enjoying every bit of it and falling in love with it more and more every day.

From all my learning “addictions”, combining information from different sources, I used the directions and walked through the edge of the shown door, which I never noticed before, and continued my own Path after stepping outside the foggy mind thinking and walking into my Truth – observing my thinking. (Hope it doesn’t sound too crazy 😉 I know it’s the 1 st of January, but believe me I am not hangover , as I don’t drink 😉 ). The interesting thing is that whatever I came to watch, learn from, listen to, read etcetera…had a mutual denominator at the end… That we all are truly – our own Gurus (again – do NOT cling to the concept! but think beyond the concept itself!). We just, in a way, forgot we are. We suppressed this knowledge and deep understanding of our own nature and the ability of pure, unconditioned and not influenced observation due to social constructs and limitations we put upon ourselves in the constant struggle to fit in the “artificial” social structures.

We carry the Truth already inside. It’s not even the Truth. It’s something unlabeled, undescribed, not being able to be put in words. It’s more like a sensation of carrying something greater than we dream of and think ourselves into existence. It’s the state of pure Being, pure observatory state of our experience without using thoughts as constructs. It’s the state, which  should be …after all…Enough. But it seems never enough, coz it’s lost in the mayhem and chaos created around us and within us ( very often implemented by fear itself).

I think some people need a gentle push into realisation of that. That’s why I don’t say that in my case searching, reading, watching lectures and all I do and share is a bad thing if the Answer is Inside each of us, within. External research is NOT a bad thing. As long as I do not fall for any self indoctrination traps – and this is truly unlikely, when I keep questioning everything on the way including all “New Age” labels like “Spirituality”, “Consciousness”, “Self-Realisation” and more;  “It is the nature of the mind that wonders. You are NOT the mind though” (Maharshi). Realising that, does not mean for me though, that I do not enjoy using my mind as a tool for enjoying myself while gathering more updated information from all of my favourite sources and folding them beautifully on the shelf of “Curious Mind Seeking to Unify with the Truth of Observer “. I learnt how not to get distracted by my thoughts and use them for conscious realisations. It’s not happening at all times and I know how important it is to also actually step outside all of my thoughts and my mind totally and step into the pure emptiness – which is in a way – fullness of who we all really are.

I am ecstatic when it comes to connecting the dots from all sources I come across and gather them in my “Informational Sack“, and I am more than happy to share bit after bit of it with all readers of this blog and everybody who is ready for their taking this Quantum Leap Journey of their own.I show the way that works for me. You can take it or leave it. You can walk 2 meters and turn your own direction – as long as you do not cause harm to others on the way – please do so..Search for your own resonance of facts and truths and enjoy the process that unfolds.

Happy Self – Realisations and Illuminations of Understanding who You/Me/Us really are in the shifting of energies and vibrations in the New Year xxx

Live Fully. Live Freely. Live in Self Inquiry. Live Intelligently. Be Joyful.



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