Finding the sense of Completeness and Wholeness within. Healing a Wound of Separation and Discovering Happiness.

wholeness_l “The greatest discovery in life is to discover that our essential nature does not share the limits nor the destiny of the body and mind.” – Rupert Spira

I couldn’t help and just wanted to briefly share a profoundly wonderful talk by Rupert Spira (Non-Duality Concept) while interviewed by Lilou Mace. I deeply tuned into this talk and its message 3 times today and thought it’s important to share with anyone willing to listen. It’s only 30 min video but will resonate inside you – hopefully forever 😉

Rupert discuss all aspects of the non-dual understanding from the initial investigation into our essential nature of pure Awareness, to the deeper exploration of the separate ‘me-feeling’ in the body, to the realignment of the mind, body and world with this new understanding.

Thought divides knowing into a knower and the known, loving into a lover and the beloved, and perceiving into a perceiver and the perceived. As such, it is thought alone that abstracts a subject and an object from the seamless, unnamable intimacy of pure Knowing or Experiencing.

Learn more about the Non Duality Concept of Your nature alongside true feeling of Love and Happiness oppose to feeling of fragmentation and separation. Tune to listen :

Subscribe and enter all uploaded and available videos from Rupert Spira youtube channel as well. Also do some research on youtube for other of his talks, lectures and messages from his world wide retreats Great teachings he delivers. Also read more about this world wide known lecturer and spiritual teacher here.

*** as a bonus a video ( heh couldn’t resist and stick to posting only one! there are so many to share!), I will additionally post greatly insightful talk between Matt Kahn ( an amazing spiritual teacher that I wrote about few times on this blog)  and Rupert Spira:

Amazing Times:

and  this absolutely a MUST see talk from Science of Non Duality Conference :

The New Science of Consciousness, Rupert Spira:

*other posts on Rupert Spira from my blog:

Also find a moment, or two, or three or a day or two, or three, or a week, or… ( You get what I mean…;-) ) and explore the Science and Non Duality website full of amazing spiritually and scintifically enriched articles and amazing videos with leading edge thinkers – see SAND (Science and Non Duality) youtube channel videos and playlists (over 250 uploaded videos, lectures, talks, interviews,.)

Blessings 🙂




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