Get Awaken and Empowered with this Project’s videos. Wonderfully refreshing uploads that’ll keep your mind open and thirsty for more!


During my curiosity driven awakening states of conscious journeys into deep research on Internet – I came across youtube channel of Awake and Empowered Expo Project and absolutely felt in love with videos uploaded there. I started with watching/ listening to one video and over the time I ended up with listening to ALL of them. Yeap…they were THAT worth it 🙂  Listening process just came natural. I was waking up each day, doing my regular chores at home or while on the way to work – I was listening on my headphones to another and another in the queue interview uploaded by AEE. Thanks to this channel I came to know many figures from different ways of life, holistic healers, body code practitioners, channellers, frequency healers that I haven’t come across before, and on whom I ended up doing additional research for validity of each of them. awaken

What’s so special about this Project and why I’d recommend to tap into the videos it offers? Read a bit about the mission of the Project and decide for yourself if it seems worth it to spend some time exploring the videos or not. If you are something like an Indigo/Star Seeds like, curious weirdo like me (not a fan of labels though) – you will probably find yourself addicted to watching them all 😉 Start with one video that carries the most interesting for you subject in its potential, that resonates with your curious mind and make an effort to listen to it. Then skip from one to another, pick the most appealing videos by their topics and you’ll soon see that after few weeks – you will come to an end of watching all listed videos (after all there is not that many of them). There is much of “connecting the dots” exercises involved with almost each of uploaded video. Personally I love the feeling and bringing up my investigative journalistic and detective nature to lift the shadow curtain of reality we all were made to believe in and live with our eyes widely closed.  Well, there’s a thought – time to join the rEVOLution and start Waking Up.

“The Awake And Empowered Expo – The mission :

The mission of the Awake and Empowered Expo is to offer attendees the opportunity to enrich and enlighten their lives in all areas of human consciousness, health and well-being. Our event is the culmination of groundbreaking information in technology, health, spirituality and science presented by pioneers and experts from around the world. Attendees will be motivated to reach their highest potential self by exploring alternative perspectives that will enrich their life journey. The goal of our guest speakers and panels is to share their views and provide real world tools that will inspire positive change, while encouraging attendee interaction and exchange of ideas with one another.
As we are each a participant in the co-creation of a new world, every person who awakens will cause a ripple effect across the consciousness of the planet that will unavoidably awaken and inspire others. The Awake and Empowered Expo ultimately aims to raise global consciousness, as we come together to empower ourselves and each other to live at our collective highest potential.

About Us

maxresdefault The Awake and Empowered Expo is a project of the Flower of Life Center for Human Evolution in Troy, Michigan and brought to you by its conference committee and members. Flower of life was founded to provide individuals with ideas, real world tools, and inspiration to cause a positive evolution in their lives and in the world. As the group grew, it became apparent that a much larger event was necessary to best serve the community. And so the Awake and Empowered Expo was born. The AAE Expo is the brainchild of founder and spiritual leader Ethann Fox. He felt that by providing an integrative approach to life in the emerging age, people would be better able to live more happily and healthfully. The result of the efforts of our talented group is a conference that brings together a variety of disciplines including science, technology, medicine, genetics, natural health, spirituality, consciousness, nutrition, and longevity, to name a few. We imagine a world where people are thriving in all aspects of their lives – physical, material, and spiritual. ” (…)

Please enter and go through videos uploaded by the Awake and Empowered Expo youtube channel which is a real well of information, gathering interviews with amazing cutting edge thinkers and leaders in fields like bridging science and spirituality, health, alternative cures, nutrition, raw foodism, wellness, science, technology, meditation, mindfulness, higher consciousness, self realisation techniques,  vibrational and sound healing modalities, body codes techniques, interviews with world best alternative whistle-blowers like Laura Magdalene Eisenhower, channelled sessions with one and only, amazing Micheila Sheldan, and much more.

Some of the examples of great videos:

Dr Edward Group | The Secret To Health | Raising Conscious Children (Absolutely LOVE this talk and information it delivers!)

Sasha Stone | New Earth Project:

*read more on Sasha Stone and his amazing project of New Earth Nation in my blog post on :

Laura Eisenhower | Galactic Community | Thriving In A New Era:

* read more about Laura Eisenhower in my previous blog posts :

Micheila Sheldan | Channeling Gabriel | Heal Yourself, Heal the Planet | 6.28.2014:

* read more and wathc more of the channelled messages from Micheila Sheldan in my blog post here:

Lloyd Mear on Frequency Healing (very interesting!)

For the entire list of videos go to Just take a ride and maneuver in between the videos for the next couple of days / weeks – dependant on your lifestyle and free time. You won’t regret the knowledge you’ll get.

flower One of the Sponsors of AEE is The Flower of Life – Centre for Human Evolution, which is a community of progressive human beings serving as agents of positive evolution and the growth of consciousness in our world. Both Flower of Life and Awake and Empowered Expo deliver a yearly amazing Expo – event and this upcoming year’s one takes place in April 24-26th 2015 in Met Hotel,  Troy, MI and the list of the speakers and topic is as usual brilliant. Wish I could afford flying there and being there in person. Hope it will be recorded so that I will be able to rewatch all the information shared there by all invited experts.

Hope I will help anyone out there with this new source of information to go through, digest and absorb well 🙂

In the Spirit of Conscious Learning and Staying Open to Alternative Knowledge,





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