Awakening to Unique, Special and Amazing Being that you Are with motivational kick of 4 talks by Tony Robbins. Grow.

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If you find yourself lacking motivation and need a gentle kick start to change with some recharging guidance – this post might be for you. I came across Tony Robbins seminars and workshops a long time ago. Definitely his books like “Awaken the Giant Within” (FREE download of this great book from his website available HERE). or “Unlimited Power” ( download “Unlimited Power – Home Study Course Manual” if interested) had a motivational impact on me when I was younger and confused, and they helped me shape my life in the direction which I really wanted to take, yet felt blocked and suppressed to do so. To be honest I am not following religiously any life coach teachings, as I believe the true power and potential to create your life and living one’s truth is inside of our heart and the secret is to tap into that power while journeying here on Earth. Yet I strongly believe, that many of us sometimes just need to get this additional kick, a gentle push into the direction that will awaken true thirst for life, show you the beauty of true potentiality that each of us already is and let you shine from within.

I found myself relistening to some Tony’s talks on youtube yesterday and thought I’d share as a motivational kick for all of you that may feel they need it. Interestingly, I find Tony Robbins talks beautifully connected to my addiction to talks by Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D on epigenetics and “Biology of Belief” (and how your beliefs shape your reality) and Dr.Joe Dispenza’s ( Dr Joe Dispenza – OFFICIAL NEWS & FAN PAGE ) talks on discoveries in neuroscience and possibilities of rewiring one’s brain with … changing rigid beliefs and the power of intention. 

I could post here a long list of links of motivational material from Robbins, as there are hundreds of his recorded seminars available online. But thought if anyone needs more – you know how to use youtube search engine to find more if needed to dig deeper and work on yourself in this field. So here, I decided to post a few videos that coincidentally caught my attention yesterday and this morning (was listening to it while exercising 🙂 ) that I think will bring you an easy to understand, reasonable and massively uplifting messages. His talks may help you restart and refocus on the true meaning of your life and what you want out of it. They may help you start building a profound story out of finding your own Unique, Special and Amazing Being that you Are.

Your model of the world shapes your world.

What are You here to do? What is your belief system and how to change it if it holds you back? Time to GROW:

1. Tony Robbins Seminar 2014 – Greatest Secret Ever. Power of Choice:

2. Tony Robbins Create a New Story:

3. Tony Robbins. Starting Over. Living with Purpose:

4. Tony Robbins: “Why we do what we do” – TED Talk :

If the way of talking and expressing (coz I know some weirdly find it annoying) his messages resonate with you, watch more Tony Robbins motivational coaching guidance from youtube. Generally I don’t think you need to hear it ALL to make a change in your life and reshape your reality, if you think you are not living your true potential now. It all starts with one decision – to make a choice to change to something better NOW. Many of his talks are repeating main points that you will get from those links posted above. The rest depends on you. Your decision to change and never giving up on your path to achieve “unachievable” if you wish to name it so, your inner power and your deep wanting to awaken a strive for more beauty in LIFE.  It’s all there. It’s all here. Put Your Focus on what’s really important to You.

Awaken the Guru of Your own and Coach yourself further by trusting  yourself and your powers that you most certainly already have.

Tony Robbins seminars definitely helped to shape some of the creative juicy structures I use in my Life Coaching practice as well.

In Christmas motivational Spirit 🙂 Never let yourself stop GROWING.


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