Energy Update: Ascension 2015 – Matt Kahn

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Such an important video for me to watch and listen to today. New update channelled talk by Matt Kahn, a spiritual teacher, mystic, and highly-attuned empath (check my previous blog post on Matt HERE and HERE1.). Hope You’ll find some meaning in this video.




4 thoughts on “Energy Update: Ascension 2015 – Matt Kahn

  1. OMG I have never known this Matt Kahn – seen or heard him. In just a few minutes in, I felt his truth, as a vibration or something… hard to describe. I cried through most of this. I am so incredibly grateful to have found this site and this video. Thank you so much for providing this. And thank you Matt for lighting the path before me and opening my eyes like never before. and helping me remember.
    Love and light

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  2. Hi Lisa, your comment is of such joy to me 🙂 So happy I could reach at least one person. You found your way to this post and video for a reason. Really glad it was of help to You. Lots of loving sparkles x Blessing Sister x


  3. Hey Aga, just wanted to thank you for linking me into this. Ive been seeing a lot of blue lately during my closed eyes time. I threw out a lot of clothes lately and bought new stuff, the inly colour available was rich blue. And tonight I asked my wife to pick me up a duvet set, and the only colour available was blue. As I began to watch Karl my Crown Charkra opened and as I write it is still tingling and I am only 15 minutes into the video. Profound to say the least. Keep doing what you are doing SoulSister.

    Much loveand blessings from true source

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    1. You can’t believe how happy and emotional it made me to read your comment Paul ❤ Thank You for sharing bits of your journey. Yeah… blue is quite significant … great to hear about all those synchronicities with Blue for You. Glad You notice those little messages in your life 🙂 They are so meaningful 🙂 Sirius is one of my Star system from previous life as well..Probably we shared a life there together 🙂 Stay with the tingling sensation, make space for it, observe… dive deep and expand …well You know what to do anyway..:)
      Thank You for kind words. Great feeling when I feel I might touch at least one life out there of be of some kind of help… such a joy for Heart ❤ We are all here pieces of puzzle that are here to form One full picture … without each other the picture will never be possible to come in full Creation. Hence I thank You as well for BEing one of those pieces of puzzle as well…
      Much Blessings x


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