True essence of who you are. Mind blowing talks by Franco DeNicola – a man to know!

francofeatimg “Freedom is the basic construct of the universe. It’s the consciousness in which life itself has been created. It’s the very nature of who we are. Everything else is a made up concept of structure that is optional.” Franco DeNicola

I have been following talks and interviews, articles by Franco DeNicola for a couple of good years now. Found him pretty amazing and knowledgeable “spiritual teacher” if you will, and wanted to share some of his words of wisdom in few subjectively picked videos here. It’s high time to create a shift inside ourselves. Think some of those talks will help you do so.

“Franco is a very loving being, devoted to assist humanity in creating a new reality that far exceeds the present limited experience, and that encompasses oneness and love. If you feel ready and drawn, then it is time to move forward.”

His main goal is in “assisting humanity beyond collective perceptions, adopted beliefs, accepted limitations and archaic concepts in order to awaken to our ultimate soul purpose and to collectively create a world encompassing total harmony and wholeness.” Sounds pretty good to me 😉 He talks on variety of subjects like Global & System Changes, Health & Wellness, Oneness Consciousness, Meditations, Clearings, Activations, True Nature of Reality, Matrix Mentality, Obsolete System etcetera.

If you crave more written information on Franco please visit his website section who is franco.

For a long time, human consciousness has been stuck in a very limited archaic program, which led us to perpetually seeing ourselves as separate from each other and the earth. Hence why we have created such ill-treatment between each other and the environment. The reality we have created for ourselves is the result of living our lives with our minds in the driver’s seat. We are experiencing the projection of a strictly left-brained consciousness, where we honor intellectualism, despite of how egoic and self-destructive we have allowed it to become. In this state, we are enabling division, fear, and control to keep us from awakening to our true unconditioned and peaceful nature, all while we continue to wait for “saviors” or political dictators to outline our individual and collective path. Yet we have forgotten that the ones we have been waiting for is ourselves -in all aspects of our existence. Such a disconnected state of consciousness is unsustainable and would lead humanity to its own demise. ~ F.DeNIcola

Let’s start with this 3 min video ” A World of Freedom”

You can follow with this interview –

Franco DeNicola: Unified Soul With Great Metaphysical Wisdom:

And move to these amazing talks :

The True Nature of Our Reality 1/2:

The True Nature of Our Reality 2/2:

Truly Understanding Health Sessions 1

Truly Understanding Health Session 2:

Truly Understanding Health Session 3:

Truly Understanding Health Session 4 (with great guided meditation ):

Truly Understanding Health Session 5:

The Power Of Consciousness – Franco DeNicola:

There are many short – shots of Q & A(question and answers) sessions videos from Franco on different issues like:

“Who am I and what is my Purpose in Life?” – Well, answer is pretty cool 😉

For more videos just do your search on youtube by typing in Franco DeNicola. Easy, right?

If what DeNicola has to share resonates with you – make sure you go through his extremely informative website : FRANCO DENICOLA – ONENESS CONSCIOUSNESS / we’re all in this together, where he offers free downloadable talks, clearing sessions, meditations, great articles on the nature of our reality, global shifts in consciousness, global changes, economic system etc, he offers free e-books – that I also uploaded in my last blog post “Clarity and Peace in Times of Great Change free e-book” in the spirit of free information sharing :).

His youtube channel is loaded with handy advices videos and I’d recommend subscribing to it as well.

Enjoy the information and Franco’s words of wisdom x

Hope some of what he’s talking about will help you in your journey. x



One thought on “True essence of who you are. Mind blowing talks by Franco DeNicola – a man to know!

  1. Hey there,
    I’ve been listening to Franco at least 4 years now. Totally awesome! Nothing he’s ever said has felt shocking.. He’s always resonated.. And it seems I found him right at the perfect time as my veils were lifting!

    It was a case of feeling, finally! I can crack onto business of blowing this facade apart! (Within me)
    I can’t even say who I was 4-5 years ago, lol..

    How are you going with everything?!


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