A Way Out of Pain – Advice from my Favourite Spiritual Teachers. 20 Profound Videos on Pain and Suffering.

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Everybody is looking for a way out of pain, suffering, constant judgements of what’s happening to our physical, emotional, psychological bodies. We want to live happily and free from suffering ever after…; We deny pain and whenever it appears we bring upon judgements about it. What’s wrong with me, why me? I hate that, I hate feeling this, I want to feel different etcetera…Don’t we all know it? What’s the answer to pain? Is denying it and pretending that it’s not there or hating it for being there and fogging our clear vision with this hatred  – the way out of it? Or it causes deeper pain, depression and more confusion?

This article is on why we actually need to face our pain, accept it, understand why it is there, sit with it, be with it and not resist it,  in order to fully be able to LET IT OUT, LET IT GO… and live fully. Don’t judge it. Learn from it instead. Drop judgement against learning. Learning in this way, is the biggest opportunity to become greater and more masterful than ever before. It is here to un-blind-fold you from the illusion of separateness with the pain and treating t as an unwanted visitor.

Pain is how your body acknowledges an unexpected transformation in progress. Pain is not a sign, or symptom or indication that you are not at the highest possibility of your spiritual journey. Pain is actually letting you know that the most advanced healing you could experience is on the way the moment pain is recognized. Pain does not mean you are at the smaller level. But if you think pain means you are not at the optimal level of your spiritual reality until pain goes away, and then you are judging the pain as the invader of your reality – the pain will only persist. Why? Because you are not learning from it, but judging it. In this way, pain will maintain its position coz it cannot leave its field until you’ve learnt what it’s here to teach you.”(…) Matt Kahn

So, what about honouring our pain as the greatest gift, given for our evolution? Embracing it and looking for answers to your deepest questions in it? “What about acknowledging that the pain you feel is evidence that you are on the most progressive, spiritual awakening and journey of energetic expansion and transformation in the existence?” You can choose a different approach to pain. See it as opportunity and educator. When changing your relationship with pain, you don’t have to suffer when it arrives into your life. It can surprise you, but it doesn’t have to overwhelm you.

I came across lately a new video about pain by mystic and spiritual teacher, that I really respect – Matt Kahn (about whom I wrote an entire blog post HERE and HERE1) and found it ultimately meaningful and profound what he talks about and how he chooses words to describe the phenomenon of pain and choosing suffering out of it or not. Thought it could help many people to post this amazing talk here, alongside other talks on this meaningful, yet often neglected topic. I chose a bunch of my favourite spiritual teachers and channellers to do the talking for me here. Hope this list will help somebody with the process of alleviating their pain ❤ It’s like a great transformational and therapeutic session on understanding the psychology of pain, suffering, the way mind creates it and the way out of it..

1. A Way Out of Pain – Matt Kahn/TrueDivineNature.com

2. Building Walls to Keep Pain… IN –Teal Swan

3. How To Heal The Emotional Body – Teal Swan

4. Diving Deep (Shadow Work) – Teal Swan

4.* ( newly added one ) – The Meaning of Pain ! :

5. Abraham Hicks – On Constant Physical Pain and How to Feel Better – Law of Attraction

6. Abraham Hicks ~Physical pain and High flying disk

7. Abraham Hicks – Choosing a high flying disc to relieve pain

8. Abraham Hicks – How to be in Alignment When Your Body Feels Pain

9. Abraham Hicks: Heal yourself, start regenerating your body cells, become young and strong again:

10. Abraham Hicks ~ I just want to feel good

There are so many videos on dealing with pain from channelling Abraham on youtube that it would take me days to put it all out here. If you want to listen to more just type in youtube “Abraham Hicks pain” and skip in between different videos that catch our attention. Probably you will find what you’re looking for .

11. Mooji ♥ Answers ◦ How to Use Pain to Find the Way Home?

12. Mooji ~ Illness and Self-Discovery  

13. Mooji ♥ Answers ◦ Pain brings me back to ego…

14. Mooji audio – Physical Pain

15. Alan Watts ~ Pain & Suffering

16. Alan Watts: Pain – Pt. 1 of 2

17. Eckhart Tolle – What Is Really Pain?

18. Eckhart Tolle – Trust The PAIN In Your Life

19. Eckhart Tolle – The Pain Body – Part one

20. Eckhart Tolle – The Pain Body- Part two

And additionally, one of my absolute favourite short talk by Teal Swan on why it’s important to stop running and escaping the way we feel and instead – walking right through this eye of the storm and the necessity to do so… ❤ 

 * The Holy Grail – Teal Swan

** Also see my further blog post on The most profound “small talk” on dealing with suffering. Phenomenal 15 min video on breaking the chains of suffering through understanding it delivered by one and only Rupert Spira.

Breathe, Be with Yourself, Do Not Deny Anything About Yourself, Do Not Separate Yourself From The Way You Feel At Any Given Moment, Embrace Your Pain, Talk To It, Learn From It, Learn From It, Learn From It…and you will see your world change.

With Love x



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