One way to start a day – 10 short video-messages to comfort your Soul :) Feel Good.

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alan Good Morning! Woke up today and felt like listening to Alan Watts soft, intelligent beyond everything, voice playing in the background. Sharing those words of wisdom on this Sunday morning. I listened to them so many times already. It weirdly seems never enough. The urge to listen to Alan’s philosophies comes back like a shadow made of Light, to hunt me down 😉 Something in the timbre of his voice and the way he describes reality that welcomes me more and more to his world’s view bubble. So, here are just a few short, video messages to start a day with a philosopher’s breath on your shoulder. Words of Wisdom to brighten your day:

1. The Dream of Life:

2. The Real You

3. How Do You Define Yourself?

4. The Mind – and the phenomenon of worry:

5. You Are IT:

6. Live Fully Now:

7. The Secret of Life:

8. Give It Away and It Will Come Back:

9. Let Go Off Controlling Everything:

10. You Are The Universe:

* Life is A Dance

If you want more – listen to I fucking love Alan Watts playlist on youtube here.

Enjoy your Sundays x

Think Bigger Than You Think You Are. (Bigger – in a Cosmic way 😉 )




2 thoughts on “One way to start a day – 10 short video-messages to comfort your Soul :) Feel Good.

  1. Great post, Alan Watts has some beautiful points on looking at life with different perspective. Thank you for sharing these , I find they feature the best editing with images that move the soul. Blessings!

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    1. You’re welcome 🙂 Glad You liked it. Yes, Alan Watts is just mind blowing with his thoughts stream. I could be listening to his messages all day. He sifts something very profound inside human understanding of the world. Make us see through illusions and misconceptions of false and often artificially coded upon us reality.

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