Stop false identification with your mind. Break FREE by questioning your thoughts and doing The Work – by Byron Katie.

katie-home-r20121011 I mentioned Katie Byron in my post Spiritual Teachers are Better than Psychoterapists but never described the process she offers better. She was called “The Spiritual Innovator for The New Millenium” by the TIME Magazine and there is something real to it. I came across her Work a couple of years ago and found it incredibly interesting. Deeply interested in psychology, neuroscience and social behaviourism for years – I went through all possible youtube videos from her channel, presenting her doing the process, while helping other people who bring all kind of emotional, psychological issues they struggle with to the table. She shows every each of them how to stop their suffering with following 4 easy steps of the process she came up with called The Work.

“The Work of Byron Katie is a way of
identifying and questioning the thoughts
that cause all the anger, fear, depression, addiction, and violence in the world. Experience the happiness of undoing
those thoughts through The Work, and
allow your mind to return to its true, awakened, peaceful, creative nature.”

If you follow the process correctly – and there is really nothing hard about it to learn, you can really break free from many life challenging issues and psychological blockages that often hold you back from living a fulfilled, happy life and disconnect you from who You really Are and what is possible in your life. It can lift the foggy veil that distorts your vision of reality of All there Is and All Possibilities.

There are many Spiritual Teachers who are offering different techniques to help people with their deep Self – Realisation process. Some work better for some people, some don’t. Every one need to find the way that works for her/himself best.

Sometimes all you need is to hear, are some meaningful awe-inspiring words of wisdom, outspoken just in the right way and right order, beautifully selected and put together – that can trigger and  initiate the change process within you.

Sometimes all you really need, is to hear those Wisdom Words at the right time in your life – to shift your daily life confusion, depression, sadness or any other difficult matter that you consider your biggest obstacle. [You can visit my previous blog post on Spiritual Teachers who offer solutions through words of wisdom HERE, and choose videos from Mooji, Teal Swan, Matt Khan, Abraham Hicks or any other that resonates with you].

Sometimes, though, you need not only words, written or spoken, but a whole set of programme, process that could twist something in your head, disconnect you from your false identification with your thoughts and change your entire perspective about Life and how amazing and beautiful it actually is. And definitely one of such process out there, that seems to be working every time, is THE WORK by Katie Byron.

Sounds like hokus pokus? Well nothing further from the truth. Hard and monotonous, long, formal structure? Nope. All it takes is to follow 4 easy steps of questioning your mind to get to the core of the potential problem. As simple as that. Try it out and see the results.

Who is Byron Katie and what is The Work?

Byron Katie, founder of The Work, has one job: to teach people how to end their own suffering. As she guides people through the powerful process of inquiry called The Work, they find that their stressful beliefs—about life, other people, or themselves—radically shift and their lives are changed forever.

Based on Byron Katie’s direct experience of how suffering is created and ended, The Work is an astonishingly simple process, accessible to people of all ages and backgrounds, and requires nothing more than a pen and paper and an open mind.

Through this process, anyone can learn to trace unhappiness to its source and eliminate it there. Katie (as everyone calls her) not only shows us that all the problems in the world originate in our thinking: she gives us the tool to open our minds and set ourselves free.

  • To learn more about the process and The Work, please pay a visit to Katie’s website called and study it thoroughly. It’s a well of information about the Work, upcoming events, online community; She also offers there a downloadable LITTLE BOOK introducing you to The Work on her website – and honestly – sometimes reading this short little book and following its guidance will help you better than any psychotherapist’s session ever will. With offering this Little book for FREE, Katie says :

“No one can give you freedom, but you. This little book will show you how.” 

I would also strongly suggest reading her amazing book called “Loving what is. 4 questions that could change your life”.

To get familiar with Byron Katie – have a watch of interviews with her where she explains how she came up with the Work during her own deep emotional struggles in life and suffering.

How To Stop Suffering – Interview with Byron Katie by Lilou Mace :

Byron Katie on Soul Series / Oprah interview in 3 parts:

part 2

part 3

A Conversation with Byron Katie:

Byron Katie explains the Essence of The WORK in her own words:

Check more interviews and uploaded videos from youtube channel HERE.

Finding Kindness and Questioning Stressful Thoughts :

See how she does The Work while working with other people, some examples:

For more examples – just do some research on your own. If there is a particular thing/issue that you would like to see Katie works on, just type in youtube phrase, like: Byron Katie The Work anxiety, or sickness, illness, career, love and relationships, worthiness, cancer, depression, money etcetera.

What I like about Byron Katie is how gentle and sincere she is in her work. She works with normal people with normal, human problems and shows them that the only problem they have comes to one -> being a prisoner of your own destructive thoughts. Then she moves forward to showing  how to break free from this caged thinking.

Definitely worth trying. Catch your thoughts in the right moment and get REAL.

* I studied a lot and learnt much from Byron Katie and decided to include the Work process into my own practice with people while implementing it into NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming ) technique and some others merged in my own Quantum Leap Process Technique that I came up with and offer in my own approach to do The Work 😉


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