My meditative rituals with healing sounds. Get rid of the rushing mind. Stay in the FLOW.

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Lao-tzu I wrote about healing sounds, restoring your nervous system and getting rid of mind/body blockages with therapeutic vibrations in my previous blog post called Boost Your Spirit, Mind and Body with Healing Frequencies. We Are All Energetic Beings”. There is a small, well researched and tried upon recommending to others, selection of videos tuned to particular healing frequency uploaded to that post as well. There are some other morning or evening videos that I love to tune  into on headphones, while doing my morning or evening meditation and I just wanted to mention them briefly here as well. You do not really need to listen to them only in sitting meditation. As much as I am a fan of this method, I cherish walking and being meditation at all times. We all have “stuff to do” on daily basis and sometimes time is an issue. That’s why I think that learning how to be in this constant flow of “walking meditation”, mindful meditation in every second of our lives is a challenging way to actually “Live the Talk”. It’s achievable though. Easier than we all made ourselves to believe.

You can have those sounds played at the background while you are working on your regular every day things at home or have them melt with the air while working on your computer. Those sounds put your mind body and spirit into meditative mode of deep relaxation and ease. You will get an injection of a deep feeling that you don’t have to do it all…that taking it easy and SLOW is the way. “Nature doesn’t rush anything and yet…everything gets done”. I’ve always been and I still am an information junkie (this condition seems to get more advanced while I get older 😉 ) and there always seems to be “so much to do” and “so little time!”. Don’t we all know it? What I learnt over the years, is that getting hooked up on this feeling and constant need to “do it all” can only lead you astray. I am still an informational junkie, yet I learnt how to work with my mind and attitude to all those things out there to be “checked out!”, learnt, read and done. How I achieved that? By changing and shifting my attitude from rushing, running mind to peaceful approach of “take it easy, move slowly yet stay FOCUSED”.  Staying focused is the key here. With focus and attention, you still will be able to achieve your day to day goals, yet will manage to escape havoc done to your body by stress caused by the rushing, alarming mind.

You will definitely notice a significant difference in your “mental condition” 😉 Your approach to life, to your day, to all your wants and don’t wants, to how you operate on daily basis will begin to change, something will begin to shift. There are many videos with healing tones, many of them have a guiding voice impregnated into them, which I find disturbing quite often. That’s why I prefer pure music, pure tones, pure vibrations that resonate with me on a deep cellular level, quiet the chatter in the mind, yet you do not loose your focus. Will give my 3 favourite examples:

Extremely Powerful Pure Clean Positive Energy – Raise Vibration – Binaural:

Healing music DNA Repairing Mode (432Hz)

Meditation Music : Amazing Brain Sound Dopamin Booster Pineal-Gland:

5-HTP secreting binaural beats at varying frequency to trigger happiness:

Tune into your favourite frequency, make it a practice and see your every day reality change x

Final point here is to always act from the Sitting Point of Pure Harmony. To understand this concept a bit better, listen to this short talk on Simplicity, Observation and Harmony – by intuitive, spiritual teacher Robert Young. Get rid of your rigid belief systems, coz it’s all possible.



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