Get rid of repetitive programming and reclaim your Life. High time to feel better.

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What about getting up today and thinking to yourself :

“It’s a good day to GET RID OF MY REPETITIVE, BEHAVIOURAL PROGRAMMING, that never really served me and reclaiming my Life”.  

Sounds pompous, yet it fits in perfectly to what is easily accessible and possible to achieve, although it is being neglected by ourselves so often. Try it out and see what happens. Approach everything from the Sitting Point of Pure Harmony. It’s accessible here and now. Get rid of your rigid beliefs that it’s hard and for monks only 😉 You can do it and become united with pure bliss and harmony within yourself x

There is nothing but You and what fits into you. And elevation of you is what is important. Just follow the words of this talk by spiritual teacher – Robert Young about whom I  wrote more HEREMake time to listen to those words. They can change the way you see yourself and lighten up something divinely profound inside yourself that’s already there, but probably remains dormant. You have all you need already inside of yourself. Notice that.

Simplicity, Observation and Harmony. Simple talk with ability to change your life. 



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