Spirituality without labels. See miracles and magic in Your Life NOW. It’s HERE. Phenomenal talks by Robert Young.

other side of reality “The world is changing fast and this is not the time to allow yourself to be washed away by the wave of circumstances. Elevate your spirit and ride the wave as it builds to a new level of love and harmony. Join us in living the dream and making a difference.

It is not by chance that you are where you are, doing what you are doing, and it is not by chance that you are the person you are today. Some force, some influence or some attraction has called upon you to proceed in the way you are proceeding at the present moment and this process will continue to occur for the remainder of your life.”

I came across spiritual talks delivered by Robert Young ( youngsight.com) around 4 years ago, when while doing morning yoga – I was searching for some educative talks to run in the background. I’ve been an addict to listening to lectures, talks , interviews with inspirational people for almost a decade now, and it’s really not a surprise that I try to squeeze some recorded talks/words of wisdom (as I like to call it) into my busy schedule whenever I can. Divided attention ability works brilliantly whether I focus on mindful eating of breakfast or when I do my yoga breathing and poses in the morning. At the same time I’m opening my inner hearing ability to let in what I think I need to hear at that particular day of choosing a particular talk/lecture to listen to. I think that things  we need to hear come to us naturally at the time when we are internally ready to comprehend them. As if some hidden force delivers  to us what we need to know at the right moment.   Think it wasn’t random that from all possibilities out there, one morning I just went for picking some good interviews from my favourite online project loaded with inspirational interviews from Juicy Living Tour – Lilou Mace  and came across “Robert Young’s full story to Expanded Consciousness”. I watched the entire interview and got hooked on to listen to more of what he had to offer and share. The way he speaks, thinks and things he talks about resonated deeply with something that was inside of me, yet felt it was made dormant by external reality structures. As I listened to more and more of what he had to say – I just felt the inner wall is melting as I start to realise the True potential and power behind his words. It felt … REAL, like remembering something I knew, yet long forgot about. I think many people could say the same thing. Sometimes you just come across some information, get this necessary trigger that leads to awakening .. let’s call it Higher Consciousness (although I am not a fan of any kind of labels whatsoever), and feels like true Home coming day after day…


Let’s just see what’s in the sack of Robert Young’s inspirational words then. Listen to a few interviews, try to focus well on spoken words. Hope You will find there some answers and get inner realisations that will serve your development and bring you closer to Knowing Who You Really Are. Realising your Light (no matter how cheezy it might sound at first!). To learn more about Robert and what he has to share after his transformational car accident just visit his website www.youngsight.com and have a look at interviews and videos uploaded there plus have a read of his many writings on the page, like the one on Suffering  (easily downloadable in PDF form if needed).

As for now – I will subjectively pick some videos and phenomenal talks by Young, being lead by my Inner Guidance Elfs’ Team 😉

Listen to some of these talks starting with 2 first interviews and then you can randomly pick the videos with the title that most catches your attention. The title though is often very limited to what is actually said during the lecture delivered, as each of those talks expands far beyond a single issue. Each talk gathers complexed, clear information about many aspects of LIFE and Reality, yet put in a simple, understandable way. Funny, how many people say Robert Young does not look like a spiritual teacher…but how a spiritual teacher ought to look like? It’s ridiculous. It’s not about how the person looks but what is being channelled through them and what’s the message they bring that can revolutionise one’s inner rigid thinking. Don’t focus on the appearance, don’t judge a book by its cover. LISTEN…

1. “Robert Young’s full story to Expanded Consciousness” – interview with Lilou Mace – that will bring you closer to his strory before you start listening to his later talks:

2. “How to Create Miracles & Live a Magical Life” – 2 nd interview with Lilou Mace – Very Insightful!:

3. “You Are The Answer” – Powerful philosophical words that may Change Your Life:

4. “Because You Asked” 

5. “Infinite TRUST”

6. “There is Another Way” 

7. “Simplicity Observation Harmony” – The Consistency of your Life – what we all desire.

8. “Using Our Active Energies”

9. “A New Existence, series 1” / search for other parts available on youtube as well.

10. “Love Without Seriousness”

11. “The Golden Age”

You can visit Young Insight youtube channel HERE to be up to date with his round the world delivered talks.

On the other hand, you do not need to follow him or anybody whatsoever. I don’t do that either. It’s not like I am a blind follower of every update from all the teachers out there. Let’s not get too crazy here. I gathered quite vast knowledge about many channellers and spiritual teachers who resonate truth with me, and just usually decide who I feel like listening to at given day. I simply tap into my thoughts  and ask what I need to know, what inner wisdom I want to awake and entertain my Spirit with, or what my Soul wants to listen to today and whichever name comes up that triggers  some emotional excitement inside of me that day – I simply search on youtube for talks by this particular channeller and Messenger (to call it differently). Depending on a day- it might be Alan Watts, Mooji, Teal Swan,  Matt Kahn, Abraham Hicks, Rumi, Krishnamurti, Osho,Bashar, Franco DeNicola, Katie Byron – The Work and many many more…;

Today I reminded myself about Robert Young and relistened to some insightful words of wisdom delivered through him. No regrets.

You choose whatever resonates with you and create your own CONNECTIONS :m3

Happy Inner Wisdom Awakenings!



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