Why you really do NOT need to understand everything that happens. Words of wisdom from spiritual teacher, Matt Kahn for today.

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Wisdom-Square_Home It’s interesting how sometimes when you really need to hear something and uplift yourself with some messages…”randomly” stumbled across wisdom words present themselves to you. This time it came from the Matt Kahn from True Divine Nature fb site and turned to be exactly something I needed to hear today. Hope those words will help you understand your journey better as well 🙂  I wrote about Matt Kahn, mystic and spiritual teacher in previous post HERE.

“What can often prevent you from transforming your experiences is attempting to understand the experiences you are having. When the need to understand has been relinquished, you enter a flow of Divine perfection, where you are able to access your freedom of will to determine the quality of experiences coming your way.

You may not be able to control the outcome, since every circumstance ensures the evolution of your highest growth, but you are able to choose how openly and harmoniously you embrace each encounter. It may not always seem convenient when viewed through the lens of a limiting belief. It certainly won’t always be comfortable for the livelihood of any expectation. Above all else, it will always be exactly what is meant to unfold to ensure your highest potential blossoms to completion.

Perhaps this reminds you how the details of life don’t actually need to change, in order to feel better about yourself and the world around you. Instead, you can taste the ecstasy of your own eternal freedom by putting aside the need to understand the miracles unfolding in every breath. Maybe a deep-rooted desire to understand or even the hope that a greater understanding will change your circumstances is only pursued to help you pinpoint the exact obstacle that you are here to overcome. While there is much you are free to understand, it cannot assist you in feeling any better. Equally so, you are able to feel good about yourself by embracing the mystery of every moment, without needing anything more to figure out, process, or conclude.

While understanding may have inspired tremendous insights in earlier chapters of your journey, it also becomes one of your greatest distractions as your journey expands. That is, until you realize that understanding is not actually a conduit for the relief of relaxation.The true conduit of relaxation is the willingness to slow your breath and allow yourself to embrace the one who needs something to understand, fix, maintain, or figure out – one “I love you” at a time.

Whatever arises, love that. This is the way of the energetically-sensitive soul.”

To step further into Kahn’s talk :

“Violence is fear in action. Fear is an avoidance of sadness. Sadness is an aversion to loneliness. Loneliness is a denial of emptiness. Emptiness is the presence of being. The presence of being is awakened consciousness. Through an awareness of fear, violence no longer becomes an option. As fear is faced, sadness is encountered. As sadness is encountered, loneliness is acknowledged. As loneliness is acknowledged, emptiness is recognized. As emptiness is recognized, a presence of being is discovered. As a presence of being is discovered — consciousness awakens.

In noticing how the deepest pain inevitably leads to your most profound spiritual discovery, I invite you to support the end of violence by acknowledging any discomfort as a catalyst of your highest evolution. As you take the time to face what is unresolved in your heart, waves of high vibrational energy are sent throughout the field of consciousness. With each wave entering every energy field, it inspires those who use violence to avoid their soul’s journey to come out hiding and surrender at last. This is the heart of transformation”.

Just thought that is so important and inspirational in the awakening process x

Namaste. Just Trust in the process of Life.



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