Self-empowerment, expanded awareness and spiritual growth. Free audiobooks from channelling Pleiadians.

“You are living in a time when opportunities for self-empowerment, expanded awareness, and spiritual growth appear to be unlimited.” — The Pleiadians

pleiadiansI came across books of Barbara Marciniak years ago and got fascinated by them. The list of spiritual channellers I listen to is vast as I like to have the opportunity to compare what’s being channelled by different people on the same subjects. Yet there was nothing like Barbara Marciniak’s streamed information. There was a long period in my life when I was reading and focusing only on those books, deeply submersed into the world they describe and relating it with additional thorough research on the subject of Pleiadians. I decided to bring her up here briefly, and forward links to her audio books available for streaming from youtube. Have a look and shift your perspective on what’s real or what you feel is real or not real, use your feelings in deciding what’s true or not, what makes sense or doesn’t, what you think might be real and what might be hiding behind the veil of ordinary.

“Barbara Marciniak is an internationally acclaimed trance channel, inspirational speaker, and best-selling author of Bringers of the Dawn, Earth, Family of Light, and Path of Empowerment, which collectively have been translated into more than twenty languages and have sold over five hundred thousand U.S. copies. She has a BA in social science, and is the publisher and editor of the quarterly newsletter The Pleiadian Times. Her extensive worldwide travels, astrological studies, and a lifetime of alternative free thinking augment her personal understanding of the material she channels.

The Pleiadians are a collective of multidimensional spirit beings from the Pleiades star system, and have been speaking through Barbara Marciniak since May of 1988. The Pleiadians are here to assist humanity with the process of spiritual transformation in the years leading up to December 2012. Their distinctive style blends wit and wisdom, common sense, and cosmic knowledge in teachings that encourage expansive thinking and personal empowerment, and which have been compared to native shamanism.” You can read more and access more information from official website :

Without further ado… Just find some time to listen to books channelled by Pleiadians. You can believe in channelling or not. It doesn’t matter much if you do or not. The books will be intriguing to you no matter what you believe in. I can assure you of that.

  • Earth Pleiadians – Keys to the Living Library:
  • Bringers of The Dawn 

or Bringers of the Dawn broken into 4 parts if you want to divide into parts your listening to the audiobook. Good quality of sound. Posting 2 parts of 4.



  • Pleiadians Prophecy – The Great Changeover 2013 – 2027

If you’re interested in more – just search for interviews with Barbara Marciniak on youtube (there are many), and see if what she talks about and how see chooses to deliver these information activated something inside your soul, feels right at any level of your inner core and if it resonate with a truth vibration or not. You can find those answers inside yourself when deeply submersing yourself into meditative state and setting an intention on finding the truth. Either way –  proposed audiobooks are interestingly appealing.

  • Barbara Marciniak on Who Can You Trust (short and interesting talk):

If you are interested more on the subject of channelling ( I wrote about it in my blog post here), you can read through the list of modern channelled texts from wikipedia HERE – as it’s pointless for me to describe each of the channellers that fascinated me during my life. I read quite a bit of those texts, books and listened to hundreds of interviews with many of those channellers over the last few years. It’s for sure an intriguing and interesting mixture of knowledge and information that just truly feels that is from a Source beyond Earth.

I really like teachings delivered through Barbara Marciniak. They are in many ways inspirational, give the feeling of vitality and upliftment on many levels. I found the messages deeply resonating with me, as if I already knew it deep inside, but forgot for a while. As if I was offered a chance to remember it all again … Since then Barbara Marciniak has been on my list of favourite channellers.

Remember, whatever you read, watch, listen to…always give yourself benefit of doubt first. Trust your own feelings, what you feel, what you think about what’s delivered to you as truth and make your own sense out of everything you encounter. Connect the Dots. Stay open. Research sources. INFORM YOURSELF.

With Deep Love and Curiosity into channelling phenomenom  x



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