5 Secrets to Perfect Digestion – FREE E-book sharing.

ebook I decided to share from time to time free e-books, that I gathered in my never-ending in depth cave, full of books in pdf formats, e-books on wide spectrum of subjects, my own paper works and articles, gathered notes on research put together, collection of bought health summits videos and much more. I will work on the newsletter soon and will offer one of the chosen “present” in each newsletter that I will send out to anybody out there that might be interested in subscribing to it. Don’t worry, I won’t create an avalanche of newsletters to bombard your email inbox with several times a week! I hate that myself. So a brief newsletter once a month might do the work in the future. I will share there some interesting links – from the series #what’s on my mind and will try to attach a link to one downloadable e-book present from my own database when possible.

Until then – I will randomly give away free e-books here in posts. As for today I will share an e-book I came across while subscribing to Digestion Sessions Online Health Summit. So back to the #health subject. We all know how our digestive health affects our brain function, that our gut is our second brain and how brain and gut functions are correlated.  5 Secrets to Perfect Digestion: An Introduction to the Digestive Repair Program  by dr. Shawn Soszka may deliver a fast and easy to apply solution to anyone out there struggling with some digestive issues. Very easy to read, informative 20 page book that will help you combat some complex digestion issues in an easy way. Sometimes you just need to realise how to help yourself with few healthy tips and realisations.

Please see all well of information od Dr Soszka’s website here : (https://drsoszka.com)

Download your e-book here : 5_Secrets_to_Perfect_Digestion Dr Soszkas well of 

Wishing you all abundance of health and wellness x




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