TOP HEALTH POINTS – in a nutshell. Follow at least some, fire your doctor and reclaim your health.

“Let Food Be Thy Medicine and Medicine Be Thy Food.”

List of Top Health Points from Hippocrates Health Institute – look no further for a better summary of healthy advice!

guga Heh, sounds a bit like a cheesy line, but heck with it, it just truly summarize what I am just about to post here.

I am came across videos from Hippocrates Health Institute a long time ago and have been a fan of many interviews on health released by them with its Co-Director dr Brian Clement ever since. Hippocrates Health Institute has been  leading the field of Natural & Alternative Health Care for years. I really liked what this holistic institute stands for and that’s why I investigated it more in the past, so that these days I can highly recommend therapies and approach to healing they offer.  The goal of the Institute is to assist people in taking responsibility for their lives and to help them internalize and actualize an existence free from premature aging, disease and needless pain. And they seem to live up to what they stand for. They offer  non-invasive remedial and youth-enhancing therapies, state of the art spa services, inspiring talks on life principles and a tantalizing daily buffet of enzyme-rich, organic meals. “Good health is our most prized possession, generating a positive mindset of confidence, enthusiasm, strength and joyfulness that can trigger a life of optimum achievement. Such vibrant health does not thrive by luck or by chance. Like all things of great value, it must be tended and nurtured with care.”

I researched and learnt from many, many talks over the last few years with dr Brian Clement – from Hippocrates Institute and must admit, that every time I watched a talk, it was so educationally rich in profound knowledge about regaining and rebuilding HEALTH, that probably any medical university could ever offer me similar. Sources like that became of extreme value to me. A girl always on the look out and striving for answers to maintaining and regaining health in order to be up to date with all possible solutions out there. This way I could with clear conscience keep on implementing them into giving advice to my clients, friends, family and those in need that found their way into my life. Knowledge here is complex. It delivers holistic approach to health through deep consideration of needs of Physical, Emotional and Psychological Body with emphasis not only on nutrition but also electro magnetic stress and being conscious of having an energetic body based, that carries different frequencies and responses like a mirror to frequencies that match yours. (Fascinating and one of my favourite subjects with quantum mechanics and physics as a main basic here).

There is an amazing set of 6 parts youtube video series summarizing over 45 years of dr Clement’s work in discussing point by point HEALTHY TIPS to follow. It’s a well presented list of LIFE CHANGING HEALTH TIPS delivered to you from an accredited source for FREE. You don’t need to watch it, as it’s a recorded interview, so just simply play it at the background while doing your own thing at home. You can go back to those amazing health advices whenever you need. Every time something else will submerse deep into your subconscious mind and one day can safe your life while undergoing those advices given. x

The spectrum of health tips presented here if truly broad and focuses not only on nutrition but reaches much further than that.

Just do yourself a favour and listen to at least 30 min of first video and decide whether you want to pursue. I can assure you that those interviews hold amazing healing potential for everybody struggling with any kind of dis-ease,  can help to reverse many ailments and act as a great precaution to getting sick in the first place.

It is truly sad, that in our culture people pay tremendous sums of money to health insurance companies and to doctors in search of a ”magical” pill that will help them cope with their symptoms. Note – Not reverse them fully. Cover them for a while until they come back with a vengeance. Rarely do they try to get to the root cause of the problem ( it is usually a mixture of many physical, emotional, spiritual, psychological, environmental and chemical factors that influence us on daily basis and need to be gugiaddressed in full.). Understand where does true health come from and how can you help yourself live a longer, healthier and happier life for FREE. Yes, health comes in free – with the right mindset and choices. Just by following some easy tips. Choose those tips that resonate with you and make sense to you. Leave those that don’t. Don’t be too crazy as well. Do what you can. Truth at the end, for each of us, is different and may be individualistically tailored. Most of the points mentioned by dr Clement though will probably make sense to pretty much most of us.  Tips concern every day life choices available to us now and guidance about avoidance of many misconceptions people think are true.


part 1

part 2

part 3

part 4

part 5

pat 6

If you find yourself to be in deep thirst for more knowledge from dr Clemens, just search for many other talks by him on youtube. I would suggest to start with those few interviews. They will nurture you for lifetime of health if taken seriously in most cases.:




The Truth, Science And Facts About Preventing Disease And Premature Aging (from The Real Truth about Health Conference):


Whatever you decide to follow from those tips, always act from the highest resonance of love approach. Whatever you leave out – do not create a fear based attitude that if you do not follow some tips or fail to avoid some of “bad habits” – you will get sick. Be rational. Don’t beat a drum over that. Get up and start again. Work on your mindset.

I truly believe that all medical students should be made to watch and listen to at least those videos I uploaded here. They are transformational in many ways to how people look at life and what they think is healthy.

Hope those videos will help some of you restore, remove and avoid many dis-eases.

Stay well and healthy  and vibrate from the highest frequency possible in your vortex x



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