Emotional Wake Up Call from Spiritual Catalyst./ in my tabs bubble.

tabs #what’s on my mind #briefly Funny how at the end of the day I look at my tabs open on my laptop and there are never less than 25 windows opened. At the moment the number shows 37. Combining research. On the constant look out for more. Addicted to knowledge and alternative sources of information, I am usually surrounded with dozens of windows and tabs, pdf files opened with documentary films, books, articles, news and newsletters from channels I am subscribed to, links I was weirdly lead to somehow and they turned out to be exactly what I needed to read, or gain insight about something that helped me with finding last piece of puzzle towards some issue I am working on … etcetera.

Decided to make a highlight of sharing a fairy new video with Teal Swan – The Spiritual Catalyst, whom I mentioned before in my blog post on “Spiritual Teachers are better that Psychotherapists”. The subject of the video is “Emotional Wake Up Call” and it’s neatly presented and synthesised in short video, coz the subject is vast! Think the video might help many people out there if understood well. Teal starts with words:

“In order to life a healthy life…you have to have a healthy life on a level of Body, Mind and Soul. These pillars have long been considered as pillars of healthy, long and complete life. But what is I were to tell you, that we got it all wrong……When we think of the soul, we think of the etheric or intangible energy (…). In truth our Soul aspect is innately healthy. It can not be in an unhealthy state. Soul, which is pre-manifested energy – creates feelings and creates mind and creates body. Al 3 levels of a person are in fact comprised of SOUL. A body is a Soul projecting itself physically. A mind is a Soul projecting itself mentally. Feeling is a Soul consciously perceiving. (…) Emotion is the language of the Soul” (…). It gets only better further into the talk …

To name a few other tabs from my late evening tabs bubble open on my computer. Maybe you’ll also find something interesting here 😉 :

  1. reading an article from Spirit Science on how to become psychic 
  2. learning about Pant Medicines A-Z from one of the best websites on the matter run by Chris Kilham from MedicineHunter.com.
  3. reading about Ken Wilber’s Integral Vision – Supportive Evidence from Clinical Consciousness Research by Stanislav Grof, M.D. Read about Ken Wilber here if interested more.
  4. reading an article from on “Nothing is Solid – this is the world of quantum physics”
  5. listened to ne of my favourite Spiritual Teacher Franco DeNicola on “Unified Soul with Great Metaphysical Wisdom” – great interview – I relistened today. Listened to it couple of times in the past. (will write a post on Franco DeNicola later)
  6. Spirit Science youtube video combining 1-15 educational series in over 4h video. 
  7. article on “Working with Chakras” from The Spirit Science
  8. read a no 6 issue of magazine by amazing wild guy 😉 Daniel Vitalis on “Chemical Ecology – ReWild Yourself!”  Learn more and get familiar with Daniel Vitalis on www.danielvitalis.com
  9. watched an interview with dr Sarah Gottfried on Good Life Project. Btw – Good Life Project initiative by Jonathan Fields rocks. Worth checking all uploaded videos on his website here. (well, I went through all over the years). Good to subscribe to his newsletter as well, it is very short and not invasive in its style.
  10. read a 70 slides from New Earth Nation – Nicola Tesla Academy in Brazil 
  11. article from Global Freedom Movement on “Diary of DNA Potentiator”
  12. reading Mayan Messages from the blog I wrote about in my blog post here.
  13. interesting blog post from fellow blogger from Contentedness.net on the “Selfhood and the illusion of separation”
  14. listened to newly released talk by Matt Kahn on “Love is the Only Answer” (coz what else!? 😉 ). Read about Matt Kahn from True Divine Nature on my previous blog post here.
  15. Some books in Pdf form from Drunvalo Melchizedek and Lars Muhl. (will write about them one day).
  1. and some other readings open from my private secret sources on things most people would consider weird with a cherry plum on top with articles from Quantum field.
  2. Soon I will have 2 more tabs open or only 2 left after closing all others, for my before bed meditation :

Anyway, that’s my pure craziness that keeps me going somehow and loosing myself and finding myself in connecting the dots. I love my informational bubble as much as I love my “cut out all external informational stimuli” bubble and dive deep into the inner wisdom of the Soul while submersing myself in deep meditation. x

It may seem I’m a bit crazy and dualistic. Show me a nature that’s not dualistic. I embrace my complexed nature as much as simplicity of myself. I trained my divided attention ability. Saves much time.

What’s on your mind in the evening? What are your tabs spinning around in the informational bubble?

Blessings x




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