Profound messages channelled from angelic entity that gets invitation to speak even at United Nation gatherings. Kryon.

kr I spent a big part of today re-listening to some good channellings by Lee Carroll getting information from Kryon, angelic entity about which you can read more on the website here – I wrote about many other channellers of my favour in the past, like Abraham Hicks, Matt Kahn, Barbara Marciniak and  many spiritual teachers that tap into the Higher Consciousness, about whom I wrote on  my blog post here.

Time for Kryon now.

What you can gather from the website to get closer to the concept of Kryon:

The Kryon work is not a membership organization. There is nothing to join, and we do not ask for your email to enter this site or to visit any page. We are not a non-profit organization, so there is no page that will ever ask for donations.

The site is packed with information that is free to download, print out, and use for your own spiritual learning and growth. There are over 100 hours of free audio in many languages, transcribed channellings going back many years, and a very large question and answer forum featuring hundreds of questions. We also have many other features, including lots of free videos. We do not collect “cookies” that covertly record your visit here, so you are totally free to browse the many pages of this site without any technical information being gathered. You won’t receive an email from us unless you actually sign up for The Kryon Family bulletin, a single email per month, which includes Lee Carroll’s ever changing meeting schedule.

The Kryon work represents thirteen Kryon channelled books. These books represent over 200 physical separate Kryon publications, since these works are now published in 24 languages world-wide.” (…) For more information please go through a rich database on the website kryon

You don’t need to believe whether the messages delivered through lectures and talks by Lee Carroll are channelled or not. It s not important. If you are not in that place of openness to this possibility yet or never will be – that is perfectly fine. There is nothing wrong with the rational mind. Hope it won’t make you resistant though to listen to at least one video talk. Channelled or not, believe it or not, messages and words spoken here carry a pretty important potential – if realised and taken into deep understanding – it may deliver some profound Life and a Game changing shifts for many.

I wasn’t open to Kryon for a while. There was just something in the timbre of the voice of Carroll that I just couldn’t wrap my head around. Some channellers get to us straight away and easily, and some not. Kryon was definitely in the second group. I was approaching Kryon couple of times, as in the past I came across video talks that although delivered great messages, I just couldn’t stand the way Lee Carol talked and too pathetic and pompous, a bit overdone music at the background of those talks. I got through that though, and decided to focus only on the messages. I was driven by my curiosity ( well…what else? 😉 ) so never gave up on it. And I must say – I don’t regret. The messages are good when you drop the “noises” of music and the way they are spoken.

Kryon – it’s Time to See:

Kryon – Learn to Channell for Yourself:

Kryon – System Within Yourself:

Kryon – Perspective for Higher Transformation:

Kryon – Opening the Door:

Kryon – The Seven Cosmic Laws:

Kryon – The Universe Secret :

Kryon – Connecting to The Quantum Self:

Kryon – Working with the New Normal :

Kryon – The Future of Earth:

Kryon – Who Are You?

Kryon – Secret “Button” in Physics:

Kryon – What’s Coming:

There are literally hundreds of videos with channelled talks by Kryon on youtube. Put on your detective shoes  and researcher for yourself, and if those videos that I posted here are not enough and you feel hungry for more  – go for it 🙂 I like Kryon messages although he/it is not on my list to be listened to on daily basis like I’ve chosen others. But we are all different. Maybe Kryon would be actually the best choice for you. Maybe he/it will resonates on the higher vibrational string of open Consciousness particularly with You.

Blessings to small awakenings x



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