Mayan Messages – amazing Daily Guide to Self Empowerment – channelled wisdom words from outer space.

“You will find no doom and gloom prophecies here. You will only find hope, inspiration and encouragement.”

maya1 I wrote about channelling before (for ex. here ), and it’s not a secret that I love tapping into channelled information from others or my humble one Self. Once on a track of channelling, and having your focus and attention on the subject – I seem to stumble upon more and more of new sources of information from different channellers, delivering amazing channelled material (heh.. I know I overdose on the channelling word in this one simple sentence…there is something very appealing about it apparently… ;)). Through this way I found a blog a while ago and found quite uniquely amazing what the author – Theresa Crabtree of this blog does. Blog’s name is Mayan Messages – a Daily Guide to Self Empowerment, and as you may gather by now, it’s all about channelled wisdom words from Mayan Day Keepers, “who are part of the etheric group of Beings on the “Other Side” of the Veil. We (Mayan Keepers) are here to help humanity during this time of Transition on Earth”.

The Mayan Messages are a collection of 260 channelled messages from the Day Keepers of the Mayan Tzolkin calendar.

Throughout the year, the Mayan Messages offer solutions to life’s problems. They address various aspects of how each person is responsible for creating much of their life as a result of their thoughts, words, actions, emotions and where they focus their attention and intention. As one learns to release negative thoughts, fears and belief codes, the ability to create a life filled with joy, peace, happiness and abundance is manifested. What the Day Keepers have share is that each of the 260 days of the Tzolkin calendar has a vibration, each focusing on a unique aspect of the human psyche.

Each message is designed to encourage the reader to go within and look at various aspects of their “shadow” side, those things that we would label as “negative” such as anger, greed and fear. The purpose is to find the root cause of each and discover ways to release them.

The book, Mayan Messages: Daily Guide to Self-Empowerment, is based on the Mayan Tzolkin calendar, held sacred to the Maya for eons before incarnating on planet Earth. The Tzolkin calendar is a 260 day cycle, thus you will find 260 inspirational Messages within the book. Mayan Messages is a modern variation of how the Maya used this sacred calendar as a means of self-empowerment and to build tribal community.

By diligently working through 260 shadow aspects, the potential for spiritual growth has no bounds.

Each day, the Day Keepers offer encouragement, helping to connect the reader to his/her Higher Self for guidance.

On this blog, you will find 10 Messages on each page. To access, click on one of the pages, for example, “Days 1 – 10. At the top of the page, you will find the title of each Message. By scrolling down, you can read the Message of your choice. Each is designed to be easily copied onto your computer where you can save it, share it or print it.

You can enter the Mayan Messages Table of Content in here. Each day is about something else, brings message about diferent subjects like : Mind Body Spirit, New Beginnings, Breaking Habits, Nurturing Yourself, Human Evolution, Clutter Control, Infinite Abundance, DNA Activation, Purification, Changing Habits, Life Experiences, In Courage, Addictions, Choose Gurus Carefully and many more – until 260.

It is truly amazing that Theresa is making those words of wisdom available for free for anyone who happens to be open to those messages and finds his/her way to this blog. I would encourage politely though to go a step further and show your support by buying the copy of the Calendar in paperback or PDF form book. What goes around comes around. It’s important to support initiatives like that. Read a few messages for each day listed on the website Mayan Messages and if it seems right for you and activated something in you – go and buy it 🙂

I surely wanted to have a copy of my own. It’s great to have an actual material book for myself and keep going back and forth through all those beautiful and educational messages whenever I feel a need to do so. The book would also make an amazing present for a friend! ( I have no commission from sales of the book or whatsoever, don’t even know the author. I just sincerely think the book and the channelled messages could be of real help to many people struggling with confusion in today’s world. That’s pretty much  it to me recommending it.)

If you don’t buy the book – at least read chapters for free from the website. Going through them might be like a wonderful, therapeutic course or counselling from the comfort of your own home. Read more of similar sort of message on my blog post – Spiritual Teachers are better than psychotherapists.

Happy Mayan Messages readings!



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