Keep calm, open minded and carry on.

think for yourself

#what’s on my mind : Loved this phrase s much that I decided to share it here. It is exactly what I am trying to do here through my blog. Sharing my interests and sources of knowledge that developed me on my journey  without pushing anyone to follow this exact track as well. I can show what worked for me, show direction, present new opportunities and different angles of perceiving Reality. Take it or leave it. Find your own resonance symphony of what is true to You. If you find information on this blog helpful. Great. Glad I could help. If not. That’s totally fine. You will find your way eventually. There are so many resources out there. There is also a treasure of resources within you already. Everything I stumble upon and do research on – feels like releasing the same frequency that has been long dormant inside of me already. As if I started to remember some things that were in deep sleep inside of me. That’s why I share only what I find resonating with me, what opens me more to finding this ultimate truth inside of me. And sometimes it happens through external sources that help me remember, as I mentioned above. Pointing the way that gets me closer to the core of my search. And at the end it all leads to finding this gem inside of my Soul.




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