Words of wisdom for evening’s chill out. Mooji’s playlist.

#what’s on my mind

My ways of relaxation after a long day at work are probably considered weird by many people, whatever this “weird” is being defined as. Well… there’s usually Qi-gong or yoga practice, then making a nice supper in the kitchen, while listening to some kind of a talk or online lectures from ongoing summit plying in the background and then a big moment of CHOICE comes to the picture with all its glory 😉 Choice from hundreds of ideas of what to listen/read to. Lectures, talks, speeches on hundreds of topics of my interest like checking what’s new in the vortex of channelling some amazing information from higher consciousness by spiritual teachers, shamanism, health and wellness, neuroscience, quantum physics and quantum mechanics, black holes and galaxies, sustainability, documentary films on all subjects possible  from those links :

Mooji_biography or other, tuning to online alternative radio channels with mind blowing interviews, checking my subscribed channels from youtube, reading one or more simultaneously books hundreds of books on my shelf or computer disc, reading newsletters from important for me alternative Initiatives or reading new updates from Projects from all over the world that I follow and check on regularly (I wrote about just few of those amazing ones in my blog post here). Reading, reading, reading , listening, listening, listening, writing, writing, writing…escaping all social pressures and following my inner bliss, this unfed need to keep on discovering something new, learning, expanding horizons of knowledge and bending my own mind’s structures, finding link with my inner resonance of happiness and pure pleasure in relation to being in my “Research Wonderland” yet again. There is always an intuitive process about making that choice of what’s important for me to hear at any given time, I guess. Tonight I instinctively typed in youtube “Mooji in London”, as I felt I wanted to listen to some wisdom words spoken by a Mooji’s soft voice and what popped up was a combined playlist of 36 videos from previous Satsangs starting with “Everything happens in your head” talk. Yeap… sounded convincing enough to follow and unfold what this playlist had in its sleeve for me this time.

Video after video and video and I couldn’t help it but go through all of the uploads from the playlist. Just naturally. All of the talks delivered there on different topics ( like “You are the Awareness”,”True Religion”, “The Immaterial”, “Find Your Nirvana”, “The centre of everything”, “Enjoyment is natural”, “Is it possible to kill the mind” – and why would you attempt to do so..; and much more) in life and questions raised by the audience were met with profoundly enlightening answers from Mooji that will probably leave you all in a deep awe state repeating “feck, it’s sounds sooo True. I knew that deep inside, just needed to hear that spoken aloud this time”.

So, briefly – my evening’s chillout recommendation 😉 :

In the middle of the playlist, there was a talk, where Mooji was addressing a question from a boy on “Is it possible to kill the mind” and it reminded me a blog post I wrote on this matter literally a few days ago called : “Can’t quiet a constant chatter in your head? What about embracing and loving it? (…)”. It’s interesting how comparable are those answers with other spiritual teachers’ of my choice like Teal Swan or Matt Kahn when it comes to describing the same “problematic” issue. They all use different ways to talk about it, use different combination of words… yet at the end, the truth remains the same. The same message emerges out of those differently delivered talks, by allegedly different leaders. And here is, I guess, where the subject of channelling higher consciousness comes crawling back into the picture 😉

I may be wrong. I may be right. Watch, listen and decide what is your truth.

Happy Moojings x




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