Can I be honest with you? No, You can’t. Great speech on Honesty, Judgement and Denial.

#what’s on my mind : Short-cut to Spirituality? What about being Honest with yourself for a starter?

I am a strong believer in the power of words. There are many quotations that influenced me greatly and often helped to incorporate necessary changes in my life when I was growing up. Interesting, how few words in the right combination can hold a huge impact on a sensitive enough person, and bring upon profound change of direction in life. I pay attention to words. I always did. Sometimes I come across talks about different subjects which at first sight don’t seem as if they can deliver anything new to the table on the spoken matter…until you actually start listening carefully t it with all your senses. This was definitely the case when I tuned into randomly picked talk tom from youtube, by mystic and spiritual teacher Matt Kahn titled “The Grace of Honesty”. Talk resonated with me profoundly and I just had an unstoppable need to actually write it down, to get closer in a sense to the words, to feel their vibrations submersing into my veins’ secret pocket chambers, where I keep my collections of “Words of Wisdom” 😉 The talk about Honesty fits perfectly in one of those pockets. Because when you hear the choice of particular variation of words in a sentence like : Honesty is what unravels unconscious layers of judgement out of your energy field”, you just can’t help the feeling of something very real and true shining from it and you embrace the feeling of it coming back to home. Home, which in this case is your understanding of it and welcoming it back into your vortex. Hope the talk will make much sense to anybody out there as well:

“The reason there are experiences of sadness, pain, disappointment, shallowness, separation and duality…all these things, grief, jealousy, disharmony, apathy..; All of these are just various stages of experience that all come from One Source…and that is – your own, unconscious disapproval of yourself.

Even if you’ve had an experience of waking up out of the personal will and realising everything is God. You will still return to the form and experience of being a person, because your journey will not be complete until you approve of that, which you’ve been trained to deny.

The memo that doesn’t reach a lot of spiritual seekers is that, if you wake up and realise that it’s all God, then why would you come back in a form and disapproval of your body? Isn’t it God as well? Why would you speak so shallowly about the personal? Is that not God? Sometimes it is easy to feel like God when there is no person present. And there’s a person that comes back to teach you what is the ultimate teaching, which is…ok – what’s the real difference? And you only vacillate between the absence of personal will and being stuck n a personal go back and forth to ask yourself the question – what’s the difference? And the only difference are the judgements you impose onto yourself to maintain a battle of disapproval. That causes you to seek out other people or to judge yourself when you want to seek out other people and to maintain all the things you want spiritual path to free you from, which is only showing you how lost you are in a journey of approval which is as maintain as sense of disapproval.

And the whole journey of seeking the approval and disapproving of yourself, that whole connection – it is not an ego. A more relevant world to call it is denial. When you denial yourself the right to approve of yourself and require other people to give you what you withheld from yourself. Denial – when you walk around thinking there is world denying you only to the degree to which you have denied yourself.

And what allows you to wake up out of denial?

It’s Honesty. Honesty.

Something that everyone is usually scared of. Honesty. Why it is so? Because there are memories of times in your life when being honest lead to being disapproved of.

So let’s talk about what it means to be honest? Most of the time there is this very interesting gravitation towards being honest with other people, and when we look out to what we are being honest with them about, we’re being honest with how we view them. Which is nothing else than just sharing the judgements we have about others to the degree to which we remember being judged by others in our past. It’s like somebody comes up to you and says “Can I be honest?” Which is a very nice way of saying : “I have a collection of judgements that I would like to project onto you?” and “I’m wondering if you’re interested in?”

– Nope, not interested at all.

And here’s how you know it’s a judgement. Next time somebody ask you “can I be honest with you?”, say “no, thank you.” And then they gonna ask you again…”no no no no no, I really need to be honest with you…” and you reply : “You see, You asked and I said no, you can not be honest with me”.

You want to know why? Because the deepest truth is that … you in the beginning don’t need to be honest with anyone else. You will only be able to be honest with somebody else once you’ve been honest with yourself. So if somebody asks you- “can I be honest with you?”, You can reply : “You can be honest with yourself in my presence. But if what you want to say is about me it means you are not being honest with yourself.” Because the person being honest is the only subject of honesty. (…) Noone can be honest with you about you but you (and only you!). Coz otherwise it’s like saying – “I have these awesome collection of judgements, I’ve been waiting for somebody to see it and I’ve chosen you”. So…

– “Can I be honest with you?”

– “No, unless you will be honest with me about you.” (…

Honesty has nothing to do with other people, unless you’re being honest about how you feel, based on what you think other people have done. So the only thing that has to do with other people is what you feel. You can not be honest with them about them. Only they can. (…)

Being honest has to do with you admitting what is true to you about your experience. 

Why is honesty so powerful? Honesty is what unravels unconscious layers of judgement out of your energy field. The only thing that causes any energetic debris to stick to your energy field, and whatever is in your energy field that attracts experiences to reveal what’s there is… judgement. And what releases the judgement out of energy field that allows you to align with your Higher Self and have a relationship with this form – which is the Oneness of God knowing itself, is honesty.

The capability of being honest is simply the willingness to accept what has occurred, which includes all of your feelings and thoughts about it. So acceptance is the capability of honesty.(…)

Acceptance is the reality of forgiveness and forgiveness is the relief of honesty. Be honest with yourself and be free of judgement. And when you are freed of judgement, the realisation of the Devine and Life being One will be obvious.(…)” – Matt Kahn

To view this talk by Matt Kahn go here:

With all do respect and honesty 😉




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