The most inspirational 4 min video to wake up and start living your Big Dreams. Make impossible possible.

#what’s on my mind today for anybody out there battling depression or feeling of unworthy…

chase Thought I’d share this amazing 4 min dose of pure inspiration to LIFE itself as a good start of the week 🙂 I came across Nick Vujicic a good few years ago and got really struck – awe inspired by his story and books. There are many motivational speakers out there who can talk for hours and still nothing changes in their audience approach to life after the speech is over. Nothing shifts. Well it is definitely not the case with Nick Vojicic from Life Without Limbs. I really think, that just listening to his short 4 min motivational video here can actually CHANGE the way people think about their lives and help them with taking a little (yet giant) quantum leap forward in realising and awakening their true potential inside. May sound cheesy at first… but, well, it’s NOT. 

There are so many people these days, who think so low of themselves, they do not approve of themselves on a conscious or a subconscious level and are being run by the feelings of undefinable sadness, grief, anxiety, unworthiness, grudge, depression, lack of self esteem and confidence and more. Well, guys…enough is enough! Think it would be just wonderful if we could all – collectively realise our TRUE potential, switch a bulb in our heads with full “Power on” sign and simply tapped into our nature of abundance. Sometimes obstacle = opportunity. Never give up.

Believe in Yourself and in making “Impossible” Possible. Dream Big. Cherish Life and what you have, and just wait what’s going to come out of the magician hat to match that vibrations of happiness and abundance that you learn to shine with from within.

There’s really no point for me describing the talks in detail or pushing anybody into anything here … I just want you to spend these 4 min of your time to watch this video and see if you will be the same again afterwards and if a part of yourself Gets Inspired :


There are no boundaries in life. Only the illusionary that we put upon ourselves. Time to move horizon and live without limits…

With encouragement and love,




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