Can’t quiet your mind and constant chatter in your head? What about embracing and loving it? Ways to do so.

mind-chatter Can’t quiet your mind and stop the chatter of thoughts? 

So many people looking for spiritual development, truth, through inside work and rising their vibrational scale on the way to…let’s call it enlightenment ( (whatever it means for each of us 😉 ) have problems with this path because of mistaken notion, that if they can’t disconnect from the chatter of the mind, they won’t be able to achieve peace. Yet fighting and trying to escape the mind seems not to be an answer here. Trying to escape it will only enlarge the storm of agitation inside entire body. Why run away from our thoughts and mind? After all it’s a part of us. We can’t pretend it’s not there. We need to find the way to make peace with it. Yet mind is often tried to be left outside the door to the chamber of Spirituality. The problem is this chamber will not survive for long, as separation from such an important piece of ourselves is nothing else that a trojan horse, smoothly implemented into the main artery of so called Spirituality. There is no spirituality when there is separateness. You try to separate yourself from the mind, you separate yourself from the Divine. You can’t stay away from the mind in order to be spiritual. It’s simply not possible to deny your mind’s needs and not invite it into your “spiritual party” if you want to become peaceful.

“We can not become whole if we don’t live with the accordance of Oneness.” says Teal.

“Find ways you can include your mind in the spiritual progression. Trust your mind to let you know what it needs. Have you ever consider what it needs in order to actually become calm? Stop making an enemy of the mind in the spiritual practice. Integration needs to happen on the level of the mind as well as on all the levels of ourselves, and we can’t do that if we are trying to distance ourselves from the mind or disidentify with our mind. See and treat your mind like an ally and use it to benefit your spiritual progression. Work with your mind instead of against it.”

For those of you having hard time calming your mind during meditation process and being disappointed with yourself as a result, because you think you need to quiet your mind, fight it and get rid of it in order to move with the spiritual process of meditation, please watch this video by Teal Swan – The Spiritual Catalyst on this particular matter. One of the best spiritual message on the subject of mind vs spirituality I’ve heard in a long time:

“Welcome to the practice of spirituality. For thousands of years, it was believed that to get to the spiritual level of reality, the hallmark of which was the soul, you had to separate yourself from your body, separate yourself from your emotions and separate yourself from your mind. We missed the truth that was right in front of our noses. The truth is, there is nothing but the spiritual level of reality. There is nothing but soul. The spirit or soul manifests itself in the form of thoughts, it manifests itself in the form of emotions and it manifests itself as body. Therefore, the more in touch we become with our mind, emotions and body, the deeper we penetrate the spiritual. In this episode, Teal seeks to help us release resistance to our own minds and integrate the mind into our spiritual practice.(…)”

For more tune into Teal Swan’s 20 min video here:

There is a brilliant quotation by Mooji on the nature of the mind while in search of the Truth in oneself:

The emptiness I speak about is not the emptiness of the mind imagines.
It is not blank.
Your body can continue expressing in a natural way.
Intelligence is there. Emotions can come.
Everything can play, but inside there is total serenity and peace.
No planning, no strategising, no personal identity is there.
Just the space of pure being.
It is what we are, but we dream and believe we are not.

~ Mooji

Funny, how in the past I also thought that mindfulness and becoming more aware and spiritual equals getting rid of my mind. It wasn’t an easy task for somebody whose mind has constantly hundreds of “tabs” open almost all the time. I followed some deceptive messages and focused on forcing all of my mind’s tabs to close at once although it never felt right to do so. Shush and Shut down my thoughts because I was about to enter meditative state or working on my “awakenings” was one of the worst thing I could do to myself in the process. Nothing good can come out of it and nothing did. There is nothing wrong with the chatter in the mind and constant thinking. We just need to focus on “clothing” these thoughts in warm, colourful textiles. Only after integrating my rivers of thoughts, BEFRIENDING my mind and nurturing its needs as well as embracing it and cherishing like you would a little child, was the only answer to make it work with me and not against me in pursuing the Truth within.

Additionally,  video on being the observer of the mind and its content as a Seer. You have a mind. You are not the mind itself. You are pure Awareness:

Happy Enlightenments!



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