Blow your mind with finding the link between our Inner Worlds and Outer Worlds. MUST see 4 parts short movie project.

Inner_Worlds_Outer_Worlds_Film_Poster Over the last few years I watched literally hundreds, if not thousands of documentary movies that shaped me in all ways possible. One of the documentary project I came across around 2 years ago (when it was just released) was 4 parts movie called Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds  and it made a huge impact on my perception of the reality. Actually it brought nothing new from what I knew deep inside, yet helped me systematize my confused notion of what’s actually going on in the world. What’s going on just in front of our noses, to what we pay no attention to, due to our “busy” lives. I absolutely fell in love with those phenomenal short films and would recommend them to anyone searching for answers and questioning simple and rather shallow, black and white projection of what’s being formally adopted to be true. I can assure you that those films will help you understand the true nature of our mysterious, beautiful and fascinating reality of the world that we are all a part of. So, it is well worth stopping, taking a deep breath and helping ourselves SEE the Truth, be open to the Truth and shifting consciousness to the point that will help with realising the knowledge that has been hidden from us all in a way.

“Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds is a documentary film created by Canadian film maker and meditation teacher Daniel Schmidt. The film examines various aspects of life, the universe, spirituality and the natural unseen links between them. The film was released in 2012 and juxtaposes ancient teachings alongside modern scientific findings, drawing conclusions about certain aspects of the universe and the vibratory field.

Worlds Outer Worlds could be described as a reflection on his own experiences with meditation. Schmidt’s own inner investigation and his ongoing research led him to realize that his experiences and spiritual traditions from around the world have common similarities. This allowed him to realize that there is one common source which is at the root of all traditions.

The film examines the vibratory field that connects all things. The vibratory field has been given a variety of names over the ages, including, Akasha, Logos the primordial OM, the music of the spheres the Higgs field, dark energy to name a few.

The field is said to be the root of all spiritual experience and all scientific investigation. It is the energy that Buddhas, Saints, Yogis and other spiritual individuals have observed within themselves. Many of the great thinkers in history such as Pythagoras, Johannes Kepler, Leonardo DaVinci, Nikola Tesla, and Albert Einstein have studied and observed the field, as they moved closer to the great mystery of our existence.” (from official information on the project from Wiki)

The film is broken down into 4 parts.

Part 1  “Akasha” – explores the one source that extends through all things.

Part 2 “The Spiral” – explores the logarithmic spiral pattern that extends all the way from our DNA to the spiral arms of galaxies.

Part 3 “The Serpent and the Lotus” – examines the ancient symbols that reflect the awakening of human potential.

Part 4 “Beyond Thinking” – conveys a new paradigm for humanity to move beyond ego-based thought.

The film was released for free online, yet I’d strongly advice donating to the project on its official website –

1. Akasha

2. The Spiral

3. The Serpent and the Lotus

4. Beyond Thinking

To understand more about The Akasha and Akashic Records, I chose to post here two follow up interviews that will help you wrap your head around this concept a bit better:

1. Interview with amazing prof Ervin Laszlo on Akasha memory ( from Juice Living Tours – by Lilou Mace )

2. Advices on reading akashic records and how to access them with Ernesto Ortiz part 1

part 2:

If you are more interested in the Akashic Records, Akasha, Zero Point Field – I would recommend to follow Prof Ervin Laszlo’s work, read his books ( like “Science and the Akashic Field”, “Quantum Shift in the Global Brain”, “The Akashic Experience”, “Dawn of the Akashic Age. New Consciousness, Quantum Resonance and the Future of The World” and more..) and watch any interviews with him you can put your hands on, like :

Self Actualizing Cosmos – Ervin Laszlo:

Also if you find those movies of service to the awakening process we are all a part of as the vibrational frequency of Collective Consciousness shifts, You will without doubt, be also interested in one of my favourite docs out there on the nature of reality – Kymatica.

“KYMATICA: Evolution is a term to define only one organism and that’s the self. The self is the universe, the self is the alpha and omega, god, and infinity, and that’s the only thing that evolves because we are all part of the self. Nothing goes through an evolutionary process alone or without direct benefit to the whole. So when you begin to think that there’s this controlling elite, this controlling hand behind the curtains leading the planet to destruction.

When you think the end is near, the apocalypse, Armageddon, and when you think we as a species are doomed, it is not they, it is you that brought this about, and for a very good reason. You are evolving. Stop blaming everybody and everything else. Quit panicking about global tyranny and natural disaster and pay attention, because the world is telling you something; it’s tell you exactly what is wrong with you and how to fix it.”

Welcome to Kymatica:

I’d better end now, as the post was supposed to be only about The Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds Project. As usual though, my brain keeps spinning in its infinite sequence, connecting the dots and connecting new neurons to bring upon new names and new films, books, projects that I know of from my previous research that relate to the topic I mention in this post. To stop confusion and avoid discouragement with too many recommendations and links, I’ll leave you to what I offered above for now 🙂

More in little steps in the future posts.

For now, I hope these movies will keep you hungry for more knowledge and awake the urge to understand more than reality seems to reveal at first sight.

Stay Interconnected!

With Love from Akashic Field 😉



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