The Effects of Emotional Experiences on Physical Body. “Feel Good” book.

#whatsonmymind  I was tuning lately to talks from Anxiety Summit and one of the speaker was dr Ameet Aggarval, a Canadian licensed Naturopathic Doctor, psychotherapist (gestalt and EMDR), coach, family constellations, systems theory and Bowen therapist with years of experience working with individuals and organizations. He treats emotional and physical issues,including chronic pain, digestive issues, asthma, eczema, hormonal issues, infertility, anxiety, depression, relationship issues, stress and trauma.(…).

During the Summit he was talking on the subject of “The hidden master organ: Why treating your liver is fundamental to anxiety and depression” and covered vast amounts of topics from  concentrating not only on nutritional point of view in restoring liver function, the importance of physical detoxifying of liver but also on the importance of organic psychotherapy, family constellations, treating and releasing emotional burden, de-stressing, meditation, and mindfulness. And it was the moment I got really interested, as it is a field that has been resonating with my interests for years. I listened to hundreds of talks and many radio interviews from different summits in the past and usually pick few of my absolute favourite speakers, whose approach to healing and seeing the world resonates with me deeply on the intuitive level. And when I find my gut feeling saying the person is truly sincere I end up researching all materials out there on this person, that I can place my hands on. It was exactly the case with dr Ameet. I started to read his book called “Feel Good. Easy steps to health and happiness” and thought it’s packed with some great, scientific based and yet – easily absorbable and digestible information, that I found worth spreading and tapping into. I found the book worth buying and reading.

“Your brain chemistry depends on certain vitamins and minerals, and is also affected by imbalances in different organs in your body. By treating your brain and body chemistry while resolving emotions, you have a better chance of full recovery. Your body might be deficient in certain minerals and vitamins or some of your organs might be imbalanced, so we look at a combination of these factors to determine the best holistic approach for you without suppressing symptoms.”

I will share here an extremely interesting excerpt from the book, part of the chapter on correlation between emotional state and physical manifestations. Mind-Body connection. 

The Effects of Emotional Experiences – “Feel Good” Dr Ammet Aggarval ameet

All emotional experiences begin a physiological process in your body. For every act,
emotion, and expression of love, self-love, self-forgiveness, and forgiveness toward
another, your body reengages toward another physiological process, closer to its original process, its healthiest process.

Emotional and traumatic events have a long-term impact on our health, be it a
relationship breakup, parents fighting, divorces, a significant loss, financial difficulties,
death of a loved one, or some other factor. Biologically speaking, your brain has the
ability to create new neural connections based on what you experience. This ability is
what doctors call neuroplasticity. Significant events alter the neural pathways in our
brain, causing new nerve connections to be formed in order to cope with the stress and to
anticipate similar events that may occur in the future. These new neural connections alter
your perception of the world and of yourself so that things do not appear the same as
they used to be when you were vibrant and happy. These new neural pathways also alter
the entire physiology of your body, causing organs to function differently and causing
chemicals, enzymes, and hormones to be made in different amounts, both of which
directly affect your health and hinder your ability to recover emotionally.

Sometimes you might not even be aware that a particular emotional event has such a
profound effect on you. If left unresolved or tucked away hidden under a stone in the
back of your mind, the effects of these experiences continue to affect your mind and your
body consciously, subconsciously, or unconsciously. This creates what I call emotional
holding patterns, or EHPs, where your mind and body remain affected and continue to
respond to emotional experiences as if they were still occurring, even though they might
have finished. I believe that when the emotions surrounding your experience are too large
for your mind to cope with, or if the EHPs go on for too long, a part of your mind shuts
down by going into depression in order to conserve energy for expected experiences.
Depression is also partly due to a lack of trust in your environment based on previous
stressful experiences and is also a state of exhaustion your body reaches when it can no
longer cope with stress.
The chronic stress from EHPs taxes your stress-adapting organs such as your adrenal
glands and thyroid glands. Overstressed and under-functioning adrenal glands are a
leading cause of chronic anxiety, depression, and other health problems. You need to
resolve or discharge EHPs in order to correct the altered neural pathways created in your  brain, stop their negative effect on your body, and to give your brain a rest, rather than let it remain stressed from past events.

Resolving stress and EHPs is also important because  aa
physically stressed organs in your body use up many more nutrients and produce more
toxins than in a calm and relaxed body. When nutrients begin to run out in your body,
your brain and other organs no longer have enough neurotransmitters and hormones to
keep you happy and healthy.

Negative events from your past hinder your authentic expression and alter the way you
interact with others. As you continue to live your life in a compensated way, you
perpetuate the negative feelings you carry with you. Emotional healing is an opportunity
to awaken the healthier and happier self within you and interact with others and with the
world in a more positive way that inevitably gives you more positive experiences. As you
recover emotionally from past events, you will begin to feel more confident and open in
your life. With better health, you can gift yourself a more empowered and positive life.

The book can be bought on amazon  here and you can read about detailed content of chapters there as well.

What is being promised to get out of the book, delivers it as stated :

“Part 1

Introduces different factors which affect your emotions. You’ll learn how physical
factors affect your emotional experiences. You will be shown how stressful experiences have a long term impact on emotional wellbeing and I give you powerful mental techniques to  heal from stress and painful emotional experiences. You’ll find out how to resolve turbulent emotions, change negative thoughts and beliefs, rewire your brain and develop
more positive thoughts and habits to become more emotionally resilient and remain well for longer.

Part 2

Teaches you how your body affects your mind. I go into detail about your brain
chemicals and how organs other than your brain play a key role in emotional well-being.
This is something which doctors usually don’t discuss or treat. You learn how diet,
lifestyle and environmental toxins affect your body and mind, rendering you prone to
recurrent bouts of emotional instability. You will learn to create balance throughout your
body and heal the root cause of your emotional ill health using herbs, diet, lifestyle
changes, yoga, breathing techniques and other powerful therapies. These therapies
reduce the likelihood of you relapsing into emotional un-wellness. They reinforce your
mental strength, build emotional resilience and help you remain healthy. You can read
Part 2 before Part 1 or interchange between the two parts because it is vital to heal your
mind and your body concurrently.

Part 3

Discusses how energy affects your mind and your body and why energetic healing,
counseling and psychotherapy can be so important to your long term wellbeing. You will
also understand how to use different homeopathic remedies, Bach flower remedies,
nutritional supplements, acupuncture points and herbal remedies so that you can treat the
root cause of your issues and remain healthy.”

For more info on dr Ameet and his work ( in Canada and charities in Africa), his clinics as well as healing retreats you can read on the website

Just a brief share. Thought the information is worth sharing. You don’t need to buy the book. You don’t need to read it all.  Maybe you will get what you needed to know from this short excerpt from Emotional Healing content from the book that I shared. Maybe something will rise up and awake in you. Maybe You will understand something that didn’t bring your attention previously. Maybe not. Hopefully something will move and resonate with you.

Be aware of your emotions. They have particular vibrations. Vibrations attract matching vibrations. Stay vibrationally tuned to your highest potential. Be open to Love and live from the space of pure, unconditional Love. All good will come your way. The subject is definitely worth exploring more. I did learn a LOT on this matter during last few years.

I will certainly write more on the power of connection between Mind Body Spirit, Emotional Codes and Healing emotional wounds ( will recommend some great and well researched books from my shelf on these matters), as well as up to date science on rewiring our brain in order to change you life and reality ( Epigenetics, Neuroscience, Neuroplasticity ).

For now…stay healthy and seek your individual truth through healing emotional wounds.



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