Trust Yourself and Reject Authority – The ultimate truth on regaining dignity of human race.

#whatsonmymind series – briefly – what’s important.

mckenna I’ve been a fan of talks by Terrence McKenna for years. He was an American philosopher, psychonaut, ethnobotanist, lecturer, and author. He spoke and wrote about a variety of subjects, including psychedelic drugs, plant-based entheogens,, shamanism, metaphysics, alchemy, language, culture, technology, and the theoretical origins of human consciousness. I’ve listened to literally hundreds of McKenna’s talks in the past and can never have enough to randomly tune into his minds’ well full of words of wisdom. I read pretty much everything by McKenna with “Foods of the Gods” as the leading title. Today I tuned into several hours of listening to his speeches from amazing youtube channel featuring and gathering best talks – McKenna Countr Culture, that I highly recommend. One of the talks I stumbled upon, not for the first time, was an amazing talk on the importance of TRUSTING YOURSELF AND YOUR INTUITION, RECLAIMING YOUR MIND and WALKING AWAY FROM INSTITUTIONALIZATION that is making SLAVES out of all of us. SLAVES to IDEOLOGIES, to the OBSOLETE SYSTEM, which does not serve HUMANITY at all. I decided to write it down wile listening. Thought it’s important. It’s funny how a talk delivered about 20 years ago fits perfectly into today’s reality and if taken seriously this time, it could actually bring some significant changeand help a bit in awakening to our true powers and assisting already shifting Global Consciousness…


“(…) You can’t believe you will understand Los Angeles if you have the telephone directory. I mean this is the level of genetics today. They say they understand life and they have the telephone directory and they are talking about LA coz they can look up where the genes are, the coding for the proteins, but does this tell us anything about the broken heart, or a Messiah or Hitler? I don’t think so.

So what we are trying to do is to return the focus of attention to individual experience. We have been slaves too long to ideology, transmitted hierarchically and based on tremendously alienating instrumentality. That’s what science depends on now, a tremendously alienating instrumentality. But what we need to do, is to empower experience. We empower our experience by insisting on our authenticity. It’s a wonderful thing to learn to be able to stand up and yell “BULLSHIT”!

Nobody is talking about the primacy of the experience and the dignity of the individual. Dignity of an individual – we went a long way with this in America before we betrayed it. And it wasn’t only betrayed by the clowns in Washington. It’s also betrayed by anybody who clusters themselves around some sort of self proclaimed Guru Ideology. Because the fact of the matter is that NOBODY KNOWS WHAT’S GOING ON. Nobody has the smallest idea. The best guesses are lies. And so to pretend that one human being will lead another out of the dark night of ignorance and into the shining light of Truth is ludicrous. Absolutely grotesque. A product of this empowering of the human image that has gone on through several thousand years of dominated culture.  If You want a teacher, try a waterfall, a mushroom or a mountain wilderness or a forest, or a sea shore… This is where the action is. It’s not back in the hive, it’s not knocking your head against the floor in front of somebody who claim they have known the absolute truth and you should give your credence to them. Knowledge is provisional. ego

And we are YET to approach even the first moment of civilized understanding.  The way it’s to be done is by TRUSTING YOURSELF. TRUSTING YOUR INTUITION. REJECT AUTHORITY. Authority is a lie and it will lead you to a ruin. It’s NOT real. And don’t get the idea that it’s this liberal wrap about how everybody has a piece of the action. You know, the Jews know something, the Buddhists know something, the Christians know something. Nonsense. Rubbish.

Nobody knows anything. These are different kinds of shell game that have been worked out by priestly casts of people to keep things under control. Institutions seek to maximise control, control, control! Institutions are not in a business of enlightening you nor saving your soul. Forget it. Control is what this is all about. And to the degree that we commit ourselves  to ideology, we are poisoned. And any ideology. Marxism, Catholicism, Objectivism, you name it – rubbish. All rubbish. What is real is experience. What is real is this moment. And so then what it becomes about is what are the frontiers of experience. How much of that has been taken away from us by these dominators, by these priests, by this cults, by this philosophical shell games… well –a lot. That’s the whole story of history. Our growing unease, diseased. It’s all because we are kept from the well spring of experience. We are repressed. Not complying and thinking for yourself is a danger to those in power. This completion of an individual is extremely destructive to the plan of the dominators, which is that you will be a machine, who participate in the life of an organisation. Not your life. The life of an organisation. You will go to some bullshit job, you will pour the best years of your life, your genius, and your hopes into this. You will serve an institution. You will serve.

Well…it’s a bad idea for free people to go along with this.

A much better idea would be to INSIST ON THE DIGNITY OF ALL HUMAN BEINGS. To recognize that the freeing of slaves, the giving of the vote to women, the ending of public whipping, that this programme of political enlightenment must also then include hands off on how people want to relate to changing their minds. We are not interested in being sexually regulated by the state and we are not interested in being intellectually, spiritually and emotionally manipulated by the state. The state should stand down in this issue. The state is acting as an enforcing arm of the dominator culture. People need to claim the authenticity of their own minds.

What the archaic revival is going to have to mean is an re-empowering of an individual and the consequent lowering of the profile of institutions. Especially governments. We need to think about these things.

Because we have blindly bought into the idea that we have to serve, behave and be enslaved, else chaos will engulf the world. We need to carry out our analysis of the situation to the point where we can embrace chaos and see that chaos is the environment in which we all thrive.

You think I could have (I=Terence McKenna) get away with this during the Soviet Union? I don’t think so. I require a society on the brink of social break down to be able to do my work, and I think a society on the brink of social break down is the healthiest situation for individuals 😉 I don’t know how many of you have ever had the privilege of being in a society in a prerevolusionary situation. But the cafes stay open al night and there is music on the streets and you can actually breathe it. You can feel it. And you know what is happening. Dominator is being pushed. It never succeeds. It never is able to claim itself.


But on the other hand history is young. We may have a crack at this. A Global Society is coming into being. A Global Society may have information not intended to be ours. But which is ours through the invention and distribution of computers, the printing press ;. Information is power. We have to cease the opportunity. If we continue as we have, then we are doomed. And the judgement of some higher power on that will be – that they didn’t even struggle. They went to their boxes, suitcases and they didn’t even struggle. This is too nightmarish to even contemplate. We are talking here about the fate f the whole planet.

Why are people so polite? Why are they so patient? Why are they so forgiving of gangsterism and betrayal? It’s very difficult to understand. I believe this is because the dominator culture is increasingly more and more sophisticated in its perfection of subliminal mechanisms of control.  People need to stand up on their two legs and howl! And it is not done through organising, through vanguard parties, organised meetings of intellectual elite…;

It is done by just walking away from all social constructs and constraints.

Claiming your Identity.

Claiming your Vision.

Claiming your Being.

And then acting from that – without regret.”


I am up for that change and standing up. Are You ?

#join the rEVOLution

I wrote a separate blog post on existing Projects and Movements that have the capability to deliver this CHANGE NOW. All is needed from us is to support those initiatives and walk away from the old, destructive social structures and move forward to something better. Much better.

With Love,




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