4 I was listening to some talks today by Matt Kahn, American contemporary spiritual teacher and mystic, about whom I wrote an entire blog post here and loved some parts of his talk on “Freedom from Adversity” so much, that I decided I just needed to write it down and release into the online, Universal bloodstream – with Love Vibrations. It’s long but worth reading – It’s about LOVE REVOLUTION and the lost need and ability to love ourselves and following our heart’s guidance first, before we blindly follow any spiritual teachers out there. Spiritual teachers have all their place and time…but what comes first is knowing the Spirit of our own Heart.

It’s a powerful speech and it resonated with me deeply. Definitely worth a read :

“We all need LOVE. LOVE REVOLUTION is the New Spirituality of the 5th Dimensional Earth Plane. SPIRITUALITY is the LOVE REVOLUTION. Awaken the Love in your Heart. LOVE yourself the way nobody loved you. Transform the fabric of reality for the wellbeing of all. One I love you at a time. Loving yourself is the celebration of accepting what is at all times. And when you try to accept what is in the absence of loving yourself, it’s more monotonous spiritual busy work. And the worst thing that could happen is that you think you did it right and that you have something to share with other people, who only need your love. There is nothing wrong with spiritual teachings, they all have their time and place. The problem is how we apply them. The problem is how we interpret them.THERE IS ONLY ONE PRIMARY SPIRITUAL TEACHING YOU COULD TAKE WITH YOU EVERYWHERE …  – I LOVE YOU. The measurement of an awake being is not how many realisations they have had and how many insights they have gathered, how less of themselves is present, which is all fine. But in the end, the benchmark of an awake being is HOW FREELY THEIR LOVE IS OFFERED TO THEMSELVES and HOW FREELY THEIR LOVE TRANSFORMS THE WORLD AROUND THEM. Your inner world does not fit the outer yet? Well..You should love that heart of yours. And the more you love that heart, the more you send blessings to the world, and tell the world, and give the world something much more redeemable. You want the world to act loving towards you and other people? Then love yourself.Cause when you love your own heart, all the awakenings, all the realisations, all the activations, all the this and thats, enlightenments and even the stages beyond enlightenments come to you without requiring to chase after it.Your job is to surrender Your will, by loving your heart, by making choices that feel good to your body; And in loving your heart and in engaging in practice of self care…you tell the Universe that you are ready for the activations, awakenings, healings, transformations that life will do for you. And your only job is to LOVE what arises.

what if

The journey of loving what arises goes through all stages of consciousness. If we wish to be free from adversity we must surrender to LOVE and talk to ourselves and talk to each other like we would to hurt, vulnerable, little children. In the most honourable and beautiful way. An enlightened being isn’t trying to get someone to their side of the fence. An enlightened being goes to someone else’s side of the fence and just is the most peaceful, relaxed, loving expression of themselves on their side of the fence. So if your reality doesn’t feel worthy of love, I will travel to your side of the fence to LOVE you unconditionally and be the most peaceful and loving expression until you realise that your side of the fence isn’t so bad at all. And what you’ll realise is that your side of the fence, is also my side of the fence. It’s just the matter of if you’re willing to join me in LOVING you the way I ALREADY AM.”

– Matt Kahn

Hope You enjoyed that,

With Love and Kindness,




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