#what’s on my mind – in my daily “soup” of links, videos, books, articles. In my Research Wonderland.

#What’s on my mind.

I start a small series called What’s on my mind. These will be brief blog posts with links that were the highlight of my day. No extensive comments, mostly just passing forward the links that I consider important in the quest of developing oneself. I tend to jump between many articles, research papers, notes, books and watch many videos daily while following my research and often being intuitively guided towards different topics. This way I am lead into finding some amazing information by following my natural curiosity. I usually have at least 25-35 tabs/new windows open on my computer and go through them all connecting the dots of information I come across. It may seem crazy but it’s my reality and I operate between those links quite smoothly. I often listen to new uploads of channels I am subscribed to and which I mostly listed in the Links/People/Knowledge is Power page section on my blog,  follow some online workshops and trainings, summits, read newsletters from chosen subscription to websites on matters from health to quantum physics, energetics etc.

Some recommendations from today 16/10/14 :

I covered topic of New Earth Project founded by Sacha Stone before and you can read about the Project he founded in my previous blog post connected to listing present projects that could change the world and save humanity if taken seriously. I watched most of the interviews with Sacha out there, today I tuned into a newly released one that delivers powerful words from Stone that root deeply into the brain and shows you how easily we could change the reality we don’t like – by collectively refusing to obey the obsolete system and structures. He describes The Humanitad project and New Earth Nation project as well – for those who are not too familiar with.

    • Studying and going through Dr Korotkov website yet again, reading about bioenergy, biophysics, genetics and more in his papers- korotkov.org/category/bioenergy. Why studying dr Korotkov work? This should pretty much deliver a satysfying answer:

    “He has published over 200 papers in leading journals on physics and biology, and he holds 17 patents on biophysics inventions. Prof. Korotkov has led a research career for over 30 years, combining rigorous scientific method with an insatiable curiosity about things of the spirit and the soul with deep respect for all life.He has given lectures, seminars and training sessions in 43 countries, presenting papers and workshops at more than 100 national and international conferences.

    His scientific line, known as the Electrophotonics, is based on Gas Discharge Visualization technique (GDV), is a breakthrough beyond Kirlian photography for direct, real-time viewing of the human energy fields. This new technology allows one to capture by a special camera the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy emanating to and from an individual, plants, liquids, powders, inanimate objects and translate this into a computerized model. This allows researcher and client to see imbalances that may be influencing an individual’s well-being greatly facilitating the diagnosis of the CAUSE of any existing imbalances showing the area of the body and the organ systems involved. One of the greatest benefits to date is the ability to do “real-time” measurements of a variety of treatments for such conditions as cancer to determine which is the most appropriate for the client.

    The incredible implications for the diagnosis and treatment of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual conditions with applications in medicine, psychology, sound therapy, biophysics, genetics, forensic science, agriculture, ecology etc. have only just begun.(…)”

    There is soooooooooooooo much to study from his papers. I also recommend typing his name on youtube and watching some interviews with Korotkov to get an overall point of view of what’s it all about 😉 I tapped into some of the interviews I saw in the past but wanted to refresh them a bit :

    • Dr K. Korotkov on Consciousness:
    • Prof. Korotkov interviewed by Lilou Mace on Biophysics and Consciousness:
    • Amazing 50min interview with Konstantin Korotkov  – With our emotions we can DIRECTLY influence our environment. 
    • Mind over Matter – Secrets of Human aura revealed by Russian scientist – dr Konstantin Korotkov. Tapping into energy field:
    • Seeing the Unseen with Electrophotonics part 1/3

    and so on…..

    For more – follow your own research on Prof. Korotkov. He is pretty special, I tell Ya 😉

    • I also stumbled upon an interview on Psychoenergetics with William Tiller PhD from Lilou Mace channel of Juice Living Tour interviews and played it in the background while preparing a meal in the kitchen 🙂 William Tiller for over 30 years has been avocationally pursuing serious experimental and theoretical study of the field of psychoenergetics which will very likely become an integral part of “tomorrow’s” physics.
    • I tuned into some videos of teachings from Mooji. Playlist from youtube channel and went through 6 or 7 videos teachings in a row:



    • Listened to Micheila Sheldan channelling wisdom of the Spirits from great channel Awake and Empowered Expo that I listen to often. There are many other videos of Micheila channeling different higher consciousness and enrgy with amazing words of wisdom delivered to humanity on a doorstep:
    • I read and went through Botanical Dimensions website botanicaldimensions.org and read about ethnobotany and some more.. 😉

    That’s pretty much one day out of many from my off days scheduled out of regular work if I am not going out, taking part in some workshops, projects and getting involved in some movements (which will consume my time more soon as I will be engaged in more projects of mine ). In between learning there is also some place for yoga, exercise, house cleaning, eating, cooking, earthing outside on the grass if weather permits in its graciousness and before the bed – deep meditation etc. How I do it…? I don’t know…it just happens. Why I do it? Coz it brings me an ultimate and one of a kind, orgasmic joy to feed my mind and constantly stimulate it. It’s a passion. That’s all. And I truly love it and stand dedicated to it. I never forget about thinking from the heart in all of this mind stimulation and work all the time on awakening the Heart’s wisdom while feeding the Mind as well. One can feel the connection of Mind Body Spirit at the end of such busy day more than ever….it’s all about being able to connect the dots from all the stimulants into one bigger picture…even if they seem unrelated at first. Everything is connected.

    What consists on your typical off day ? 😉

    Have an amazing off days 🙂

    Cheers to knowledge…





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