The Truth about Curing Cancer 100% naturally – 11 series documentary. Must watch.


Another Cancer Summit on horizon! According to these days estimations and statistics, every 1 in 3 persons will be diagnosed with cancer and often left with no hope for the future. Have no fear though ūüėČ If you want to educate yourself about this dis-ease and how easily it is to prevent it or cure naturally once occurred in the body, just register and tune into this amazing opportunity to assimilate and systematize great deal of alternative cancer treatments therapies with The TRUTH about cancer documentary series made by devoted researcher on this topic – Ty M. Bollinger, author of a book “Cancer – Step Ouside the Box“. The book is now in its 6th Edition (recently updated in 2014) and with over 150,000 copies sold since 2006, Cancer-Step Outside the Box is a ‚Äúmust-have‚ÄĚ book that everyone should own. You can get from amazon here¬†¬†or you can read some chapters from the book here: ¬† I highly recommend the book!

The Summit will give you access to interviews with 28 Doctors, 11 Scientists, 9 Survivors And 1 “FDA Dragon Slaying”Attorney Break Their ‘Code Of Silence’ And Expose The¬†TRUTH About Cancer And Exactly How To Prevent,Treat And Beat it 100% Naturally.


“If you want to watch the entire 11 part docu-series absolutely free? ¬†Simply enter your first name and email below for private access to the LIVE broadcasts starting October 13th. until 24th. See more at:¬†After registering ¬†you will ¬†receive an email like this:

“Thanks for registering to watch the “tell all” docu-series,

“The Quest for The Cures‚ĶContinues.”

The first episode aired on October 13th and you should have been
automatically redirected to the first episisode upon signing up.

Here’s how the rest of the series will be broadcasted…

For 11 days in a row from October 13th, one episode will play for free
each night at 9pm EST.  Once the new episode is available, the previous
episode will be taken down.

So be sure to keep an eye out for emails coming for us (The Truth About
Cancer) as I will send you a reminder for each episode moving forward   keep-calm-and-cure-cancer-19
and the private link¬†where you can watch it ūüôā

Also make sure to add us to your address book or friends list, so you
don’t miss any emails from us.

Thanks again for supporting the mission to expose, educate and eradicate
cancer.” and you will be given a link to the first episode of the series called¬†Modern Medicine & The ¬†Cancer Pandemic.

I did signed up later than 13th October – when the series started and was sent 1st video anyway, so don’t worry if you think it’s too late now to register. It’s not! You will be redirected to the first documentary episode and get every another in a row each day anyway. I think it’s good to register before 24th October though, as I don’t know if access will be still available after the whole summit is over. You can also choose to buy the whole series and watch the episodes over and over again for as little as $4.27 per episode., plus owning the transcript and¬†get all the interviews totalling over 350 pages for your reading pleasure. Check you options here.¬†I consider the price to be¬†very cheap to buy for the amount of work that was put into this project. Definitely worth owning. Just to make it clear – I have absolutely NO commission out of stating that and advising to buy this knowledge put beautifully together in those 11 episodes documentary series. I do it out of pure belief in what the project is standing for and I support such initiatives deeply. I have a pretty good intuitive senses and know what projects are sincere and made for the higher good of humanity and which are not. Projects like “The TRUTH about cancer”¬†should be spread in hospitals, played in oncology waiting rooms and all cancer patients should be given an opportunity to watch those alternatives point of views. I wonder how many of them would still decide to stay in hospitals and stick to big pharma supervision. We all know it won’t happen as it would destroy this multi billion in profit medical industry that makes money on human misery. That’s why it is so important to educate yourself at home, share it with friends, local communities and make it spread like a lightening through social media channels, make it played in social gatherings etc. This way little by little, step by step… educated “patients” will no longer agree for themselves to be a slave to the killing system and abandon the notion of being a customer of¬†pharmaceutical companies for life. There is so much more to life than this artificially designed misery. Break free from this structure.

Stay aware. Engage into Self enquiry. Do not believe old, obsolete patterns of thinking. Move forward and think OUTSIDE the Box at all times. I can guarantee you that you will live longer and happier life this way ūüôā

Please share this project with your family and friends. Might save somebody’s life in combating a dis-ease or preventing one for good.

Stay well and informed!!!

With Love,




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