FREE online Natural Cures Summit/Heal Your Body Naturally 6-13th Oct. 2014!

summit-logo So happy to have found this information on time! Free, amazing up to date and often not yet in books – knowledge on natural healing coming our way in a form of  The Natural Cures Summit ! Yey! I surely won’t miss this opportunity to fire up my neurons with this easily accessible information 🙂

This summit is FREE and takes place online from October 6-13, 2014. Probably as usual with these type of summits offering free knowledge on a particular subject – I assume the drill will be pretty similar as usual – access to a group of speakers from one day of summit available to relisten for Free for the next 24h, or buying a packet and taking the whole conference home if you happen to lack time to listen during it’s on.

What we can read on the website:

“With 30 presentations about naturally healing with home remedies and natural cures you could begin the path to better health and disease prevention NOW! This event will provide you with all of the healing information you need from the top doctors, nutritionists, naturopaths and health experts in the world. To learn the best natural remedies and treatment protocols. To use plant­-based medicine for specific conditions like hypothyroidism, autoimmune disease, arthritis and inflammatory bowel disease and more.” 

What an amazing list of speakers! After so many summits I went through, it’s such a great feelingto be able to naturally recognize them and correlate with specific specialisation and even remembering their website. “Those world class group of experts bring rich experience and thought leadership from diverse areas within health care. rx-plant

You will learn from renowned experts like Dr Mercola on “Taking Control of Your own Health” 

  • The #1 hormone you MUST balance to cure yourself
  • Most common nutrients you’re missing in your “healthy diet”
  • Steps to overcome any health issue fast

Dr Josh Axe on “Natural Cures for Leaky Guts”

  • What is leaky gut, the cause and the symptoms
  • 4 Steps to cure leaky gut for good
  • Top unknown supplements essential to heal leaky gut

Sayer Ji on “Top 7 Miracle Herbs and Supplements”:

  • The herb that heals everything but death
  • The evidence-based nutrition approach that works
  • Secrets the cancer industry is hiding that could be your cure

RPh Suzy Cohen on “How to Reverse Diseases and Live Drug Free”:

  • The most common drugs that deplete your body of vital nutrients
  • How to naturally cure the thyroid, gut and brain
  • The 13 most common nutritional deficiencies you probably have

M.D. Donna Gates on “Candida Cures”:

  • he surprising “health foods” causing candida
  • How hormones effect candida
  • Natural candida cures and diet

Lauren Geertsen NTP on “Autoimmune Disease Diet”:

  • The exact steps to overcome autoimmune disease
  • The foods and factors that cause autoimmune disease
  • Top natural supplements to heal autoimmune disease fast

PhD Mark David on “The Healing Power of Your Guts and Emotions”

  • How to control your emotions and enter a supernatural healing state
  • Meal timing and how it influences everything FBCoverPhoto_Speakers
  • How to boost your self esteem with food

and many many more on subjects like : “Heart Diseases Natural Cures”, “Reversing Diabetes in 30 days”, “Metabolism Cures”, “Natural Cures for Lyme Diseases”, “Healing Mood Disorders with Food”, “Healing with Essential Oils”, “Natural Hormone Cures for Women and Men” , “Natural Detoxification and Cleansing Cures” and much more. So sit comfortably tune into the topic you would like to know more about, register and tune into the right expert’s talk on a particular topic of interest. That’s it! From the comfort of your own house. I am such a fan of those summits. You just need to tune into and listen. I usually do couple of things simultaneously while listening summits, have pretty much good focus division 🙂 I often listen while cooking, doing ashtanga yoga, doing my writings, writing emails or  blog posts like this ;-), reading stuff simultaneously, working on my computer, putting more research together from new things that caught my attention while listening to those experts and often finding a gem out of it etc. I pretty much can do everything I need to do while tuning into listening to those summits. So all in all if you are worried about NOT having time… don’t. You can easily combine it with everyday life activities and sneak it into whatever you are doing.

There is a FREE bonus as well with registering to the Natural Cures Summit. You will access straight away 2 interesting video interviews with dr. Tom O’Brien on Secrets on “Overcoming Gluten and Food Sensitivities” and Suzy Cohen on “Top 10 natural cures for diseases you “think” you have” as well as free downloadable “Go Naked Cookbook” by dr. Josh Axe and Cynthia Pasquella. Cool, good to store. 

Hope anybody finds it helpful. Believe me those experts sharing knowledge for free know more than any of your family doctors ever will. Don’t get caugcht in the old, stuck, medical system obsolete ways of thinking. Think beyond. Transform Your life and health with Natural Cures… I guess it’s worth it…? 😉

Stay well and Healthy People x




2 thoughts on “FREE online Natural Cures Summit/Heal Your Body Naturally 6-13th Oct. 2014!

  1. Hi Alice, so so sorry for late reply, but I was away on holidays in the nature with no WiFi connection whatsoever! The deal with the Natural Cures Summit is that You can listen for FREE only the speakers from each day for the next 24h until the next day with new speakers pops in. If you want to have access to all days’ talks you will need to purchase the summit. After all it’s a tiring job for the organisers to put all this knowledge together and gather all the experts. SO each day you can relisten for free for the next 24h, the access to day 1 is gone by now 😦 If you want though, if you send me your email address with the title |access to day 1 – from Alice” I will send you in Pdf form all talks from experts written down.
    here is my address
    Stay well and positive x


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