Transform Your Health World Summit 21st. Sept. – 5th Oct. 2014 Great lists of speakers!

333 During last 6 years I’ve been tuning into vast amount of health related online summits with renowned health practitioners, nutritionists, naturopaths, herbalists, alternative doctors, specialists of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda etc. from all over the world. I learnt a LOT during each of those summits and usually researched each of the featured lecturer. As I mentioned before, whenever a good and interesting summit will appear on the horizon, I will post a brief information about it, so that somebody can make use of it as well. Believe me, after You tune into about a dozen of such online summits you will soon be on a way to become a health expert yourself 😉 Those summits, in a way deliver amazing lectures and lessons from … something as Dream Like Medical School. Yet you will not hear most of the knowledge presented there within current medical system and within approach that is mostly being taught during medical studies around the world. Sad. But true.  Fortunately there are countless of ways to learn true transformational information on rude health from first hand while tuning into summits like this. 

TRANSFORM YOUR HEALTH WORLD SUMMIT starting 21st. Sept until 5th October 2014 is an annual event. You will access over 40 interviews with world’s most esteem and knowledgeable experts on nutrition, weight loss, brain health, anti aging, disease prevention and reversal, longevity, hormones, digestion, leaky guts, diabetes, the success mindset, auto-immune disease, the mind body connection and so much more!

Definitely worth to register to this Free online Transformational Summit. Each day’s lectures will be available for free for the next 24h, or you can buy the entire pack with all talks if you wish to store them on your computer and listen to whenever you have free time. Click the link to check amazing list of speakers. ( there is no gain for me from advertising such stuff. It’s free knowledge at it’s best and I want to spread the word.). Register here :

Live healthily x

Evolve Constantly



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