Alternative cancer and chronic dis-ease treatments. Think OUTside the box. Part 2


I finally found some free time to go through my research and put together more – fill me in-  information on regaining health and beating degenerative chronic dis-eases like cancer. I’ve already stated before that I kept doing thorough investigative research on this matter for last few years after a family incident that put me on this path and was recommending those “awakening” bits to some “clients”, who were lead to had appeared on my life path while in need. I will continue my last post on Alternative cancer and chronic dis-eases treatments part 1 ( that you can read here ), which I posed a while ago, hoping it was received well, filtered and “digested”, so that you have an idea of the large picture here and I can deliver further nourishment for mind, body and spirit.

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Gathering those materials took years of studying work, college, endless research, experiential learning, was time consuming and often not cheap, online webinars and seminars with best experts from all over the world offering their knowledge and books to be bought after summits, as well as online video interviews ( like The Truth about Cancer series – see my last blog POST on this HERE.  ) ;It  would be highly appreciated to keep good karma flow in exchange for this material that I make FREE-ly available to You x
If you are in no position to donate – please DO use all the information I share here to Your benefit anyway and share with those who you think might need it as well PLEASE!.. As long as it helps somebody out there, it will make me happy. Keep in mind though that while working on this, I could not work anywhere else to support myself. In Service to Humanity, Aga x Blessings ❤ ]]]

Go through all these links, watch, listen, dig deeper into the matter if interested enough, read and research on all alternative therapies and approaches mentioned here and decide for your own if it makes sense and resonates with you. I simply encourage everybody to do so, LEARN, research, question, rewire your brain and let go off old, stuck ways of thinking, and beliefs that keep us in the dark, and open yourself to usually well suppressed knowledge on healing, maintaining wellness, rebuilding your immune system and staying healthy for life. I went through thousands of materials, books, lectures, medical researches, documentaries, interviews on the #curecancer and degenerative dis-ease matter over the last 6 years and what I’m going to do, is to just point those who are looking for same solutions, as I’d been once, in the right direction (“right” from my point of view). I will briefly describe posted links, but there is no point for me to actually write their content in full details. It’s your work to get familiar with those links and recommendation. After all it’s not a punishment 😉 At least it never was for me and I think it should be looked at as an eye opening, awakening information with a tag – possible “Life saver”. If not yours…in the era where 1 in 3 persons is diagnosed with cancer or “incurable” illness, I am sure you have somebody in your life who struggles with some heath issues so that you can share this with. 

The most important thing is to realize that your health is in Your own hands. The body has an amazing self healing mechanism built in it and will activate this mechanism once given the right nutrients for body and soul. You are the master of your destiny and whatever the diagnosis and however frightening your doctor makes it sound….be wise enough to abandon fear. DO NOT get stressed about it coz fear and stress suppress your immune system more than anything else, followed by combination of bad lifestyle habits and bad diet of course. What everybody needs to realise here is that cancer is not a death sentence. Quite contrary, it is simply a Wake up call. Showing you that the way you live is killing you and it’s time to change it. It can be your best life teacher and an actual friend. Instead of asking yourself “why me?”, ask : “what I’ve been doing wrong that lead me to this wake up call now and how can I change my life to regain health?”.

According to an author of  “You can heal your life” book, Louise Hay – owner of the Hay House Publishing Company, cancer from the emotional and psychological point of view means deep hurt. Longstanding resentment. Might be towards life itself. Deep secret or grief eating away the self. Carrying hatreds. She recommends repeating affirmations on daiy basis to submerse in your subconscious mind after repetition : ” I lovingly forgive and release all the past. I choose to fill my world with joy. I love and approve of myself. I nourish my body well. I am safe in the world. I trust the process of life”. Dump fear. Dump stress. Instead adapt positive attitude towards your new coming lifestyle changes and diet changes that will save your life. Love yourself enough to do some effort to start thinking outside the box. DO research on alternative therapies and dietary protocols. Stay away from offered “quick fix” from pharmaceutical companies. Be alert. Stay focus. Don’t get involved into their game of becoming a life long slave customer dependant on buying chemical pills that you were lead to believe you must take. There is nothing further from the truth. Discover the truth. Be smart. 

Disclaimer : Opinions expressed here cannot replace advice from your personal doctor or health care provider. (I need to state that, it’s crazy, so I will say all of those recommendations are just… extremely good for you 🙂 )

1. MORE ON GERSON TREATMENT /Books, Gerson centres

I mentioned The Gerson Therapy in the previous post so I won’t explain it again here. You can read more and learn more about this amazing anti cancer treatment here –, make an effort and read books by dr Max Gerson and his daughter and main successor of his life’s work – Charlotte Gerson ( “Healing The Gerson Way. Defeating cancer and other chronic diseaeses”). Many books are available in Pdf forms once you type in Google the right phrase like The Gerson therapy book Pdf. I would strongly advice though to buy the books and support The Gerson treatment centres this way. Some materials I’d recommend besides dr Max Gerson books are:

There are few Gerson therapy institutes and clinics around the world, yet it can be done at home as well, once studied and learnt correctly. The interesting clinic implementing Gerson treatment with some more up to date therapies in conjunction with it is a clinic run by amaznig dr Patrick Vickers and you can read all about it here Gerson Treatment . You can read all mission statements there, about dr Vickers work, advanced Gerson therapy protocols added to the initial practice, how to do Gerson therapy at home, scientific research, patients’ stories and much more. To get you started I’d recommend watching an interview with dr Vickers where he explains the advanced cancer protocols used with the Gerson therapy at Northern Baja Healing Center in Rosarito, Mexico. Link available here:

For more interviews with Dr Patrick Vickers visit “videos” tab on the website and go through them –


There is an amazing website full of outstanding information on dealing with cancer that I highly recommend run by a 4 stage colon cancer survivor Chris Wark. After watching this short talk by Chris you will be hooked on learning more from his website. What every cancer patient needs to know first before rushing into chemotherapy or radiation! :

 And then go through his website where he documented his war on cancer and has LOTS of great information on alternative treatments he used to bring himself back to perfect health. Chris Beat Cancer site. On the site you can read Chris story in full and what he did to beat cancer as well as tabs on cancer fighting foods, alternative treatments, interviews with many cancer survivors who decided to cure themselves by using natural protocols in approaching cancers and much more. To get familiar with Chris’ story watch his 5 part interview on Staying Alive New York conference:

part 2:

I would also advice subscribing to his blog and check Chris’ youtube channel with hundreds of interesting videos and interviews where topics include health, wellness, cancer prevention, nutrition, natural and alternative cancer treatments and therapies, fitness.
The raw vegan diet recommended by Chris to help fight cancer : and a list of posts tagged anti cancer diet It’s not only a good diet to tick to when somebody gets cancer. What about generally following an anti cancer diet to prevent getting sick in the first place and… feeling awesomely ALIVE? You may as well want to try it and see how life transforming it will be for you.
3. CRAZY SEXY CANCER with Kris Carr another great website by a cancer survivor – thriver
Kris Carr is an amazing New York Times and #1 Amazon best-selling author, wellness activist and cancer thriver. She was diagnosed with 4th stage of liver cancer ( her liver was like a Swiss cheese covered with holes ) and lungs, she had been given a few months to live, she was only 31 then. She started to SEARCH for the alternative ways out. She turned to diet, to juicing, to organic veggies and fresh fruits for juice, she turned to ALKALINE food, dumped acidic ( which causes diseases – like pasta, sugar, dairy products, cheese, milk, gluten etc.). She started practising Yoga, meditating, cherishing her body and mind and she’s been ALIVE ever since and thriving with cancer.
She describes her story in those words: “On Valentine’s Day in 2003, I was diagnosed with a very rare and incurable (yet thankfully slow-growing) stage 4 cancer. This whiskey tango foxtrot moment sparked a deep desire in me to stop holding back and start living like I mean it! I wanted to feel better, love harder and enjoy my life more fully. So I hit the road on a deep healing pilgrimage and have never looked back. Nearly ten years later, my life is truly, madly magical–even with cancer. If I can pull that off, just imagine what YOU can do! (…) My wake-up call encouraged me to make a total lifestyle upgrade inside and out. It taught me how to listen to my brilliant inner guide, brought me back to nature (my church), the garden and kitchen (my pharmacies), and connected me more deeply with the people and animals who set my heart ablaze. I learned that a nutrient dense, plant-passionate diet rules, the Standard American Diet destroys (everything), stress sucks (all life-force), exercise is non-negotiable (great for your head, heart, cells and ass-ets), joy is utterly contagious, and having fun must be taken very seriously. (…) She is the subject and director of the documentary, Crazy Sexy Cancer, which aired on TLC and The Oprah Winfrey Network. Kris is also the author of the award-winning Crazy Sexy book series. Her latest books, Crazy Sexy Diet and Crazy Sexy Kitchen, will change the way you live, love and eat! Kris regularly lectures at hospitals, wellness centers, corporations such as Whole Foods, and Harvard University. Media appearances include: Good Morning America, Today, The Early Show, CBS Evening News, Access Hollywood, The Doctors, The Gayle King Show, Super Soul Sunday and The Oprah Winfrey Show. As an irreverent foot soldier in the fight against disease, Kris inspires countless people to take charge of their health and happiness by adopting a plant-passionate diet, improving lifestyle practices and learning to live and love like you really mean it. In Oprah’s words, “Kris Carr’s riveting journey started a revolution …” Her motto: Make juice not war!
Tap into her website here : and get familiar with Kris’ story and the way she decided to approach healing “incureable” dis-ease:


There are dozens of interviews and talks with Kris on youtube so if you wish to watch more from her just go for it. Also it’s worth subscribing to her youtube channel for many healthy food recipes.


I would also recommend watching this lecture by Thomas Levy, M.D. – Dr. Levy, where he talks about the nutrient/toxin relationship and the role electron depletion and donation have in regard to vitality, health, and illness. To put simply it’s about the power of simple vitamin C and its higher dosage that can put the body on the right tract of HEALING.

About vit C treatment also this one delivered by Dr. Joseph Mercola who interviews Dr. Ron Hunninghake about the role of vitamin C in the treatment of cancer and other illnesses.

5. While I’ve already mentioned dr Joseph Mercola – from this place I’d highly recommend to subscribe to his youtube channel for up to date free videos and  interviews with best naturopaths, nutritionists, alternative doctors and regular M.Ds open to merging traditional medicine with new medicine.  Mercola’s website is overfed with knowledgeable articles related to all health concerned topics you could ask for. Articles are divided into categories like cancer, vaccines, vitamins, nutrition etcetera. You will find dozens of free health videos on the website as well. Study it well. Read, watch, educate yourself. Videos are also well divided into subcategories in an alphabetical order like : autism, allergies, detoxification, depression, cancer, GMO, sleep, weight management (…) you name it – it’s probably there. Simply search on


 This is what dr Mercola states on his website : ” You are wise to question who you can trust when it comes to maintaining, enhancing or rebuilding your health. With all profileBannerwebsites, newspapers, magazines and other publications offering health advice, with every new multi-million dollar TV ad for another proclaimed miracle drug, with any recommendation offered by traditional and natural physicians, it is essential to answer this question above all others: what is their real motivation? Only if the answer provides you with a sense of security, move on to the next important question: what are their qualifications? The primary trick of the existing medical establishment is to get you to forget that first question – their real motivation – by dazzling you with what appears to be magnificently trustworthy qualifications. But clinical trials conducted by heavily biased “researchers,” advertisements and news stories carefully scripted to scare you into belief, highly polished corporate offices and corporate websites, and an extreme focus on whatever has the most profit potential – not lifesaving or life-enhancing potential – are not qualifications. They are scams. Don’t fall for them. My motivation, whether you are a member of the community, or have just heard about me for the first time, is to make you as healthy as you can possibly be. This involves:

  1. Providing the most up to date natural health information and resources that will most benefit you and,
  2. Exposing corporate, government and mass media hype that diverts you away from what is truly best for your health and often to a path that leads straight into an early grave. is not, in other words, a tool to get me a bigger house and car, or to run for Senate. I fund this site, and therefore, am not handcuffed to any advertisers, silent partners or corporate parents. When I offer or recommend products, I do so because I have actively researched them and find they are the best in that category for your health. I ignore substandard products, and products not directly pertinent to your health, regardless of any potential financial upside.”

I’ve read thousands of dr.Mercola’s articles and watched countless videos which both can easily be described as a medical encyclopaedia of up to date knowledge on health nutrition and best treatments out there. It’s easy to connect the dots when you go through all this information. Definitely worth recommending. Choose to study topics you are most interested in, if you don’t have much time and focus on those.


To stay healthy we need to eat food rich in alkaline ph and dump acidic food that suppress immune system and cause degenerative diseases in the body over the time. To understand better this necessity – get familiar with work of dr.Robert Young and his amazing book “The Ph miracle”. “Over the past two and a half decades, Robert O. Young has been widely recognized as one of the top research scientists in the world. Throughout his career, his research has been focused at the cellular level. Having a specialty in cellular nutrition, Dr. Young has devoted his life to researching the true causes of “disease,” subsequently developing “The New Biology™” to help people balance their life (…) With eight books on the market, Dr. Robert O. Young and his wife, Shelley Redford Young, have established themselves as the preeminent scientific researchers on how to balance the body chemistry and achieve one’s ideal weight. Every African American and African Caribbean, every person suffering from type I and type II diabetes, hypertension, cancer, AIDS, heart disease and youth obesity, and every person reared on ‘soul food’ needs to discover The pH Miracle and the rejuvenating recipes that alkalize and energize an over acidified diet.”  You can find more of dr Young’s approach to health on his website www.phmiracleliving.comIn the section (tab at the top) called Resources you can choose and dig into great information and categories on : their alkaline approach to health, free recipes, downloadable pHFoodChart, archive of blog articles, many educational videos and testimonial videos and more.

Listen to his lecture ( 7 parts) about the IMPORTANCE of alkaline factor of foods in our diet . Here’s the link to the first part of the talk:

Another interview with dr Young on the importance of juicing:

For more videos visit his website or do some search on youtube.

Apart from added downloadable link to Ph food chart from dr Young’s website above, I will close this part with attaching an alkaline food chart as well. Enjoy:

eat alkaline diet

For more easy to read pictures you can go to my Healthy Galery page here.


Another great alternative doctor that simply can’t be not mentioned here is dr. Leonard Coldwell’s (worth remembering that name) I came across his work years ago, which resonated with my point of view so much that I got hooked and listened to literally everything with him, every interview with him, every talk, lecture, radio interview and read his books. I can’t recommend enough to study his work and listen to what he says about curing cancer and degenerative diseases.
Dr. Leonard Coldwell is in the opinion of countless experts, the world’s leading authority for Natural Cancer cures, Stress-Related Illness and Burnout Syndrome. He is the most successful motivational self-help education system trainer of our time. He is the author of 19 bestselling books including his mega best sellers: The Only Answer to Cancer and The Only Answer to Surviving Your Illness and Your Doctor. Over 57 million readers enjoy his teachings. His IBMS Stress Reduction CD set is the most endorsed and most sold of all time. Discovering his gifts at a very early age, he single-handedly cured his own mother of Hepatitis C, Liver Cirrhosis, and Liver Cancer, she had been given a diagnosis of a terminal state and a prognosis of only 6 months to live. Dr. Coldwell’s system for educational self-healing systems, is the Instinct Based Medicine System®, (or IBMS®): the system enables the user to identify and eliminate the root cause of all disease. Dr. Coldwell is one of the most endorsed naturopathic  Doctors in the world. Over 4 million have attended Dr. Coldwell’s amazing live seminar presentations; and over 50 million people have seen him on television, or have heard him on radio shows such as Coast to Coast, and most recently on his own internet TV station The Doctor Coldwell Opinion TV . He is the host of his syndicated radio show on GCNLife: The Dr Coldwell Opinion Radio Show. He was multiple times the  keynote speaker for the largest Health Education Organization -The Health Freedom Expo, HFE.
Hundreds of thousands of written and video testimonials can be viewed on his website at Learn from someone who has, based on independent clinical studies, cured cancer in over 35,000 patients, most of which were classified as in final, terminal stages.
So again more information can be found at:  and:
I’ll post here some of links to interviews with him that I consider very eyes opening.
Hope You’ll find it informative. Part 1 of 6 – interview with dr Coldwell. A MUST watch.  “Kill Cancer” by dr. Coldwell:
 2 nd part and so on until the 6th part:

Same interview in full :

Another interview with dr Coldwell made by Paul Nison from The Raw Life Health Show. Part 1 from 5 (play other parts from right hand side on youtube once you finish part 1):

Another great interview with dr Coldwel on Extreme Health Radio show (which I also recommend to subscribe to their youtube channel for many other interesting interviews!) Over 1 h interview that wll leave you speechless:

More if feeling not fed enough. Part 1 of 3:

Yet another interview from ”Truth Connections Radio”. ”Cancer is one of the most feared diseases of mankind today, incorrectly described using terms such as incurable, life threatening, and even fatal: but it needn’t be — and Dr Leonard Coldwell will explain why. The root cause of all disease — including Cancer of any type, anywhere in the body — is ongoing stress; the major symptoms of which are anxiety and depression. Using your subconscious mind to reduce anxiety and depression and eliminate stress (rather than ‘manage’ it), and keeping your body in an alkaline state ARE the keys to a healthy and happy mind and body, and remaining Cancer-free.”

Dr. Coldwell has cured more than 35,000 of cancer naturally with a cure rate of over 92% versus only the 2% cure rate for Chemotherapy! Dr. Coldwell talks about the answers for cancer and many other diseases in this over 2h video interview:

If interested in more – subscribe to dr Coldwell’s youtube channel here.

Visit Instinct Based Medicine website by dr. Coldwell

Read the ANTI – CANCER DIET from his website, You will feel amazing, alive and full of abundance of energy. Article written by Paul Nison, Author/Speaker and Raw Food Gourmet Chef from– Official website of Author Paul Nison “If you ask most doctors today, nothing can heal cancer. They will try to cut it out, burn it and kill it. Sometimes they have success in temporally slowing down the inevitable. The reason why they will never have a cure is because as long as the root cause is not removed, the problem will always be there. Stress is a major root cause of cancer and must be reduced and eliminated. Removing stress from your life allows the body to do what it was designed to do; be healthy and disease free. Where does diet come into play? Identifying stressful areas in your life is the first step toward reclaiming your health. Lack of enjoyment for life, money issues, worry and fear build stress. But the most common stress on the body is eating and abusing harmful foods. (…)” Read further here:

Summing up I recommend BOOKS by dr Coldwell all of which you can buy from amazon

  • 1. “The only answer to cancer” 
  • 2.“The only answer to stress, anxiety and depression” and
  • 3. “Instinct based medicine: how to survive your illness and your doctor” 
  • 4. Coldwell also mentions a book by Paul Nison called “The Daylight diet”, which I also read and highly recommend. “Did you know when you eat is just as important as what you eat? It can determine your total health and wellness. Raw Food Chef and Author Paul Nison has studied the topic of health and digestion for years and will share information no one else is talking about in his newest book, The Daylight Diet. In this book you will learn the ideal times to eat for best digestion. The best times to be awake and go to sleep. How to overcoming late-night eating, lose weight, gain energy and so much more”.


While I listened to many interviews with dr. Coldwell, I usually picked on other names that he was mentioning during his interviews, I picked on many other websites and books he recommended reading and did so,  did a thorough research on each of newly discovered sources. One of them worth mentioning is dr. Tullio Simoncini who states that every cancer is a fungus/candida overgrowth in the system and he is succesfully treating cancer patients with baking soda and more complexed protocols. Dr. Tullio Simoncini, an oncologist in Rome, Italy who has pioneered sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO3) therapy as a means to treat cancer.

The fundamental theory behind this treatment lies in the fact that, despite a number of variable factors, the formation and spreading of tumors is simply the result of the presence of a fungus. His methods have cured people for 20 years. Many of my patients recovered completely from cancer, even in cases where official oncology had given up. The best way to try to eliminate a tumour is to bring it into contact with sodium bicarbonate, as closely as possible. Dr. Simoncini states: ” For about 100 years, the fundamental theory behind cancer has been based on the hypothesis that it is a malfunctioning of the genes. This point of view implies that cancer is intracellular. My point of view however is that cancer is a fungal infection, and therefore an extra cellular phenomenon (…) At the moment, against fungi there is no useful remedy other than, in my opinion, sodium bicarbonate. The anti-fungins that are currently on the market, in fact, do not have the ability to penetrate the masses”. (more on sodium bicarbonate therapy : and

For more information on dr Simoncini please visit his website :

Get familiar with his approach to curing cancer by watching some interviews. Cancer is a fungus and curable with baking soda

part 2:

Similar videos:

short interview with dr Simoncini:

For more please type in youtube phrases like curing cancer with sodium bicarbonate, baking soda cures cancer, dr. Simoncini etcetera. You will find more videos on the matter.
9. HEALING ALL AUTOIMMUNE DISEASES – THE MOVIE  ( Fibromyalgia, Lupus, Rheumatoide Arthritis, Multiple Sklerose, Crohn’s Disease, Hashimotos, Crohn’s Diseases, TYPE 2 Diabetes, Prevent Cancer (…) 
Great movie featuring most of my favourite alternative doctors who are not afraid to speak out about natural ways of healing almost all chronic dis-eases. To name a few: Dr. Peter Glidden, Dr. Jerry Tennant, Dr. Joel Wallach, Dr. Robert O. Young and more, all talk about healing autoimmune disease, what is the cause of autoimmune diseases, best treatment for autoimmune disease.
Everybody should watch this great 4h compilation of interviews and wisdom lectures from alternative, world renowned practitioners and investigative journalists who by deciding to comeout of the shadow and speaking out what’s hidden behind the curtains of the medical system – deliver the TRUTH to your doorstep. Watch. Listen. Educate yourself and think for yourself. Do not take anything me or anybody in this movie says for granted. Watch and draw your own conclusions:

10. “RUN FROM THE CURE” MOVE. HEMP/CANNABIS OIL TO HEAL AND CURE CANCER AND OTHER ILLNESS. It turns out, THC when ingested in highly concentrated forms (such as eating CANNABIS OIL) will attack any mutated cells in your body while strengthening and rejuvenating the healthy cells.

The following presentation of RUN FROM THE CURE: The Rick Simpson Story was made possible by Rick Simpson and video producer Christian Laurette, who made it free to teach YOU how to heal yourself of disease and illness using cannabinoids. simpson

After a serious head injury in 1997, Rick Simpson sought relief from his medical condition through the use of medicinal hemp oil. When Rick discovered that the hemp oil (with its high concentration of T.H.C.) cured cancers and other illnesses, he tried to share it with as many people as he could free of charge, curing and controlling literally hundreds of people’s illnesses… but when the story went public, the long arm of the law snatched the medicine – leaving potentially thousands of people without their cancer treatments – and leaving Rick with unconsitutional charges of possessing and trafficking marijuana. Meet the people who were not allowed to testify on Rick’s behalf at the Supreme Court of Canada’s Infamous Rick Simpson Trial on September 10, 2007. INCLUDING A MAN WHO WAS CURED OF TERMINAL CANCER USING HEMP OIL. Full movie:

Interestingly, in early 1900’s cannabis were used in pills/capsules form (oil and extract) and sold by pharmacies as a cure for many diseases. Until the big companies banned the cannabis by spreading black PR all over it, stating that it is a drug. So cannabis is banned, but you can buy drugs like alkohol ( much more addictive), cigarettes,  or many chemical loaded pills prescribed LEGALLY by doctors, which cause many side effects and eventually lead to more health issues. It’s a vicious circle often leading to depression, chronic dis-eases and even leading to death.

To learn more about Rick Simpson, watch this short interview with him. “Rick Simpson tell us about his goal to help people heal themselves using hemp oil to cure cancer and other diseases. We also hear many testimonies of the possitive effects of hemp oil and we get a glimpse of the struggle to fight the system that constantly tries to stop this natural medicine. These clips are from the movie “Run From The Cure – The Rick Simpson Story” from 2008.”

Quotation from one of the anarchistic sites that I read, run by people in opposition to this sick system we live in and big corporations’ deceptions :
“The US Government has known since 1974 that Cannabis cures Cancer. In ’72 Richard Nixon wanted a larger budget for his war on drugs. He thought that if he proved Cannabis caused lung cancer like cigarettes do, he would get the support he needed. He gave the Medical College of Virginia 2 years to do a study on the effects of THC on the body. In ’74 the study was completed.
It turns out, THC when ingested in highly concentrated forms (such as eating CANNABIS OIL) will attack any mutated cells in your body while strengthening and rejuvenating the healthy cells.
We only found out about the study a few years ago thanks to dedicated medical and law professionals who filed Freedom of Information Requests. The Government lied for many reasons. One of the main reasons is Pharmaceutical Companies. They spend billions every year lobbying to keep Cannabis illegal because they make TRILLIONS off Cancer drugs and research. They are already well aware that Cannabis CURES Cancer. (They cant legally patent a 15,000 year old plant) They have a great con going at the moment.”
Visit Top Documentary Films website often and choose the category that interests you most to educate yourself more about. For this post I recommend scanning the movies offered in HEALTH category. There are already many films there that I’ve recommended in the past.:
It’s a truly amazing combination of information on many topics concerning health, wellness, natural treatments and healing mechanisms. Visit for more videos by more doctors and authors.
Subscribe to the youtube channel and their newsletter to stay up to date with new discoveries. You will probably find an answer to any question you might have regarding health/illness matters.
There are many institutes and health centres around the world these days that I could recommend, but don’t want to overwhelm anybody too much. One of really reliable out there is definitely :
Hippocrates Health Institute (HHI) flourishes within a lush, tropical 50-acre setting in West Palm Beach, Florida. Under the guidance of a knowledgeable and compassionate team, guests from all over the world benefit from health and nutritional counseling, non-invasive remedial and youth-enhancing therapies, state of the art spa services, inspiring talks on life principles and a tantalizing daily buffet of enzyme-rich, organic meals.

The goal of the institute is to assist people in taking responsibility for their lives and to help them internalize and actualize an existence free from premature aging, disease and needless pain. Good health is our most prized possession, generating a positive mindset of confidence, enthusiasm, strength and joyfulness that can trigger a life of optimum achievement. Such vibrant health does not thrive by luck or by chance. Like all things of great value, it must be tended and nurtured with care. This process can be insurmountable and intimidating without the proper guidance.

 HHI s based on the teaching of Ann Wigmore who in mid 1900 developed a raw food diet to treat herself from cancer and then others from any aliments and health conditions they may have had.Witnessing the powerful healing properties of wheatgrass juice, herbs, raw foods and other vitamin and enzyme-rich foods first-hand inspired her to spend the next 35 years of her life studying and educating others about natural healing and optimum nutrition.
Great videos on many subjects concerning heath and teachings of dr Brian Clement ( A leader in natural health and healing for more than twenty-five years. He is the current director of the Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach, Florida which was originally founded by Dr. Ann Wigmore. He is also one of the founding directors of the Coalition of Holistic Health ) you can find by following youtube channel of HHI and its videos :
I’ve studied dr. Clements teachings and health protocols for years and after a thorough research I can sincerely recommend his approach to regaining health. Easy to understand and follow for everybody who is devoted enough to stay healthy or rebuild their health.
To get a glimpse of dr Brian Clement’s teachings – get familiar with those lectures by him:
Fear creates disease. Dump fear.:

Dr. Brian Clement on Longevity:

Dr.Brian Clement – How to stop the aging process:

Dr. Brian Clement – on Diet and Lifestyle:

Dr. Brian Clement – Top Health Points , part 1/6: REALLY GOOD interview:

For more – the same drill – type in dr. Brian Clements in youtube and watch and listen to more lectures and words of wisdom he delivers.



I learnt so much from the American Anti–Cancer Institute website run by an amazing and devoted Robert G.Wright. It’s truly a well of information for all cancer Bob Wright 3rd Editionpatients. You wll find your answers there. Some fragments you can read on the website – hopefully will encourage you to study all information availble there:

“Unique To You, it’s a magnificent powerhouse of integrated, living energy, organs, tissues, cells, antibodies and more, designed to neutralize pathogens and “foreign invaders,” before they ever make you sick– including cancer. Noone’s immune system is like anybody else’s. Yours is an original, and it needs you to do what it takes to keep it strong and capable of defending you. Combined with nutrient-dense foods, oils, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, herbs (and more) and a routine detox program, your own immune system can heal most degenerative and immune disease. If you don’t believe that yet, keep exploring this site, especially our Philosophy.

The Truth is that your body was designed to heal itself! Cut your finger? It heals. Break a bone? It heals. Diagnosed with terminal cancer and sent home to die? Even in this seemingly hopeless circumstance, the body’s powerful healing mechanisms can still rally to your defense, when given the “right stuff” to do it. It is these Stage IV, metastasized “terminal” cancer patients worldwide who are actually responsible, to some extent, for the formation of the Cancer Paradigm we set before you. Staring death in the face at the eleventh hour, thousands of cancer patients in the last several decades have reported a natural, non-drug, anti-cancer extract, formula, or protocol that has saved their lives and made their healing journey possible. Armed with a massive kick-start to the immune system, these Brave New Cancer Survivors have given us all — from oncologists to cancer patients and everyone in between — the knowledge and understanding we need to allow the real cancer cures to “please stand up” and take center stage. We believe that if Natural Medicine and the human immune system are powerful enough to heal metastasized terminal cancer, they must be chosen as a first resort in cancer care, rather than a last hope after all orthodox treatment has failed. That is, if healing and eradicating this disease for good, is our goal.”

“The American Anti-Cancer Institute was founded in 2008 with a Cancer Paradigm based in the Truth about this disease as fully treatable with Natural Medicine. As such, we have taken a Leadership role in uniting the alternative medicine community and many others in our Mission, to ultimately give Americans and the world a lasting legacy of Hope fulfilled: the cure for cancer is here! “Cancer is nearly 100% preventable and reversible when people have precise knowledge on what to do,” says AACI Founder and Director, Bob Wright. Just “what to do” about cancer is featured in his first book in a series, entitled, “Killing Cancer – Not People,” available in both softcover and e-book formats.

“Most Americans don’t realize that cancer is killing our kids more than any other disease in the U.S,” says Bob. “It’s time for that to stop. The amazing and heartening thing is that natural healing is catching on. People from every nation are seeking alternative therapies to heal cancer more than ever before. And word is spreading that you need not fear this disease—once you understand Nature’s healing secrets, and how to put your body back into homeostasis. The very secrets I teach in my book and in my lectures. But we need to go a step further as an Institute. That’s where our Wellness Campus comes in.”

American Anti Cancer Institute website is very clear in read. Read all tabs above like : Home, About us, The cure within with many unfolding options ( It’s cancer – why me?, Library videos, Documentaries, Protocols, Healing categories etc.), Top 10 List (Alkaline ionized water, extreme nutrition, pure vitamine D, phytonutrients, glutathione precursor etc.), Resources;  On the left hand side you have easy to access and read Quick links like :

  • Documented treatment alternatives
  • Stage IV cancer treatment
  • Inexpensive cancer treatments
  • Women’s cancer
  • Men’s cancer
  • Cancer clinics
  • Clinical trial information
  • Research programs
  • Leaders we respect
  • Cancer Coaches
  • The cancer diet
  • The AACI top 10 recommended natural products
  • Testimonials

Listen to what Robert G. Wright – the founder of AACI says on “What to do after cancer diagnosis” – short 7 min video :

Cancer is an immune system disease:

A new cancer treatment:

Watch interview with Robert G.Wright here:

Study the website for more information.


Briefly about Andreas : “Andreas Moritz is a medical intuitive; a practitioner of Ayurveda, iridology, shiatsu, and vibrational medicine; a writer; and an artist. Born in southwest Germany in 1954, Andreas had to deal with several severe illnesses from an early age, which compelled him to study diet, nutrition and various methods of natural healing while still a child. By the age of 20, he had completed his training in both iridology — the diagnostic science of eye interpretation — and dietetics. In 1981, Andreas began studying Ayurvedic medicine in India and finished his training as a qualified practitioner of Ayurveda in New Zealand in 1991. Rather than being satisfied with merely treating the symptoms of illness, Andreas has dedicated his life’s work to understanding and treating the root causes of illness. Because of this holistic approach, he has had great success with cases of terminal disease where conventional methods of healing proved futile. Since 1988, he has practiced the Japanese healing art of shiatsu, which has given him insights into the energy system of the body. In addition, he devoted eight years of research into consciousness and its important role in the field of mind/body medicine. He is a best-selling author of more than 10 books”.

You can learn more about his teachings and approaches to treat illness on the website :, which offers many FREE health information, amazing list of articles, Enerchi TV videos on health and wellness, health blog and much more.

A list of over 350 articles and videos recommended by Andreas Moritz :

Getting familiar with life work of Andreas Moritz and understanding his approach to overall health is a must in understanding healing mechanisms of the body.

To learn about Andreas’ advices and points of view watch – “Cancer is NOT a disease”:

The amazing liver and gallbladder flush interview with Andreas Moritz:

more from an interview with Patrick Timpone

There are hundreds of interviews with Andreas Moritz online – so if you feel like feeding yourself with more knowledge, go for it. His books though cover pretty much it all.


One Radio Network search in the radio search engine for any topic of your interests and simply tune into an audition regarding the topic. In the past I listened to hundreds of hours of interviews done by Patrick Timpone. I truly think it is one of the best informative online radios focused on delivering alternative information on health and wellness, delivering interviews with amazing people from all over the world.


Read about Dr. Hamer and his understanding of cancer :

“Dr. Hamer discovered that every disease originates from a shock or trauma that catches us completely by surprise. The moment the unexpected conflict occurs, the shock strikes a specific area in the brain causing a lesion (later called Hamer Focus or HH-Hamerscher Herd), visible on a brain scan as a set of sharp concentric rings. Before Dr. Hamer identified these ringed lesions in the brain, radiologists considered them as artifacts created by a glitch in the machine. But Siemens, a manufacturer of computer tomography equipment, certified that these target lesions cannot be artifacts because even when the tomography is repeated and taken from different angles, the same ring formation always appears in the same location. 

The brain cells that receive the conflict impact send a biochemical signal to the corresponding body cells causing the growth of a tumor, a meltdown of tissue or functional loss, depending on which brain layer receives the shock. The reason specific conflicts are irrefutably tied to specific areas in the brain is that, during our historical evolution, each brain area was programmed to respond instantly to conflicts that could threaten our survival. While the brain stem (the oldest part of the brain) is programmed with basic survival issues like breathing, reproduction and food, the cerebrum (the youngest part of the brain) is more concerned with social and territorial themes. Dr. Hamer also discovered that every disease progresses through two phases: first, a conflict active phase, characterized by emotional stress, cold extremities, a lack of appetite, and sleeplessness, and then, provided we manage to resolve the conflict, a healing phase. This is the period in which the psyche, the brain and the corresponding organ undergo the phase of recovery, an often difficult process marked by fatigue, fever, inflammation, infection, and pain.

Dr. Hamer called his findings The Five Biological Laws of the New Medicine (download from the website after clicking the link), since his research is in full accordance with the natural laws of embryology and with evolutionary logic. Over the years, Dr. Hamer has been able to confirm his discoveries with over 40,000 case studies. The result of his scientific work is the creation of a “Psyche-Brain-Organ” chart that outlines the disease, the content of the biological conflict that cause it, where the corresponding lesion can be seen on a brain scan, how the disease manifests itself in the conflict active phase, and what can be expected in the healing phase.

Dr. Hamer’s research radically upsets the many existing theories of conventional medicine. His explanation of disease as a meaningful interplay between the psyche, the brain and the corresponding organ refutes the view that disease occurs by chance or as a result of a mistake of nature. Based on sound scientific criteria, German New Medicine shatters themyths of malignant cancer cells or of destructive microbes and identifies “infectious diseases” as well as cancerous tumors as natural biological emergency measures, in practice for millions of years, designed to save the organism and not, as we have been taught, to destroy it. Diseases such as cancer lose their frightening image and are recognized as meaningful special biological survival programs every human being is born with.” to read more go here.

What is German New Medicine?

German New Medicine offers a scientific, hypothesis-free, and verifiable theory regarding cancer and “diseases” in general. German New Medicine is able to offer a scientific explanation of the disease development in any given case. As the development of each disease is predictable, German New Medicine is able to provide scientifically-based therapeutic recommendations for each individual patient. Complications that might arise can be anticipated and necessary measures can be integrated into the therapy.

On the website of German New Medicine You will find more complexed, often well scientifically verified information about its whole approach, tags like “Biological Programs”, “Therapy, “Paradigm”, “Tutorials”, “Lectures” and lots of free downloadable articles and texts about dr. Hammer’s approach to cancer and degenerative diseases and their treatments.


Study Alternative Cancer Care website for more information. It is well organized and easy to absorb. I’d recommend to go through each bit of information, protocol, video interviews posted on this website, like the one :

To summarize  – from ALTERNATIVE CANCER CARE website :


1. Heal the Root Psycho-Emotional Cause of Cancer. Cancer occurs when the individual suppresses for long periods toxic negative emotions (primarily anger, hate, resentment and grief). This creates cell changes within the body leading to cancer, as outlined in the above 6 phases of cancer. It is therefore critical to uncover and release these toxic negative emotions in order to heal from cancer. The Mind-Body Self Hypnosis Cancer CD will guide you to re-connect with and heal deeply suppressed toxic negative emotions within the subconscious mind. In suppressing toxic negative emotions, the cancer personality has learnt to put up a dam wall to prevent feeling painful emotions. The Mind-Body Self Hypnosis Cancer CD has proven to be extremely effective in by-passing this dam wall to allow for the on-going daily release of toxic negative emotions. EFT (the emotional freedom technique) is an excellent tool for permanently removing negative emotions that have been identified and the Cancer Healing Guide will guide you through the process of expressing negative emotions in the written form. All three approaches are recommended.2. Systems Change: Removing Yourself from All Stressful Conditions. According to Lothar Hirneise, world-renowned cancer researcher, 100% of all late stage ‘miracle’ cancer survivors of the hundreds he interviewed had all made considerable “systems change”. This means they had all either left a highly stressful job or finished work altogether, ended relationships that were highly stressful, toxic or depressing, relocated house from a place of stress to a peaceful environment etc, all for the purpose of removing all stress from their lives.3. Active Relaxing to Reduce Stress Hormone Cortisol Levels and Restore All-Important Adrenaline Levels. High stress hormone cortisol levels deplete adrenaline reserves in the body which is the primary cause of cancer. It is important to include one daily activity to actively relax your mind, for the purpose of reducing stress hormone cortisol levels. Spirit advises that you should optimally spend 2 hours per day in active relaxation-mode. This can include walking on the beach, sitting amongst nature, undertaking yoga, tai chi, relaxation massage, watching funny videos, meditation or listening to a guided relaxation CD.4. Increasing Melatonin Levels in the Body using Meditation. Melatonin is the primary hormone responsible for inhibiting cancer cell growth, produced in the pineal gland of the brain during deep sleep. Prolonged psycho-emotional stress means those develop cancer have difficulty sleeping well and thus are unable to produce enough melatonin to inhibit the natural progression of cancer cell growth. As an alternative to deep sleep, melatonin can be produced during the state of meditation, and studies have shown a significant increase in melatonin levels in those who meditate compared to those who do not. Consider meditating for a minimum of 30 minutes per day, as part of your 2 hours per day in active relaxation-mode.5. Boosting / Supporting the Immune System. High stress hormone cortisol levels, low melatonin levels, parasites, pathogenic microbes (viruses, bacteria, fungus), chemotherapy and radiation all significantly weaken the immune system, whose job it is to keep the body healthy and destroy cancer cells and other harmful pathogens. Therefore it is important to support the immune system during recovery from cancer and during remission. We recommend you incorporate at least one protocol to boost and support your immune system. High Dose Vitamin C Therapy can be used for this purpose and should wherever possible be used prior to chemotherapy and radiation. Consider the following: Fever Therapy, Lemon Juice Therapy, DMG (N-Dimethylglycine) and Avemar. Guided imagery has also been shown to significantly boost the immune system and the Mind-Body Self Hypnosis Cancer CD can be used for this purpose. If you are undertaking chemotherapy / radiation therapy, consider Graviola capsules to prevent side-effects such as hair loss, nausea, joint pain and general malaise and energy loss.6. Removing the Cancer-Fungus, without which Cancer could not exist. Prolonged psycho-emotional stress suppresses the immune system. When the immune system is suppressed, somatids (tiny healthy organisms necessary for life that live in our body and our blood) – pleomorphise (change) from harmless [spore-like forms] to pathogenic viral-bacterial-yeast-like-fungus forms. Cancer cannot exist without these viral-bacterial-yeast-like fungus that: a) migrate to the cell nucleus releasing “mycotoxins” which causes cell DNA damage and the mutation of normal cells into cancer cells, and b) ferments the glucose in cancer cells, providing a natural growth factor for cancer and tumor cells to metastasize in the body. It is highly recommended you include at least one of the following to remove the cancer-fungus from your body: Apple Cider Vinegar, Garlic, Baking Soda, Essiac Herbal Tea, Clarkia, Hyperthermia.7. Detoxing the Body of Toxins. Toxins include “mycotoxins” or acidic waste products caused by: 1) the cancer-fungus, 2) a poor diet, 3) chemicals, alcohol, tobacco, 4) antibiotics, 5) chemo-therapy agents, 6) fermentation of stress hormones, 7) poor exercise regime causing build-up of lactic acid, and 8) dead microbes, parasites and cancer cells. These toxins build up primarily in the liver – the master immune system organ. When the liver is overloaded with these toxins, your immune system is weakened and you feel sicker, and cancer and viral-bacterial-yeast-like-fungus thrives. It is very important to have a plan to detox the liver (the master immune system organ), the colon (the intestinal immune system), as well as the gall bladder and kidneys, to prevent toxins building up within your body. When you are killing the cancer-fungus or cancer cells using an alternative or orthodox treatment, it is important to detox the body at the same time, as your liver cannot remove from the body all the dead microbes and cancer cells being killed in the process. We recommend you include one protocol for detoxing the liver and colon on regular basis. See: Liver-Colon Cleanse.Ozonated Water should be strongly considered for it is a superb body detoxifier, but should NOT be used by those with lung cancer or lung conditions.8. Increasing Niacin (Vitamin B3) Levels to Re-activate the Krebs’ Citric Acid Cycle in the Body’s Cells. Niacin is a critical element needed by the body’s cells to function in a healthy way. Without niacin, the Krebs’ Citric Acid Cycle of the body’s cells is broken or impaired, and the cell reverts to glycolysis or the fermenting of glucose to obtain energy, causing cancer to develop. Dr Abram Hoffer, the department head of psychiatry at a major hospital in Canada, started using niacin to treat psychiatric patients and found it also effected a cure for cancer. He found patients lived on average 20 times longer than expected when combined with high doses of vitamin C. Dr Abram Hoffer recommends the following regime: “The first thing I try to do is to cut their fat way down. So, I put them all on a dairy free program. I reduce, but I don’t eliminate, meat and fish, and I ask them to increase their vegetables, especially raw, as much as they can. I think it’s  good, reasonable diet, which most people can follow without too much difficulty. Having spent some time with them going over what they ought to eat, I begin to talk about the nutrients. The first one, of course, is vitamin C. The dose is variable. I find that most patients can take 12 grams per day without much difficulty, that’s the crystallin vitamin C sodium ascorbate or calcium ascorbate. They take one teaspoon three times per day. If they do not develop diarrhea, I ask them to increase it until this occurs and then to cut back below that level. I think in many cases it would be desirable to use intravenous vitamin C. I also add vitamin B-3, either niacin or niacinamide. I prescribe from 500 mg to 1500 mg per day. I also add a B (vitamin) complex preparation 50 or 100. I think vitamin E is an extremely important antioxidant and I use that as well, 800 to 1200 I. U. They also get 25,000 to 75,000 units of beta carotene. I sometimes use vitamin A. I like to use folic acid for lung cancer, and for cancer of the uterus. I use selenium, 200 mcg, three times per day. I use some zinc, especially for prostatic cancers and I do use calcium-magnesium.”

9. Re-Alkalizing the Body’s pH. Cancer cells can only survive in a low-pH acidic environment, and this is why those with cancer typically have a low pH of between 4.0 – 6.5pH. This low pH is caused by the lactic acid by-product of glucose fermentation and by viral-bacterial-yeast-like-fungus excreting “mycotoxins” within cells. As cancer cells find it difficult to survive in a high pH alkaline environment of 7.5 or greater, it is therefore essential to include a 3-step protocol to restore correct cell pH, which includes: 1) alkaline-based foods, 2) the removal of lactic-acid forming psycho-emotional stress and 3) the inclusion ofdextrorotatory lactic acid (which is available in homeopathic form known as Pleo Sanuvis, and is a key ingredient in whey of cottage cheese found in the Johanna Budwig Cancer Diet.) See:pH and Cancer for this 3-step protocol.10. Reversing the Subconscious Death Wish. As revealed by the Holy Spirit of God in three separate channelled readings, cancer manifests within the body as a direct result of a subconscious wanting to “exit life”, caused by the individual feeling overwhelmed by the pain of life and no longer having a strong desire or will to live. This desire to exit life [experienced at the level of the subconscious mind] sends subliminal messages to the immune system to shut down. God reveals this subconscious desire to exit life must be reversed in order to survive cancer.The Mind-Body Self Hypnosis Cancer CD is a guided-imagery tool that helps to both heal and reverse this subconscious death wish at the level of the subconscious mind, renewing the will to live.11. Connecting to God / Your Higher Spiritual Self. Those who have faith in God to heal them have a much higher rate of survival according to many cancer studies. Prayer is a calling to God that you want to live, and this helps overcome the subconscious death wish mentioned above. At Puna Wai Ora, we regularly receive messages from God to guide us in the work we are doing. When we asked what is the best last stage alternative cancer treatment available, the first reply we received was prayer. The Angels spoke of the Lords Prayers spoken out loud daily – preferably in Latin – was the most effective late stage cancer treatment. They indicated it was important to: 1. Ask God for forgiveness of any wrong-doings; 2. Ask God to fill them with white love and light, 3. Ask for the pain to be diminished in Jesus’ name [or another spiritual being you pray to], 4. State “Please bless me with white love and light in Jesus’ name and let the healing begin”, and 5. Thank God, Jesus and the Angels for their healing and your recovery. These are the words of God delivered by the angels: “God will decide if a miracle happens. They need to connect with themselves more that they are on the right path to awareness of spiritual realms and God. They must believe in God to get through, to have more faith and trust in God. Once they open up, they will be open up in more ways than one. Their pain will not be as intense, they will be comforted.” To increase your awareness of spiritual realms and God, read the teachings of the earth Buddha Maitreya [who is Jesus’ spiritual teacher] and consider undertaking the 2-year self-study course by Jesus, Mother Mary and Maitreya.12. Choosing an Alternative Cancer Treatment. It is important to choose at least one alternative cancer treatment that feels right for you. In most cases you should only need to choose one treatment in addition to the above 11 steps. We highly recommended your alternative cancer treatment include at least one dietary cancer treatment such as the Johanna Budwig Diet, the Gerson Therapy Diet, the Bill Henderson Diet Protocol (based on the Budwig diet) or the Brandt Grape Cure. Remember, always choose a diet you enjoy that fosters a will to live. To view a list of further options, see: Alternative Cancer Treatments.
Also do your own research on  BUDWIG PROTOCOL; To get you started and familiar please watch this 2 part introductory video:
“This is the best and complete video on Budwig Protocol on you tube. Budwig Protocol is best alternative treatment of all cancers. It has 90% documented success rate. Dr. Johanna Budwig seven-time Nobel Prize nominee and biochemist developed this “Oil-Protein” Diet to combat cancer.”

part 2

Red also more here.

Additionally please check my blog post on TOP HEALTH TIPS of all times – summary of dr Brian Clement’s (from Hippocrates Health Institute) over 45 years work in a nutshell. Access blog post on HEALTHY TIPS here.

 I’m going to cut it here, as it’s getting too long already 🙂 I sincerely hope these information will find its way out there to those who are in real need of it. Take whatever makes sense to you and what resonates with you and skip the rest. I would strongly recommend though that you get familiar with all of the links above. It’s best this way to connect all the dots. Don’t get to overwhelmed or scared by the amount of information presented here above. Approach everything with curiosity and do not worry. Whatever you choose to implement to your daily lifestyle and your diet – do it from the love approach. Never eat anything out of FEAR. Enjoy the food you consume.

Clean diet not only cleanse the body but also awakens the Soul.

Over a decade I have gathered a great database of some of these and many other books and materials in PDF formats to be read on computers, many important articles, papers, excerpts from books in my resources. Please contact me if you are interested in receiving some of those materials into your inbox. I would kindly ask for adequate donations for this service ( suggestion of 44  Euro or whatever +++ feels more adequate with you  ), if you wish to exchange the good karmic energy flow, please click the DONATE 

Gathering those materials took years of studying work, college, endless research, experiential learning, was time consuming and often not cheap, online webinars and seminars with best experts from all over the world offering their knowledge and books to be bought after summits, as well as online video interviews ( like The Truth about Cancer series – see my last blog POST on this HERE.  ) ;It  would be highly appreciated to keep good karma flow in exchange for this material that I make FREE-ly available to You x
If you are in no position to donate – please DO use all the information I share here to Your benefit anyway and share with those who you think might need it as well PLEASE!.. As long as it helps somebody out there, it will make me happy. Keep in mind though that while working on this, I could not work anywhere else to support myself. In Service to Humanity, Aga x Blessings ❤ ]]]

Blessings X

Stay well and in perfect alignment and resonance of pure vibrant Health X


I am though a  Health & Wellness Coach helping with Your Quantum Leap Journey into Self Empowerment and rebuilding Your health through Nutrition and other Health modalities of my personal, subjective choice. 




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