Alternative cancer and chronic dis-eases treatments. Part 1

For over the last 10 years I’ve been interested in holistic (mind body spirit), alternative therapies based on the right nutrition, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, herbalism, medicinal plants, energy therapies, electroacupuncture, bioresonance therapies, zapping and working with frequencies for reversing and alleviating illness, and then – studying neuroplasticity through neuroscience, quantum medicine and epigenetic (above genome) approach to regaining health.
Personal health struggles and also family member loss triggered putting me on this path and I never looked back since. I saw how crippling medical system is working from inside out and how it often helps to put a patient to an early grave. Once I started digging and looking behind the curtains of what people are generally lead to believe ( medical system as the one and only solution to all diseases… really…?!), I was hooked on helping getting this suppressed information out there and help people as much as I can by delivering a choice. One door lead to another, then a new set of doors of perception started opening, then a window opened and another and then…there was nothing to stop me from this ongoing process of learning and gathering information and knowledge connected to healing. It’s an ongoing process and learning in this matter will never stop.
I will include here some basic information that I’ve already shared over the years with many other knowledge thirsty people who wanted to have a choice and be able to decide for themselves and their close ones which way to health, which health protocol and therapy makes the most sense for them.
What people don’t realise often, is that any of medical diagnose as bad as it may appear carries a notion of closed boxed thinking and labelling into a narrow one way road with a wall at the end of it. Ask yourself what do you usually do with a label, a tag on your newly bought clothes? It’s usually itchy, it pinches and irritates the skin so much that we need to cut it off in order to feel relief. Yet when it comes to mental tags/labels, we seem to cling to them without questioning their existence and putting up with the hurt they cause us. Why should it be easier to cut off  a tag from your t shirt than an invisible tag inside your mind formed by falling for illusionary social constructs and conditionings?

Everything is relative (any fans of Einstein’s theory of relativity here? 😉 ). You can look at everything from different perspective. But in order to do so, you need to be actually aware that those other perspectives exist at all. That’s why I want to share some of those different points of views here and looking at “problems” from different angles and having different approach towards them.

I hope somebody will find these movies and lectures mentioned here helpful. I am a bit mad about this alternative sources to say the least. I have been doing research on this matter (and reliability of the sources ) for many years. I read countless books, alternative articles by world famous alternative doctors, naturopaths and health practitioners. I watched hundreds of hours of lectures, documentaries, interviews with most successful people in the field of healing,  I enrolled to countless of Health Summits (Cure to Cancer Summit, Longevity Now Conferences, Detox Summit, Quantum Medicine and Meta Health Summits, Integrative Nutrition Summits etc.) lead by world’s most respected doctors and practitioners in alternative holistic approach to treating dis-ease etc.
I truly and sincerely hope those links that I attach here will awake even more of your curiosity as it is just a small percentage of what is out there to discover.

I don’t believe in labels and stiff formal titles, yet as I am no doctor but a devoted researcher, please do NOT take anything I say here for granted. Watch the movies, read, do research and some thinking on your own and then decide for yourself and your loved ones which road to healing will be best beneficial to you and what resonates with you. Al, information I put here is intended for educational purposes only and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any health or medical disorder.

My choices for the beginners in the subject to watch and learn from would be :


  • 1. A must see “Food Matters” movie. Trailer available on the official Food Matters TV site. You can also watch almost 40 min of movie for free there after you register. There’s no full version on youtube, here is first 8 minutes of the film – go for it :

and a short another part featuring David Wolfe in “Food Matters” –

  • 2. Watch also the interview with Charlotte Gerson ( dr Max Gerson’s daughter ). She’s over 90 years old now, she’s truly amazing and healthier than many 20 year old I know, speaks so sincerely here about natural practices and healing trough nutrition. Do more research on her and her father’s work (dr Gerson).

If that is not enough, there is a brilliant lecture by Charlotte Gerson on Curing Cancer through The Gerson Therapy:


  • 3. Very important movie for all cancer patients and those who want to avoid cancer threat as much as they can in the future, the movie is about Dr Gerson’s Theraphy ( read more about dr M. Gerson, and the clinic ).Briefly speaking, this German dr was curing degenerative and chronic diseases and cancer with cleaning out toxins from patients bodies with special nutritional programme and coffee enemas).
It’s more than highly recommended to watch this movie –  “The Gerson’s Miracle” (buy online if you can to support the cause).
“The Gerson Miracle” examines many of the elements of the Gerson Therapy, explaining why we are so ill and how we have in our grasp the power to recover our health without expensive, toxic or mutilating treatments, using the restorative forces of our own immune systems. Even the most advanced cases of cancer can be successfully reversed using this method. While the results seem miraculous, the real “miracle” lies within our own body and its healing processes.
The movie is available under this link :
  • 4.  Another movie to recommend seeing while we are still in the loop of The Gerson Therapy mode would be definitely “The Beautiful Truth”, which summary you can read here:

“A troubled 15-year-old boy attempting to cope with the recent death of his mother sets out to research Dr. Max Gerson’s claims of a diet that can cure cancer as his first assignment for home-schooling in this documentary from filmmaker Steve Kroschel (Avalanche, Dying to Have Known). Garrett is a boy who has always been close to nature. He lives on a reserve with a menagerie of orphaned animals, and over the years he’s become especially sensitive to the nutritional needs of the diet-sensitive animals he’s charged with caring for. When Garrett’s mother suffers a tragic and untimely death, the boy falls into a dangerous downward spiral and nearly flunks out of school. Increasingly concerned for Garrett’s well-being and determined to strengthen their bond despite the many challenges on the horizon, his father makes the decision to begin home-schooling the distressed teen. Garrett’s first assignment: study a controversial book written by Dr. Max Gerson, a physician who claims to have discovered a diet that’s capable of curing cancer. Is Dr. Gerson’s therapy truly the legitimate, alternative cure it appears to be? In order to find out the truth behind this long-suppressed treatment, Garrett interviews not only Dr. Gerson’s family members, but various doctors, skeptics, and cancer patients as well. His studies completed and his findings revelatory, Garrett now sets out to tell the entire world about The Gerson Miracle.” 

Full movie in HD available here:

  •  5. Next one covering the Gerson Therapy as well is called “Dying to have known” (literally as sometimes you need to be almost dying in order to shift your thinking into a higher level of perception and finally get this wake up call that your own body is sending to you. It is simply letting you know that you are doing something wrong and therefore you need to change and break this vicious circle. You need to let go off habits that no longer serve you and discover other ways to actually heal and cure yourself.


In Dying To Have Known, filmmaker Steve Kroschel went on a 52-day journey to find evidence to the effectiveness of the Gerson Therapy – a long-suppressed natural cancer cure. 

His travels take him across both the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans, from upstate New York to San Diego to Alaska, from Japan and Holland to Spain and Mexico.

In the end, he presents the testimonies of patients, scientists, surgeons and nutritionists who testify to the therapy’s efficacy in curing cancer and other degenerative diseases, and presents the hard scientific proof to back up their claims.

You will hear from a Japanese medical school professor who cured himself of liver cancer over 15 years ago, a lymphoma patient who was diagnosed as terminal over 50 years ago as well as noted critics of this world-renowned healing method who dismiss it out of hand as pure quackery.

So the question that remains is, Why is this powerful curative therapy still suppressed, more than 75 years after it was clearly proven to cure degenerative disease? The viewers are left to decide for themselves.

Watch the full movie on here or here:

  •  6.  “Cancer – The forbidden cures”  is an amazing movie delivering whole spectrum of procedures and alternative protocols to follow in order to regenerate your body and give it a kick to actually start healing itself. It’s called the forbidden cures because with the big pharmaceutical drug companies holding the power over the laws and governments (as they are the wealthiest institutions out there) this knowledge and alternative therapies that have shown to actually WORK and HEAL “incurable” cancers are simply banned and limited to general public or being made laughable. It’s a summary of work of different doctors that after thorough investigation and research during their often life long clinical practice came up with cures for degenerative diseases like cancer  and were usually put into silence by powerful corporations that live out of peoples’ misery and sickness ( great article to read on the matter of cancer money making machine from dr. Mercola website under here). It is important to acknowledge that the movie as all of them presented and chosen here by me are opinions of the film-makers. “Cancer the forbidden cures” has very convincing presentations and I was swayed by its’ documented evidence. I wish those healing protocols were at least taken under consideration by medical professionals.  “They are all quite harmless, in contrast to the Holy Trinity remedies of the established medical profession – Surgery, Radiation and Chemotherapy. Even if, as the medical establishment claims, it is quackery, there is no harm but everything to gain in trying if diagnosed with “terminal” illness.”
  • 7. One of my absolute favourites in this field to recommend is – “Cancer is Curable NOW” . It covers the broad spectrum of issues involved in cancer, and provides details about what can be done. My only caveat is that it is long…it can be overwhelming if viewed in a single sitting, so I suggest breaking it into two parts. It begins with an overview of the problem and does cover the major issues at hand with mainstream oncology. Then it moves to interviews of providers who are the top of the field in treating the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of the dis-ease. It emphasizes well the need for follow up care and a permanent change in lifestyle. To quote Mike Adams from need to know website Natural News:

“We live in a world of outrageous lies fronted by corporate interests, but one of the fundamental undeniable truths of biology is that cancer is curable.
The cures have been known for decades, and they’re readily within reach of people everywhere. But we are not allowed to have any knowledge of these cures for the simple reason that the cancer industry is a multi-billion-dollar industry that needs disease to stay in business. “Cancer is Curable NOW” pulls together wisdom from more than 30 international holistic professionals who have been working passionately in the field of cancer alternatives — doctors, scientists, researchers and writers from around the world.
Most of us have probably heard about many of these experts in books and on television, but this documentary brings their knowledge together and condenses the most important elements into a 90-minute documentary that will forever enlighten you on the REAL cures for cancer.
To create this film, Marcus and Sabrina interviewed a vast array of experts from both the English-speaking world and foreign locales, such as doctors from cancer clinics in Mexico and Germany. The documentary allows viewers to experience the treatments used in the top clinics around the world such as ozone therapy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, insulin potentiated treatments and all the forms of hyperthermia — AND hear the top doctors from these clinics explaining in depth how each treatment works.”

Full length film available on here or on youtube below:

  • 8. Last but not least film for this starter kit is “Healing cancer from inside out”. See trailer here. “Healing Cancer (from the inside out) is a shocking and informative expose of the “Cancer Industry” and the “Western Diet”. This film will show you why conventional medicine has not made progress in fighting cancer since the 1930’s – it will also introduce you to healing cancer yourself at home.”  The video covers the failings of conventional treatments and how cancer can be successfully healed with dietary treatments and natural supplementation. Participants include T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D. (The China Study), Brian Clement, Ph.D. (Hippocrates Health Institute), Charlotte Gerson (The Gerson Institute), Mirea Ellis (The Kushi Institute) and many more. To give you a short review from James Colquhoun, Producer Director – “Food Matters” :

“After creating Food Matters we have had many family members, friends and friends of friends referred to us asking what they should do given their recent cancer diagnosis. Together, Laurentine and I, are of the opinion that if you have access to high quality, fair and equitable information on the risks and benefits of both Natural and Conventional Cancer Treatments then you will be best equipped to make an informed decision on what treatment program or practitioners will be best for you. Education is key and this documentary, ‘Healing Cancer From Inside Out’ by Mike Anderson, is one of our ‘Must Watch’ DVDs for all those who have been diagnosed with cancer or have a family member with cancer.” 

Full version movie of Healing Cancer from inside out” can be found under this link on vimeo or here on dailymotion broken into 3 parts.

9. “Cancer is serious business” – dr Burzynski’s treatment of cancer

The remarkable story of Stanislaw Burzynski, MD, PhD who boldly challenged the Food and Drug Administration for his right to begin FDA-approved clinical trials on a breakthrough cancer treatment he developed.

Burzynski, the Movie is an internationally award-winning documentary that tells the true story of a medical doctor and Ph.D biochemist named Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski who won the largest, and possibly the most convoluted and intriguing legal battle against the Food & Drug Administration in American history.

His victorious battles with the United States government were centered around Dr. Burzynski’s gene-targeted cancer medicines he discovered in the 1970’s called Antineoplastons, which have currently completed Phase II FDA-supervised clinical trials in 2009 and has been given permission by the FDA to begin the final phase of FDA testing–randomized controlled clinical trials.

When Antineoplastons are approved, it will mark the first time in history a single scientist, not a pharmaceutical company, will hold the exclusive patent and distribution rights on a paradigm-shifting medical breakthrough.

Antineoplastons are responsible for curing some of the most incurable forms of terminal cancer. Various cancer survivors are presented in the film who chose these medicines instead of surgery, chemotherapy or radiation – with full disclosure of medical records to support their diagnosis and recovery – as well as systematic (non-anecdotal) FDA-supervised clinical trial data comparing Antineoplastons to other available treatments—which is published within the peer-reviewed medical literature.

One form of cancer – diffuse, intrinsic, childhood brainstem glioma has never before been cured in any scientifically controlled clinical trial in the history of medicine. Antineoplastons hold the first cures in history – dozens of them.

This documentary takes the audience through the treacherous, yet victorious, 14-year journey both Dr. Burzynski and his patients have had to endure in order to obtain FDA-approved clinical trials of Antineoplastons.

Dr. Burzynski resides and practices medicine in Houston, Texas. He was able to initially produce and administer his discovery without FDA-approval from 1977-1995 because the state of Texas at this time did not require that Texas physicians be required to adhere to Federal law in this situation. This law has since been changed.

As with anything that changes current-day paradigms, Burzynski’s ability to successfully treat incurable cancer with such consistency has baffled the industry. Ironically, this fact had prompted numerous investigations by the Texas Medical Board, who relentlessly took Dr. Burzynski as high as the state supreme court in their failed attempt to halt his practices.

Likewise, the Food and Drug Administration engaged in four Federal Grand Juries spanning over a decade attempting to indict Dr. Burzynski, all of which ended in no finding of fault on his behalf. Finally, Dr. Burzynski was indicted in their 5th Grand Jury in 1995, resulting in two federal trials and two sets of jurors finding him not guilty of any wrongdoing. If convicted, Dr. Burzynski would have faced a maximum of 290 years in a federal prison and $18.5 million in fines.

However, what was revealed a few years after Dr. Burzynski won his freedom, helps to paint a more coherent picture regarding the true motivation of the United States government’s relentless persecution of Stanislaw Burzynski, M.D., Ph.D.

Note: When Antineoplastons are approved for public use, it will allow a single scientist to hold an exclusive right to manufacture and sell these medicines on the open market. Potentially leaving the pharmaceutical industry absent in profiting from the most effective gene-targeted cancer treatment the world has ever seen.

It’s just a tip of an iceberg that I touched here with my recommended choices to fill anybody interested into converting previous state of ignorance or simple “how could I know” into – well, now you know…so what you gonna do about it? Let’s start with making a conscious decision to reclaim your health, shall we?

There are many other links I could advice on watching but for a – let’s call it a starter kit that delivers different Truth on the matter of dealing with “incurable” dis-eases, it would be definitely sufficient. Hopefully those 8 points above will light up a little bulb of awakened consciousness and curiosity into this topic. After all it’s health we are talking about here. And I can’t imagine anything more important to a single person than that.

I will be posting more advanced information concerning health and wellness in doses. Stay tuned.

Remember to question everything, even me. Do not be influenced by me. Inquire. Search on your own. Make your own truth out of what’s resonating with you. Think. Connect the dots and facts. Don’t let ignorance and blind beliefs lead you or a member of your family to an early grave. In the era of Internet and accessible information, ignorance is a choice … not worth pursuing.

Go to 2 – nd part of this blog post! ->

To read even more IMPORTANT sources and recommendations – please go to my 2nd post on Alternative Cancer and Chronic Dis-eases Treatments  here.

Over a decade I have gathered a great database of some of these and many other books and materials in PDF formats to be read on computers, many important articles, papers, excerpts from books in my resources. Please contact me if you are interested in receiving some of those materials into your inbox. ( I would kindly ask for some donations for this service, if you wish to exchange the good karmic energy flow, it the donate button ;

It’s my job and gathering those materials took years of hard work, much studying, was time consuming and often not cheap – many things I bought, got myself in debts or loans, many things from paying for participation in online webinars and seminars with experts from all over the world offering their knowledge and books to be bought after summits, as well as online video interviews ( like The Truth about Cancer series – see my last blog POST on this HERE.  ) etcetera ( much of my own research); Would be great to keep good karma flow in exchange x Funny that actually nobody had chosen to do so .. heh..bummer  😉 So, … if you are in no position to donate – please DO use all the information I share here to Your benefit anyway and share with those who you think might need it as well PLEASE!.. As long as it helps somebody out there, it will make me happy

Blessings X Stay healthy X




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      Hope al is well with you x


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  5. Thank you for collecting and sharing your research around the net. I love it and will be back for more.
    I tried to watch the movie about Burzynski but it showed a copyright claim. So I searched and found it here:
    That page has the movie but also the same text as on your blog. Could you explain this?
    And then I found this:
    Gives a credible explanation to why he is not world famous yet.

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    1. Hi Harry, sorry for late reply, didn’t notice your comment. I am glad you stumbled across my blog and liked some info here. Thank You for your input about Burzynski and sharing a link about The Other Burzynski Patient Group. It’s important and interesting.
      What I do here is basically sharing, passing forward information about existing alternative cancer therapies out there that have documented cure rates, people can read, do their own deeper research, like you, and choose which theraphy sounds the most reasonable and resonates the most with them. Personally I am a fan of Gerson theraphy, as you can do it at home, but also combination therapies, combining bits of Gerson with others and following your own heart’s lead. It is important to work on emotional and psychological state as well and not only on physical. Getting into resolving past traumas, emotional and psychological blockages that block the flow of “chi”/”prana” in the body by EFT, NLP techniques, Tai Chi – Qi-Gong excercises, meditation, affirmations, visualisations, but also – for me – very important – to work with plant based medicines (spirit of the medicinal plants help you to know what you need to know in order to activate healing mechanisms in your body as well ),that help you face your demons and release them and in this way – unblock yourself for healing.
      All therapies I share are just to be PUT OUT there so that people can get a closer look at them – and if interested – dig deeper. I am just a messenger here – I want people to become their own researchers and start thinking for themseves, which I think is what’s happening here.
      With much blessings and warm hugs x


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