Be assertive

“Do not sacrifice your own happiness and well being in an effort to please others all the time. You must have balance in your life, where you make yourself a priority and dedicate time to your own personal well being.

Your heart and your mind are the root from which your life flows, if they are not well taken care of and nurtured, then they begin to become a source of toxicity and, consequently, your life will begin to feel chaotic and completely out of your control. As a result, this source of toxicity will also spill over into your daily relationships, both personal and impersonal alike. And you will infect those around you.426

Although there are people in this world that are overtly selfish, there are also people who are overtly altruistic and put the needs of others above their own while losing themselves in the process.

It is of the utmost import that we nurture our own inner being and ensure it remains in good health, both spiritually and psychologically. This will ultimately make you more effective in helping others and creating positive change as well.”

‘When you say yes to others, make sure you are not saying no to yourself.’ — Paolo Coelho



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