3 movies that strongly impacted the way I see the world. The Zeitgeist Movement.


tzmI’ve been in love with documentary films for a long time now. They hugely helped me to shape my reality and understand the world better from different, not commercial media spoon fed point of view. Without a doubt 3 documentary movies that fired and wired my awe inspired neurons together were released by renowned The Zeitgeist Movement.

What is The Zeitgeist Movement and what it stands for? It’s definitely important to get familiar with this movement as it delivers solutions our Earth, society and entire Humanity longs for. From their mission statement :

“Founded in 2008 (by Peter Joseph), The Zeitgeist Movement is a sustainability advocacy organization, which conducts community based activism and awareness actions through a network of global/regional chapters, project teams, annual events, media and charity work.

The movement’s principle focus includes the recognition that the majority of the social problems that plague the human species at this time are not the sole result of some institutional corruption, absolute scarcity, a political policy, a flaw of “human nature” or other commonly held assumptions of causality. Rather, the movement recognizes that issues such as poverty, corruption, pollution, homelessness, war, starvation and the like appear to be “symptoms” born out of an outdated social structure. 

While intermediate reform steps and temporal community support are of interest to the movement, the defining goal is the installation of a new socioeconomic model based upon technically responsible resource management, allocation and design through what would be considered the scientific method of reasoning problems and finding optimized solutions.

This “Natural Law/Resource-Based Economy” (NLRBE) is about taking a direct technical approach to social management as opposed to a monetary or even political one. It is about updating the workings of society to the most advanced and proven methods known, leaving behind the damaging consequences and limiting inhibitions. which are generated by our current system of monetary exchange, profit, business and other structural and motivational issues.

The movement is loyal to a train of thought, not figures or institutions. The view held is that through the use of socially targeted research and tested understandings in science and technology, we are now able to logically arrive at societal applications that could be profoundly more effective in meeting the needs of the human population, increasing public health. There is little reason to assume war, poverty, most crime and many other monetarily-based scarcity effects common in our current model cannot be resolved over time. The range of the movement’s activism and awareness campaigns extend from short to long term, with methods based explicitly on non-violent methods of communication.

The Zeitgeist Movement has no allegiance to country or traditional political platforms. It views the world as a single system and the human species as a single family and recognizes that all countries must disarm and learn to share resources and ideas if we expect to survive in the long run. Hence, the solutions arrived at and promoted are in the interest to help everyone on Earth, not a select group”

Their website is full of information that might be of interest to anyone searching for solutions to the system that is evidently not working in favour of most of us. Investigate their tab pages – About, FAQ, Action (you can also join local chapters and community of like minded people in your area and start working collectively in favour of implementing the Change), Education section with press releases, radio shows, videos, blog ;

bookThere is also an option to buy or download for free an amazing TZM e-book, which I consider should be a compulsory or at least recommended lecture in schools. It’s titled :

The Zeitgeist Movement Defined. Realizing the new train of thought”. 

The book opens with a quotation:

”The tremendous and still accelerating development of science and
technology has not been accompanied by an equal development in social,
economic, and political patterns…We are now…only beginning to explore the
potentialities which it offers for developments in our culture outside technology,
particularly in the social, political and economic fields. It is safe to predict
that…such social inventions as modern-type Capitalism, Fascism, and
Communism will be regarded as primitive experiments directed toward the
adjustment of modern society to modern technology”
– Dr. Ralph Linton

and is divided into IV detailed packed, with easy to absorb information, main chapters :

  1.  Introduction (Overview, The Scientific Worldview, Sourcing Solutions, Logic vs. Psychology, The Case for Human Unity, The Final Argument – Human Nature)
  2. Social Pathology (Defining Public Health, History of Economy, Market Efficiency vs. Technical Efficiency, Value System Disorder, Structural Classism, The State and War)
  3. A New Train of Thought (Introduction to Sustainable Thought, Post Scarcity Trends, Capacity and Efficiency, True Economic Factors, The Industrial Government, Lifestyle Freedom and The Humanity Factor)
  4. The Zeitgeist Movement (Social Destabilisation and Transition, Becoming The Zeitgeist Movement

As I said You can download this well of information  for free – under this link – TZM Pdf book, but I would kindly advise you to buy it in a supportive spirit of the movement. Kindle edition costs around 1 euro, and paperback around 7 euro. It’s really not much for an amazing read like that. They have a clear financial transparency info in terms of who profits if that is not clear.


Back to the movie releases now. I truly believe that everybody without exception should watch those 3 award winning movies, wich are offered absolutely for free in HD version on Internet youtube channel. They answer many questions you might have about the world, economy, monetary system, religion, hidden agendas behind the wheel and so on. What’s more important though, The Movement offers totally fresh, unbiased, reasonable solutions to the ongoing crisis on the planet. Crisis of Humanity, crisis of Consciousness, crisis of societal potential, crisis of values, of morality. It shows us how important it is during these times to abandon the old and create new reality that will serve us all.

Without further delay – a movie Treat of The Zeitgeist Movement Trilogy as a non commercial work by the founder Peter Joseph (you can read his full biography and more about his work on each movie on his personal website under the link provided).


1. Zeitgeist The Movie (2007 ) HD by Peter Joseph.

2. Zeitgeist Addendum (2008) HD by Peter Joseph

3. Zeitgeist Moving Forward (2011) HD

“Zeitgeist: Moving Forward” was released theatrically to sold out crowds in 60 countries; 31 languages; 295 cities and 341 Venues. It has been noted as the largest non-profit independent film release in history. This non-profit release returned 0% income to Peter Joseph and any money that was gained was given directly to the independent organizers who hosted the screenings.

I didn’t want to describe films in details here as I believe everybody needs to create their own opinion based on what they see and how they perceive the reality now, and the information and solutions that the movies deliver.

think_for_yourself_by_pincel3d What I would love to see is to bring those movies to schooling system all over the world and start creating a generation of kids with a wider perspective on life and to what’s going on around them. Kids who are given a choice and not being pushed into believing in and digesting one stream (one and only) of taught. Highest goal of every educational system should be to teach/show children how to think and not what to think. It pretty much applies to all adults as well.

It’s high time to break the chains of status quo and start questioning …. everything.

In the age of information and free access to Internet as a main source of the Truth, for those who know where to look, ignorance is not a bliss…. it’s a choice.

And I strongly hope that not many will make that choice.

Knowledge is power.

It’s good to remember that and realise its potential.

p.s.  After getting familiar with TZM offered videos I was caching all other  movements brought up in the films and renowned surnames of many specialists, engineers, futurists, open minded PhDs, psychologists, scientists, sociologists studying human behaviour, activists, neuroscientists etcetera, who definitely caught my attention. They simply awoken a sparkle of a need…no, of a must(!) to get to know them, and read, and learn all about them and what they have to offer and pass on. Definitely one of my top favourite scientist, social engineer, self taught architectural designer and futurist, that resonated with me enormously was Jacque Fresco  and his organisation that advocates transition from current system to resource based economy called The Venus Project. But this is totally new subject that I will coin into the next post.

Meanwhile, enjoy your movie night!



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