“Every Second is a Chance to Turn Your Life Around”

~ Quantum Leap Change (QLC) with AkAtA SS hh Holistic TJansfoJmational ALPAhEMYSStIcAaaaUmmmm
 AkAtA’SSiiii AmbassadoJ Toj toj and JOJ GIFTErJJJ

~  QUANTUM LEAP CHANGE / BeYond Duality…Visionary of One True Reality of the Mystery. Wisdom Keeper.

 Energy Mastery , Quantum Qi ~ Pranic Energy  (Alchemical Re~Connection ), Breath~of AWE-Awareness, Integrative Holistic Wellness Nutritionist , Liquid Qi, PsychoSOMAtic Embodiment,a Visionary
 Consultant that re-CONNECTS Ideas with right People and pairs their Authenticity and Higher Potential/Essence with New Life in NEW PARADIGM 

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Aga used to run Conscious Transformative Sessions for individuals, groups  supporting them with high-level intuitive Quantum Consulting, Shapeshifting life & Guidance. Aga has transformed hundreds of people’s lives from  inside out, powerfully helping each person to re-connect to their most authentic self and become aligned to their soul purpose to play a True game in life. She acts as Inner Activator/Conduit.
I Am not here to heal You. I am here to guide you to Access all the power to do so within yourself. She has studied, practiced and taught neuroscience, leadership, energetic healing, meditation,  Bioenergetic, Magic, physiology and mind-body connection in inspirational talks for decades

The Curiosity driven dedicated facilitator – who has been in love with deep exploration of bridging science and spirituality, Ancients wisdom and future possibilities alongside assimilating vast volumes of knowledge through being involved in learning extraordinary things from transformational teachers, self recognition and being initiated by powerful masters from all over the world for over 15 years.

Aga has been a traveler ( Quantum Leap Journeying ) and founder of the INTEGRAL Quantum Leap Change Facilitation focus, merging all aspects of Human life into rooting to Balanced ONE SOurced.

She’s a former independent blog Journalist ( conferences in USA connected to shaping new world future ; )and avid promoter of bridging science and spirituality. She also delivers advice on Connecting “The right people to the right people and ideas” that result in aligned outcome for both parties. (former Quantum Ideas Generator )

She runs Quantum Leap Journeys – Experiential Bootcamp Retreats in Nature ( Vision Quests + Quantum Leap Change )

I have always had a strong opposition to any kind of intellectual conformity and worked on mastering the capability of quantum jumping realities to preferred state of being WITHOUT BYPASSING any steps of healing and understanding ;

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I started questioning status quo from the early teenage years and dived deep into my conscious research within science of non conformity with what is shown to us on the surface level. I agree with Socrates that “Wisdom Begins in Wonder” and that’s really what has always made me feel alive and energetically thriving.

Wondering and digging deeper, dismantling mind boggling concepts through experiential realms of Self Mastery. I dived deep into evolving consciously through Quantum Leap Journey of my Existence trough experiencing life fully during travels all over the world.

aga6I have started over 15 years ago as a wisdom hunter, awareness activist,  who evolved consciously and refused to undergo conditioning of social engineering programming. I’ve discovered new doors of perception along the way, creating and shaping my-SELF through immersion in underground, alternative information on:
behind the curtain health therapies, cures and wellness, integrative, functional medicine,  Mind Body Spirit connection in relation to science,  quantum physics, holographic universe theory, parallel universes and multidimensionality, Eastern philosophies, Zen, Buddhism, neuroscience, sustainability, free energy devices, self development and self realization techniques for deep self exploration, especially work with plant based medicine, shamanism wisdom hidden in mysticism, Celtic and South American Shamanism, consciousness and awareness shift, meditation and mind-heart coherence for accessing the wisdom within, and working with Prana energy, powerful restorative breathing methods, sound healing, vocal toning, to name a few (…);

I learnt through being involved in many life changing projects, movements, communities that I am connecting with each other all around the world with attendance and performance to conferences, summits and expos across Europe, USA and Indonesia, Poland.

agamed.pngWhy Quantum Leap? For me it means an abrupt change or step, especially in method, information, or knowledge, a sudden highly significant advance, breakthrough and a new paradigm shift .By stepping outside the box, Matrix like captured thinking I manage to rewrite myself every day, by getting lost – I found myself and entered my Quantum Awakening.
It’s time for Consciousness Leap, for Quantum Awareness, for Waking Up, for Inner Soul Work, for Manifesting Miracles, for Shifting Vibrations, for Change for Humanity and STO – Service To Others as main goal for Humanity working in cooperation

“Self Education is, I firmly believe, the only kind of education there is” ~ Isaac Asimov.

My school is School of Life and Self Investment and EVOLution ; Apart from this I hold MA in Journalism and Social Communication; Graduate in School for Self realization, Enlightenment and Empowerment – Trinfinity Academy, Colorado, Alumni at New York Integrative Nutrition Institute, ; and Mind Body Nutrition courses and seminars, Level 1 and 2 Openhand Facilitators School in UK; Deep Initiation into shamanic & Pranic Energy Transmutation,  Alchemy and Etheric Surgery, Neuroscience,  and many initiations connected with Self Mastery in the game of life emerging from withIN  AND NOBLE SPIRITUAL MASTERS ( under many disguises).

I combine my teachings in Methodology QUANTUM LEAP CHANGE PROCESS which is my main service IN tuned deeply with those I work with in a safe space container.

Thank You for reading and if in resonance – Stay Connected 🙂

With Open Heart,
QA Quantum Aga, Just THAT

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